Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pat Robertson is so right about what ought to be done with him...

"President Hugo Chavez commanded a wide lead before Venezuela's election on Sunday, setting the stage for the self-styled revolutionary to intensify his anti-U.S., leftist crusade in Latin America. "

"(Chavez) vows to use re-election with a strong mandate to scrap term limits and to rule for decades atop a single-party that he wants to create from the cacophony of groups he now heads."

Dear Lord, this is so disturbing. It's times like these when I lose just a little faith in democracy. The majority of this country, who are poor and uneducated have no clue what a fucking loon this guy is and if they think things are bad in their country now, just wait until this self-styled 'El Comandante' declares himself President for Life. It'll be a Marxist paradise, just like Cuba! Thankfully for the long-suffering Cuban people, it seems like 'Father' Fidel is on his last legs. I don't know what this means for Cuba, but I hope it's a good sign.

I'll be a lot happier when both of these monsters are dead and burried.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Another long, overdue and boring update

Yes, yes. Updates on how my life is going are on seemingly a weekly basis now. Pretty sad when it comes down to it. It's a laziness thing really, pure and simple. Just like how it is with everything else in my life. Or the lack of concentration. Something like that.

So when we left off last, I was on my way out the door for some...well, you know. Arrived on Friday night and got home Saturday morning, so we must chalk that up as a success. Am I crazy about her? Hell no. She seems nice and all, but I'm definitely not looking for anything special here. I'll just continue to ride it until she asks where things are going and such and I have to be honest (well, as honest as I can be without being hurtful). But it is nice to have something casual for a change.

Spent the next five days attempting to work on a major research essay, which went poorly at best. Overall, school has been okay this year, but this was just a huge mess. Tons of books scattered about all on Manchester in the Industrial Age (ugh) and very little got done. Finally managed to finish the essay a day late (-2%), having left it a page and half short of where it should have been. By the end of it, I was a serious mess. When I can't focus, I get really down on myself, all sorts of thoughts on how I'm stupid and worthless start creeping in. Again, haven't had that this year (thankfully) until now. It just gets so unbelievably frustrating and at times I wanted to go hang myself in the garage, I felt so stupid. I know my mark won't be very good, but it's done. So I guess that counts for something.

Wednesday was an interesting day. The day the big essay was supposed to be due. I was really feeling off, I hadn't gone to a single class all week in fact thanks to the essay. Though I didn't have class, I ventured downtown anyways, as I had two (!!) social functions to attend to. That's the first time I've had that happen in a long while. First off was sushi with Girly. Hadn't seen her in close to two weeks prior to this, so it was nice. Still have NO idea where we stand, but everything seemed to go fine. Is this drifting into 'friend' territory? It's not easy to say for sure, but it might be. I guess that's not so bad, but it would leave me a tad disappointed. Right now, I'm not having the most optimism as far as anything happening, but you never know. I will stay on top of it.

Second was a birthday get-together for a friend...well, sort of a friend. More like an acquaintance. She's actually the ex of a very good friend, though I only met her after they split up, odd as that may be. But she's a great girl, really nice and one of the most decent people I've ever met. I actually wrote at length about her birthday thing last year, agonizing over whether or not to go. This year, I have at least a tad more confidence, so I fortunately had no such debate. It was a nice time at a little pub in Toronto, very low key. I convinced my pal 'Beer' to tag along, so at least I'd have some company if things didn't go well. I guess I was sort of half hoping to perhaps talk to some of her friends, as I remember she had some very attractive ones. Indeed, her best friend is incredibly foxy and unattached. Did I make any sort of impression? No. Instead I became rather depressed, as I often do in these situations. I don't know what it is, hot girls so often make me miserable. I guess it's because I just know that I have no chance with them. After this, I just couldn't shake the thoughts that people hate me, all that awful stuff just started coming in. It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but when it does, I can't shake it and it's the worst feeling. I just think that the only reason people talk to me or hang out with me or are ever nice to me is out of pity. I had to take my anti-anxiety medication or I would have probably flipped out. Thankfully I felt a little better the next day, though not by much.

