Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Too much time on my hands...just like the song says

After working all weekend, I now have a whopping SEVEN DAYS straight off. Yes, it seems as though the good folks at Rona Home & Garden are cutting hours as the summer wanes and business begins to die down. From 40-32 hours a week, I had only 16 this week and 21 the next. I will be working at the lonely, lonely cigar store a bit more during this off time, since I might as well continue to try and make some much-needed cash. Besides it's not like I would take the time off to go away or do anything worthwhile. What would I do and where would I go?

Despite the fact sales seem to indicate that business is down, I did find myself running around quite a bit last night. I barely had time to chat with the cute girl in the paint department. Gawd, she's pretty. Why do I bother though? Where is this pathetic pining getting me? Nowhere. It really is sad and depressing.

As I was leaving work on Saturday I believe it was, I ran into the little turd who threatened to kick my ass (ha) a few weeks back. I guess he was there to meet his girlfriend after her shift which ended the same time as mine. He extended his hand and said he wanted to apologize, that "it had been a long night and people were egging him on". Not to mention the fact that he had too much to drink and was an ass. But still, it was decent of the fellow to say sorry. I said that it was already forgotten and all that. The only part that remotely bothers me about the whole ordeal is that it only served to remind me how sad it is that this little chump has such a hot girlfriend and me...well, you know. Seriously he's this short little freckly guy. But I shouldn't judge. He has things way better than I do. Like the family who came in yesterday. A husband and wife and their two young children. The wife was gorgeous, well groomed and fashionable. The guy had thinning hair and a receding hairline, was shabbily attired, looked like a bum in fact and the fact that I towered over this fellow (I'm only 5'10"). And their kids weren't even that cute, likely as a result of someone's bad genes. It's pretty sad, but I very much envy these fellows. Then again I envy pretty much everyone. The only people who should envy me are those in third world countries or suffering from cancer or something. Ugh.

Finally seem to have reached a decision about the car. I've now reconsidered leasing and am probably just going to buy a cheaper used. No more than $4000, $5000. If the car that I paid $1300 for ran me a year plus a bit, I hope and pray that something in that price range might get me a couple of years. By then I might be working and able to swing something better. Or be on the streets. We shall see.

Finally, I love the choice for the "Worst Canadian" in this poll. It's one I completely agree with, unlike the "Best Canadian" thing that the CBC did a couple of years back, in which a socialist (former Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas) was chosen over Canadian hero Terry Fox. Trudeau was also number three on that poll, show I guess it shows just how divisive a figure he was (or is). Also love the choice of unborn child killer Henry Morgentaler at number three, despite the fact that anarchist punk rocker Chris Hannah (whom I've never heard of) says otherwise. Also check out this great list of Sports' Greatest Scandals. It's lots of fun. Probably the most fun I've had all week. Perhaps that means it's time to go brew up a nice fresh batch of codeine water...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why can't we all just get along?

Guess what? I do NOT think that Michael Vick is scum just because he happens to be a black person. I think he's scum because there's a very good chance that he did all these horrific things he's accused of, as is evident by the fact that there is more than sufficient evidence to indict him and the fact that one of his co-defendants is already copping a plea bargain. Just like I don't hate Barry Bonds because he's black. I hate him because he's a total douche bag and he's a stinking, unrepentant, cowardly cheater about to break a record held by a man who was not only a world class athlete but also a great person. And that person (Hank Aaron in case you didn't know) is also black! Oh my! And no, Michael Jackson isn't slime because he's black (or was). He's slime because he's a child molester. If you say otherwise, you are as deluded as he is or those freaks who show up in support of him. And O.J. wasn't just framed up by some racist cops. He brutally butchered his wife and her friend. Go ahead and try and tell me otherwise.

I am getting so God-damned sick of this black and white division, I'm going to have a damned aneurysm. I hate Pete Rose just as much as I do Barry Bonds, if not more. Why? Because instead of just admitting that he made a mistake and that he's sorry, he continued to plead his innocence. I hope that he never gets in the Hall of Fame, I don't care what his stats are. Sure lots of people are assholes, but this Rose is just too much of one. Remember faded 70s Glam Rocker Gary Glitter? And how he claimed to 'just be teaching some Vietnamese girls English'? Did I give him the 'benefit of the doubt' there. Hell no. He's a freaking pervert, there are no two ways about it. Ditto Roman Polanski. Sure I sympathize with the guy. He was in a concentration camp and his wife was killed by Charles Manson. But he also had sex with a 13 year old girl and then fled the country. He would've done a couple years in the joint at most and that's it. Again the "I made a mistake" thing and he would have been forgiven. But just like Pete Rose, he never admitted his mistake. I hope that they never allow him back on U.S. soil unless he goes to prison. And Phil Spector....well, I think I've gone on enough.