Friday I was supposed to go to this dinner thing for my friend / ex-coworker who was coming in from Alberta. Her grandfather hadn't been doing too well, so she was mostly coming in to see him, though as well to see her friends again. Very sadly though, he passed away on Monday, before she made it, which is really sad. Dinner was of course cancelled, so I spent my night drunk on the couch. She did have an impromptu thingee on Saturday, just to say 'hi' to all her pals. She seemed to be okay, thankfully and it was really nice to see her, seeing as I don't know when I will again. I still feel so sad that she didn't get a chance to see him though before he passed. Poor dear.

That's it, don't know where things stand right now. Class tomorrow and a new week...hopefully I'll be able to get back on track. One essay that is due in a week, though this one shouldn't be as bad. Then a few exams and finally a nice little break. I truly need and deserve it.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Fucking, FUCK OFF Michelle Wie.

Seriously, I'm so God damned sick of her. How about winning a WOMEN'S tournament first and MAYBE then playing against the fellas? This is what, like the 17th men's tourney she's entered and bombed? Fucking ENOUGH already. Now don't think I'm some sort of misogynist because of this. I just think it's just such a freakshow. Is she trying to prove something? I really don't know. That women can compete against men in professional golf? I mean, I'm sure she could mop the floor with 99.9% of all men, simple because of her skill level. But is she on the same level as Tiger Woods or Ernie Els or Vijay Singh or Phil Mickelson? Fuck no. THEY ARE MEN. They are stronger and bigger and can hit the ball further and are just more inclined towards athleticism. That's just how it is. That doesn't make them better people or anything, it's just nature for Christ's sake. Now golf is a game that does rely a lot more on skill, despite one's strength, speed etc. So for sure, Michelle Wie COULD beat one of those guys sometime. Much more likely than a woman being able to compete in the NFL (where she would get MURDERED) or play basketball against Shaq (HA!). I mean do you think that Justine Henin-Hardine or Maria Sharapova could even win a single GAME against Roger Federer? No fucking chance. That's just the reality of it. Fuck, it doesn't make women inferior to men or whatever. They're just not as big and strong and fast. Fucking get over that, it's how God or nature or whatever made thing. Seriously, a man at a pro-level should play on a women's tournament or league or whatever. Just for kicks.

So again, Michelle Wie, go to hell and try to concentrate on being a great FEMALE golfer, which I'm sure you can be, if you just stop reading Gloria Steinem's newsletter or whatever. Thank you.

Sorry for this completely random rant, I have so very much I need / want to talk about. Lots has been going on, but I am just so very tired that I didn't have the energy for anything deeper than this. Tomorrow, I hope. Though I've said that before and know.

Friday, November 17, 2006

James Bond can get away with the old "Fuck and Chuck" so why can't the rest of us?

Hey folks, please note my change in Blog name. After being 'King Hippo' since the beginning of my blogging days (preceding even this blog), I felt it was time for a change. Besides, I always had the feeling that it would lead people to assume that I'm morbidly obese, when in fact I'm in rather good shape.

Anyhow in honor of the release of the 21st (!!!) James Bond adventure, Casino Royale, I've decided to post what I think are the various bests and worsts in the Bond film cannon up to now. I wish I could go see the flick this weekend, but I really have quite the research essay I need to work on. I’m only allowing myself one night out, which happens to be tonight, right after I post this. I’m off to pursue…various activities of which Mr. Bond would be proud. Also, I’m just doing this quickly, really from memory. But still, it should be fun and might even open up some debate. You never know. Also, I won’t be doing links for all the films, actors and characters. It’s too much work and if you want to know something, look it up your damned self.