Perhaps I have no real point with any of this. I just dislike the notion that whites are willing to give other whites the 'benefit of the doubt' as are blacks with other blacks. Why must people continue to see things like this in the 21st Century? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck...well, you know. Michael Vick, Barry Bonds, Jacko, O.J., Charlie Hustle, Gary Glitter, Roman Polanski, Phil Spector are should all be derided by people everywhere. Why oh why must are people divided over their support or hatred of said individuals based on colour?

Okay, there's my little plea for togetherness. Now I can continue to be miserable. I'll try and go back to that tomorrow or the next day. For now I'm too drunk. See, I don't only go off on crazy rants when I've had too much to drink! Sometimes I can be hopeful and all that crap. Maybe I am, I don't know anymore. This beer tastes somewhat skunky. Reminder to self to stay away from anything from Eastern Europe in the future.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Okay, this is my REAL post for the day

I am just in a generally foul mood today. People are rather getting on my nerves. At work (cigar store) people are really wearing on me. I truly don't get paid nearly enough for what I do. At home Bobo is the only person I can stand. 26 years of having lived with the same people is really getting to me. It's really not just father (whom I despise). Mother and sister I'm getting equally sick of. While I certainly don't loathe them to the same extent, it's simply gotten to be too much. No, moving out is not an option at present. I understand that. But a year...it can't be more than a year. I'll be done school at the end of April '08. Then work...I do so pray I'll be able to find work shortly thereafter and make some real money. Enough so that I'll be able to afford to get the hell out. God it can't come soon enough.

Still driving a car which could explode (or have the brakes fail) at any moment. It's scary, it really is. For a while there I was really strongly considering going without a car come September, at least for a few months. For whatever reason I've now flip-flopped on that (again) and am very seriously considering a 2007 Chevy Cobalt. A 48-month lease on it would be $199 per month with $1560 down, plus freight. Also GM has some sort of student bonus program where they will pay the first two months on it. PLUS I might even be able to get $1000 off for retiring my old car. These are things I have to look into. I even got an insurance estimate on it...about $310 a month. About $80 more than I'm paying now, but actually not as much as I thought it would have been. So I really do have a bit to consider here. It all rather frightens me as I've made clear.

Anyways, did see The Police on Sunday night. Have to thank Beer, Dosi and The Colonel for coming along. Capital fellows each of them and guys who are always good company. Have to give a very special thanks to Dosi for taking that last ticket and saving me from having to sell it to a scalper at a loss. I owe him one. We did wait FOREVER for our pre-show meal which never came. Seems there was some miscommunication between our waitress and the kitchen, but we did get a free round of drinks out of it. We discussed a wide range of topics, including Ozzie Smith's career stats (which actually are rather mediocre offensively), the oeuvre of Corey's Haim and Feldman (okay so it was Feldman in The ‘Burbs) and what women want. Long answer short, money. Over the last few weeks at his midnight shift job, Dosi has observed numerous gorgeous women with total douche bag guys who happen to drive really, really nice cars. At first we speculated that having muscles also plays into the equation, but really all is secondary to having big bucks. I could be built like Mr. Universe but no semi-attractive lady is going to want to be seen with some dude driving a 1989 Volvo on its last legs. I'm sure that I've made the claim before that no one wants a guy driving a shitty car who lives at home, works a retail job and isn't done school. Well, I will say it again. After discussing it with other people, I can safely say that it's true. So until things start going my way, the best I can hope for is hookers off of Craigslist. I briefly imagined that perhaps one of them would have a heart of gold a la Pretty Woman and fall in love with me but was then reminded that Richard Gere had money in that film. Lots of it. If he'd been some working slob no way that little tart would have wound up with him. Sad.

As for the show itself, it really was quite good. I've never really been a HUGE fan of The Police like I am with U2 or The Beatles, but after seeing them I can see why these guys make the kind of bucks they do. In terms of musical proficiency, these guys are beyond solid. They are tight, let me tell you. Summers' riffs are outstanding, Sting's bass lines pounding and Copeland is just all over the place. He's insanely good. They got things going with "Message in a Bottle" and "Synchronicity II" both of which were outstanding. "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" was a huge highlight, as was "Walking on the Moon" with Copeland's percussion virtuosity in full force. Pretty much was solid, except perhaps the weird Dinosaur animation alongside "Walking in Your Footsteps" and the fact that Sting didn't hit the high notes in "Roxanne". But the guy is in his fifties, so I'll cut him some slack. And he still appears to be in better shape than I am.

So that's about it for now. Oh, as we were waiting for The Colonel to scarf down his third hot dog (no dinner remember) who would walk by us at the ACC entrance but Tie Domi and Belinda Stronach. I think that just goes to prove one of my earlier points. I do hope money can buy you love. It's my only option left!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Post number two of the day? Wow!

Ah another blow to democracy in Venezuela! Someone please kill this guy. I'm being totally serious.

P.S. I'm having possibly the best burger I've ever made at home right now. It's seriously delicious It's a Lick's Nature Burger brand frozen burger. Their take home stuff is just as good as their dine-in, btw. If you can get past the freaky singing, Lick's is a great place. Anyways, I made it on my knock-off George Foreman grill thing and added all the fixin's and anyways it's delish. For the record I have my burger with everything except relish. Lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, hot peppers, mayo, mustard, catsup and of course cheese. Oddly enough my sister and mother order their burgers the same way. What are the odds? Except that mine is a veggie burger...I'm a vegetarian for those that are unaware. And I'm having a bottle of the awesome Kawartha Lakes Raspberry Wheat Beer. One of my favorite summer beers. Give it a try if you can, I highly recommend it.

Also I'm sorry that the post-script is 20 times longer than the actual post. I have a tendency to go on sometimes.

Natalie you're killing us

Your popularity has nothing to do with your 'incredible acting ability'. Please do all your fans a small favor and take your clothes off already. You played a frigging stripper and you still kept it all on! Give me a break. We have so little to live for, so please this is the least you could do for us. Thank you.

Natalie Portman has revealed she did not strip completely naked for new movie 'Goya's Ghosts'.

How hard is it? I'm topless right now!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Little Big Horn... Get it? Get it?!

I have much that I wish to post about, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. I worked the early shift today and actually stayed longer because I'm such a swell person. Something like that. Anyways I have tomorrow off, so I'll do a real post then concerning such things as The Police concert (excellent), what women really want (money), my car situation (scary), my latest list (pointless), work (sigh) and other fun stuff.

For today I thought I'd share this little nugget that I stumbled across. Ever wondered what the worst video game of all-time is? Neither have I really, but if this isn't it I don't know what is. Ladies and gents, I present you Custer's Revenge. Be sure to check out all the other links on the bottom of the page to fully appreciate how wrong this game is. And yet the cover just seems to say it all.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I don't think I own a plain white T, now that I think of it

I was going to update this yesterday, but for whatever reason I really wasn't feeling well at all. I have the weekend off and had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Afterwards I was considering going to a few car dealerships, but the prospect of doing so scared the hell out of me, so instead I came home, sat around for a bit, had some Scotch and a cigar, then took a nap. I woke up a couple hours later, ordered a pizza, then slept some more before finally calling it a night. Sadly, this is pretty typical of my days off. At least I woke up feeling better today.

I still have an extra Police ticket for tomorrow night's show. I don't think I'm going to get rid of it. Right now I will take any offer that comes my way for it, including any interesting trades or whatever. Pretty sad if I can't sell it. Maybe I can at least get a few bucks from a scalper tomorrow for it. There's actually not a bad thought...even if I get half for it, I can recover some of the cost.

Two more things that I hate. I hate people who don't signal. I really do. Not only is it dangerous, it's also inconsiderate. People who don't signal are more than likely the same ones who never say please and thank you, who never hold doors open, who have no manners in general. Assholes. I also hate Quest. It's this stupid chat line thing that I always see advertised. Some impossibly hot girl saying how she's tired of the bar scene and that all the 'hottest singles' are home using Quest right now. Fuck right off. I'm not exactly sure as to what this "Quest" thing even does, but I do know that there are NO girls who look like the ones in the ad using the service.