Best Bond Film: On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Yup, I'm one of those. In my estimation, I'm sorry to say that I don't believe there to be a "perfect" Bond film. This one really does come close. Great adventure, a tight plot, the best romance and Lazenby really isn't as bad as so many people make him out to be! Had Connery stuck around for this one, might it have been perfect though? Very possible, but sadly we'll never know. Still, it's my fave.

Runner up: From Russia With Love. Connery at his peak.

Worst Bond Film: Moonraker. It's a wonder that they managed to recover so well and make For Your Eyes Only (my favourite Moore) only two years after hitting rock bottom with this mess. From the stupid opening (ugh, Jaws is back. Great.) to the completely uninvolving "climax" this one is so gimmicky and dull, it really has little to recommend it, other than a decent Bond girl and a pretty good song.

Runner up: Live and Let Die. Yeah, it stinks, sorry. From the Southern Sherrif to that swamp boat scene that goes on FOREVER...*yawn*

Best Opening Sequence: The Spy Who Loved Me. I mean there really isn't any debating this one. Roger Moore "skiing" down a mountain (well, blue screen) to great 70's era grooves until he skis off the mountain! Oh no, our hero is doomed! But then the Union Jack parachute opens. So sweet.

Runner up: The World Is Not Enough. A pretty lousy entry, but the boat chase with Bond ending up on the Milennium Dome is pretty sweet, I must say.

Worst Opening Sequence: Live and Let Die. So you have a new Bond to introduce to the world and you don't even show him? Just some random loser agents getting offed by baddies? Come on.

Runner up: A View To A Kill. Ancient Roger Moore snowboarding down a mountain to "California Girls". Give me a break.

Best Theme Song: Nobody Does It Better (from The Spy Who Loved Me). There are a lot of good ones to pick from here, but I've always been partial to this sweet and tender Carly Simon offering.

Runner up: Live and Let Die. Paul McCartney's rocking track is one of the few good things about this lousy film.

Worst Theme Song: The Man With The Golden Gun. I was having lunch with a couple of my new school friends and somehow this came up. It was a unanimous agreement that this is BY FAR the worst of the Bond songs. "He has a POWERFUL WEA-PON...He charges a MILLION a SHOT!" Ugh.

Runner up- Never Say Never Again. Whatever, I consider it a Bond film. And I pretty good one at that. But the song is awful.

Best Villain- Auric Goldfinger. Even the fact that Gert Frobe's voice is dubbed (I know, I know) doesn't detract from the fact that this tub of lard is the iconic Bond villain.

Runner up- Francisco Scaramanga (i.e. The Man With the Golden Gun). Christopher Lee is one of my favourite actors, okay? Plus, I always think this is an underrated film overall.

Worst Villain- Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever. They never totally got the character right (Telly Savalas was actually closest in OHMSS) and Charles Grey was totally wrong. He was so weak and fey that Connery's toupee could have wiped the floor with him.

Runner-up- Hugo Drax (Moonraker). Yawn.

Best Henchman- Grant in FRWL. Totally awesome villain. He's cool when he doesn't speak for half the movie and remains boss when he finally does open his mouth. Plus the fight in the train car is possibly the best scene in a 007 film.

Runner-up- Oddjob. I wish I had a massive, mute Korean manservant / caddie.

Worst Henchman- Jaws (TSWLM and Moonraker). Almost certainly my least favourite Bond character ever. I always found him and his inexplicable indestructiveness so annoying. They kill off every other villain, yet they let this guy live.

Runner-up- That annoying jerkass with the glasses in For Your Eyes Only. I don't remember his name, but I do love the scene where Moore dispatches of him by kicking his car over a cliff.

Best Bond Girl- Tracy in OHMSS. This was easily the hardest category for me. So many things to balance. Looks, personality, toughness, attitude, etc. I finally settled on Diana Rigg (AKA Emma Peel). She exemplifies all the things I was looking for, plus she actually gets James to the alter!

Runner-up- Cary Lowell in License to Kill. She's super-hot, plus also very kickass in this, another underrated Bond movie. Currently married to "Gerbil Boy" Richard Gere.