I do like this song which is now number one on the Billboard Hot 100. I usually don't care much for the kind of stuff which occupies the upper reaches of the charts these days (i.e. Timbaland, Maroon 5 and pretty much any song 'featuring' someone) but I do like this one. It's easily the best song to top the charts this year and the best since Shakira did so a year ago. Yes, I'm aware that 'Hips Don't Lie' featured Wyclef. He's pretty cool though. At any rate if you haven't heard it, you can catch 'Hey There Delilah' over on the Plain White T's Myspace.

I was going to try and make some sort of song list (like my TV one or my Christmas one) seeing as I have a couple days off, but I've yet to decide on what. Maybe something like Best Movie Songs or Best Love Songs or maybe go even more ambitious and try some sort of big list, like I did with the 80s one a while back. But it will have to wait. This post has gone on long enough and I feel like trying out that Collins mix I bought yesterday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Jays blew it again. Damn.

Again, I know I'm having trouble with the posting. I keep meaning to, but it's been a rough last few days. I've worked the last four days and Sunday was especially trying. I just didn't have a good day at all, not that I ever do. I do work tomorrow, but only at the easy job so I will try and get a good post done then. I have stuff to go on about and I'll try to do so tomorrow.

Still nothing on the car front...my windshield wipers have now failed, so I can only pray that I don't get caught driving in the rain. This weekend I do have off, in fact a three day weekend (for me). The Police concert is on Sunday, for which I still have an extra ticket....I really have to learn my lesson and stop buying these expensive concert tickets. This is by no means the first time this has happened to me. Liking music and not having many friends really can have its downsides.

Again, I have other shit I wanted to discuss, but I'm far too tired and far too drunk. Yes, I drink too much but when you're unhappy you need something to keep you going and I'm still not able to score any...well, you know.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At least it's cooler tonight...perhaps I'll be able to sleep

Is it just me or is Jack FM playing exceptionally good music this afternoon? Yes it is my favorite station, but they seem to be on quite the roll today. For a while there they went a little too classic rock. I like classic rock just fine, but if I want to listen to it, I'll switch over to Q107. At any rate, they seem to have gone back to what I liked at first about them. Just check out their playlist from 4:30 ish to around 7:00. Great stuff!

This is a great story I'm reading in yesterday's Toronto Sun (today). Instead of just sitting on a corner, this fellow is doing something really wonderful. I hope he inspires other people with his fine idea. Hell, he should run for mayor. He's doing far more to clean up Toronto and at a much better rate than current waste of space, fat boy David Miller. Under him the city just keeps getting filthier and more dangerous. Thankfully I don't live there, only go to school there. Speaking of which, I just picked my courses for my last year of University. Rather frightening. My mum asked me what I'm going to do after I'm done and do I have any clue? God, I'm regretting this English degree. I needed one more course (it didn't matter what) to fill up my schedule, really just for a credit. I'm taking MUS 230 or "The Music of the 1960s". This should give you all an idea of how useless my degree will be.

Hot Russian Girl is so hot. I worked today at the cigar store (my one day a week) and dang. We also always have stuff to talk about. Plus she just broke up with her live in dude and (sadly for her) had to move back home. Do I have any shot at all? I'm going to leave it there.

My weekend was okay, I suppose. It was my weekend off, which means I sadly have to work this Saturday and Sunday. Bummer. Anyways, I did end up attending this work party hosted by one of the girls who works there. Her parents have quite the nice place, I must say. And even though cute girl from Paint Department didn't show up, this one is quite the looker, plus she has a British accent (a big bonus). On the downside, she's working elsewhere for the summer. This means that I'll be gone when she comes back and I'll never see her again. That and the fact that she's good looking and couldn't care less about me.

Again, the party was alright. I didn't end up wallowing in my own misery and was on my best behaviour. However, I did kill the party. Another girl who attended was wearing one of the bikinis that does up with string at the back (a string bikini?) and it came undone after she did a cannonball. Now her top didn't come off or anything, but this was enough to cheese off said girl's boyfriend. It seems that I was in her vicinity at the time and therefor I must have undone her top. So a while after it actually happened, I happened to wander by (I was looking for my sandals) as he was talking about the incident to her. I heard a mention of "a blond Mike" and I asked "what about a blond Mike"? One thing led to another with him getting quite agitated, me not giving him a straight answer to any of his accusations (he didn't deserve any, plus I had fun messing with him) and this little 130 pounder eventually threatening take me "out front". I told him that I was quite comfortable where I was, but if he wanted to hit me, he was more than welcome to. Of course Junior didn't and left along with all of his drunk little punk friends. I was particularly proud of my "look, that second beer was too much for you kiddo, so you'd better calm down" line.

The party pretty much died after that (no surprise) and I felt bad, even though I really hadn't done anything wrong other than try and put some little bitches in their place. Dude's girlfriend (who is also pretty cute, I must say) was very upset and apologetic to me and despite my apologies, our hostess assured me I hadn't done wrong. Even though it seems like I won, I of course lose at the end. She will forgive the asshole (who obviously has anger problems) and I will continue to go home and watch porno on TMN. This is why I hate my life.

No news on the car front. I'm still driving the Volvo and praying that the brakes don't give out while I'm on the road. I'm cautiously optimistic that so long as I don't take her too far, she'll be okay for at least the next little while. The noises have been there for a while after all. Still not making any progress on the hunt. I'm possibly thinking about leasing a new Ford Focus. I really don't know, all I've done is look at ads in the paper. I'd really rather not go for something that pricey (i.e. anything new), but the whole prospect of looking around, researching this stuff, arranging financing is all so overwhelming to me. Plus if I was paying $230 a month to insure a 1989 Volvo (basic liability only!) how much will I be looking at for something better? Did I mention I hate my life? Yes, I think I might have, once or twice in the past.

Why does the Senior Circuit suck so hardcore?

Sorry about the lack of updates in the last few days. My weekend was sort of busy and I've worked rather hard the last couple of days. I do have several things to discuss, ranging from the crazy work party on Saturday to baseball to the sad state of my beloved car. I also have several emails which I need to send and various other shit that needs to get done, but unfortunately I did order a pizza tonight and had a beer (or six) and the All-Star Game just wrapped up. So I'm spent. But I'm going to try and get some rest, hopefully to do a big post tomorrow. If I forget or get lazy, someone give me hell.

That's all I have for now. Also, I'd kill for a massage. Even a head scratch. Oh well.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)

I have very little exciting to report on this Friday night. This Friday night on which I am (once again) sitting at home alone, drinking a rather nice bottle of French Pinot Noir. I watched Jeopardy!, then flipped between Young Frankenstein on AMC and the Blue Jays game. Great to see Reed Johnson back by the way after a long layoff, he's definitely one of the most important members of the team.

I worked today. Wasn't so bad. Went grocery shopping. Got all the ingredients to make my own burritos. Very sad that when I do make them, it'll be the highlight of my day (and week no doubt). Also bought a bag of potatoes in order to make potato salad. You see, I've actually decided to go to the work barbecue / party /get-together / whatever tomorrow. Someone is having a party at their house. She's invited everyone from work. It's a potluck dealie. She has a pool. I can't think of any other crucial details.

I'm not sure why I'm actually going. It's very nice of this person to host a staff get together, but it's not like anyone really cares if I actually attend or not. And the very prospect of going terrifies me. I just know that I'm going to have an awful time. Since when do I have a good time anywhere? I can already visualize it. Me sitting in a corner somewhere alone, drink in my hand, too depressed to even move. What a blast. And cute girl from paint department doesn't seem to be coming. I didn't see her name on the sign up sheet. How sad that I checked for that. At any rate, it's probably for the best. It would only make me more upset.

Sandra (my car) isn't doing any better. The brake noises sounded even worse than ever today, though maybe that was just my imagination. At any rate, it doesn't sound good. I do need a new car. Something else that needs to be done. I have to look around, go to places, check out different vehicles, talk to salespeople, decide on a particular car within a particular budget, either do a lease or arrange financing, call my insurance company, etc. The prospect of doing all of this shit also scares the living hell out of me and it's just mundane busywork. I really don't know how people do it. Even thinking about it almost makes me want to go out to the tool shed and hang myself. Okay, I don't have a tool shed but sometimes I like to pretend that I do.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Anyone have a spare car they don't need?

As many of you know, my main mode of transportation is a lovely 1989 Volvo 740. While I do love my car (name: Sandra), she has given me more than her fair share of trouble since I've owned her. The radio was shite and I had that upgraded, then I broke the mechanism for the drivers side window. We had some more trouble with the emission test and a nasty crack on the back glass which involved me having to replace the whole thing. Plus there's the fact that my muffler fell off (I've yet to replace it) and the windshield wipers barely work. Yet stubborn me, I've stuck by it.

Until now.

I think that the car has finally had it.

You see I've been driving around for the last little while, enduring an annoying screeching noise that often manifests itself when I brake. The brakes were also feeling a little soft. I figured it's most likely the brake pads, so I finally got around to taking it in to Midas, hoping to take advantage of their $49 Brake Pad Special. Needless to say, the estimate was far more than that.

Among other things, the calipers are shot and I'm looking at about $850 all said and done. Perhaps if I shopped around I could find a bit of a better deal. But it's not worth it. At $700 it wouldn't be worth it. At $500 it wouldn't be. I still have no muffler, the wipers will go eventually, I can tell the power windows won't last long, etc. So I can no longer justify putting any more money into this car. It's done.

So now I'm driving around a car with (more or less) faulty brakes and am going to have to lay out MORE money on a car. And I'm not going to get anything for my old one, let's face facts. I really can't be that upset I suppose. When I bought the thing in March of 2006, I paid next to nothing for it ($1200). I said then that I'd be thrilled if it ran me a year. Well, it did and then some. I guess I was just hopeful it'd last me a little longer and not have to be yet another expense. I'm weighing my options right now. Perhaps I'll try and get lucky with another beater. I'm actually strongly leaning towards leasing a used car, something a little better than what I would buy outright. Needless to say, this puts the very final nail in the moving out coffin. That dream is officially dead. I guess you could say that it dies along with Sandra.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Rang dang diggedy dang di-dang

So I'm wondering if I should just start posting on the random minutia of my life...just whatever useless and stupid things I did today or whatever is on my mind, no matter how trivial? I'm not sure if anyone will give a good God damn, but I'll give it a try, at least right now and perhaps for the near future. Or maybe this will be a one time thing, I'm not too sure. And yes, I have been drinking. Though not entirely alone today, so at least I'm slightly less pathetic.

Happy Canada Day, first off. I felt sort of patriotic today and asked if we sold Canadian flags at the store. Apparently we do but I couldn't find any. I still think I want to put one on my car at any rate. I was saying to someone that it doesn't seem like our national holiday is as big as July 4 is down south. For whatever reason we just don't seem to make as big to-do of it. I think that's too bad because Canada is a pretty good place to live. Certainly it's not perfect and there are things that I like better about the United States (politically mostly), but realistically these are probably the two best countries in the world and I think it's sort of fitting our national holidays are only days apart. I was going somewhere with this but now I've forgotten.

Seeing as it falls on a Sunday this year tomorrow is the actual statutory holiday, meaning I had to work today. Work was okay, not too busy. Just an average day, nothing really exciting. The cute girl in the paint department wasn't working though. As far as I can ascertain, she works the opposite weekend that I do, so I'll only ever see her during the week. Drag.

Went out for drinks with my pal Marty Boy after work. He gave me a call (on my sexy new phone!) as he's wont to do every now and then. Him and his long-time lady friend and I went to out favorite place. Nothing exciting, but always good to see the chap. Just a matter of time before those two get married. Would be nice, I think they're great for each other and plus I like weddings. And I do consider myself the front-runner for best man.

Two songs that I love and was listening to just now: "White Lines" by Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel and "Hello Goodbye" by The Beatles. Yes I still wish I could score some coke (which I think I have a beat on!), so I guess the song hasn't taught me anything. But I think along with "Under Pressure" and "Staying Alive" it has one of the all-time great bass riffs. And even though it seems like such a simple song and John Lennon was a bit resentful over the fact it was the A-side over "I Am the Walrus", Paul's "Hello Goodbye" has always been one of my fave Beatle tracks. I think the gentle simplicity is why I like it so much, plus the great melody and sing-along factor. I'm a 'Paul guy' remember.

Finally as a bonus to all my loyal readers, the first person to tell me where the quote underneath my blog's title come from WITHOUT looking it up (honour system please) will win an autographed picture of Bobo. Best of luck.
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