Worst Bond Girl (tie)- Any of the useless bimbo Bond Girls, like Britt Ekland in TMWTGG, Tanya Roberts in AVTAK, Doctor (!!!) Denise Richards in TWINE, Jill St. John in DAF etc. The ones who are nice to look at, but really don't offer up any true substance.

Runner-up- Halle Berry (Jinx) in Die Another Day. Not because she's really that bad, but because she's a bit of a disappointment and because Rosamund Pike (Miranda Frost) is way cooler.


So that's it. I'm sure I could have done other categories like Best Car or Best Gadget or Best Action Sequence etc. But I'm already enough of a nerd, so I suppose I should leave things where they are. Now I have to go and possibly have sex.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Forgive the poor quality of this post, I know it's not up to par

Once again, I am forcing myself to post. Why has this become such a chore? I don't know. I guess I just don't feel it like I used to. Maybe I'm not as depressed as I once was, therefor I don't feel the need to consistently post my thoughts and feelings or even random shit. Should I just shut the old blog down? I give though to doing so from time to time...I don't know, it's something I am considering.

Where to begin...Sad to see that the city of Toronto, in its infinite wisdom, has somehow re-elected the ineffectual and indeed incompetent, David Miller to a second term as mayor. The streets will get even filthier, powerful unions will continue to be rewarded for their sloth and corruption, violent crime will continue to escalate, the city council will continue to vote itself pay get the point. Toronto really is in serious danger of turning into quite the shit hole, just like NYC was before Giuliani. It's really sad that there wasn't a strong challenger. I know I don't live in Toronto proper, but I'm there almost every day, so I'd like to think I have at least some vested interest. Thankfully in my fair city, we have a mayor who knows what she's doing. Yes, she is 85 years old and has been mayor 28 , but God love her, I hope she sticks around 'till she's a hundred.

Failed a test on Monday...I truly hope that I don't fail this useless astronomy class. All others are going alright though, so if it's just the one which is causing me pain, I suppose things aren't so bad. Today had lunch with this dude who may be a new friend of mine...I've always thought it to be weirder and more difficult to make friends at school with other guys. How does one, in essence, "pick up" a dude? But whatever. The other week me and him and some other fellow went for lunch between classes, today with another pal of his. He seems like a nice fellow. We're both big baseball nuts, have the same history tutorial, greatly admire Ronald Reagan and would likey punch Jack Layton in the mouth if we crossed paths. I don't know if he's just a school chum or what, but I guess it's a good step. But how do I "take it to the next level" as it were? Man, even saying that seems gay...But you all know what I mean.

English class girl wasn't in class today, again. She probably slept in. Damn, I really would like to at least try and get something going there...I suppose I did already, what with the notes and the lunch...but....I don't know what I'm going on about. I'll keep you all up-to-date if anything else happens.

Also, had sex today. Well, sort of. Bill Clinton wouldn't define it as such, but it's good enough as far as I'm concerned. And no, it was not with girly. Some girl I actually just met. Yes, off the internet. Leave me alone. She lives rather far (about a 45 minute drive) but I suppose it was worth it, huh? Went to dinner then...well, you know. I guess it was just my lucky day. She's pretty cute and seems like a nice girl, but I really don't want anything more than just fun here. I don't really know what she wants, so I'll just sort of play it by ear. If she doesn't give me an indication what she wants out of this, one way or another, I see no harm in just continuing to have fun. But if she indicates otherwise...well, that's my cue to be honest and get out as painlessly as I can. Again, she seems nice, I don't want to hurt her feelings.

As for girly (I really have to give these people fake names so as to keep better track of them), that is a different matter. On one hand, I would like to possibly entertain the idea of something more serious with her...but I really, REALLY am beginning to suspect she has issues. Now, I never elaborated on that, but I think I will now. There are other things, but the biggest one is definitely ex-boyfriend issues. Whom she still sees on a regular basis, who has a tattoo of her FACE on his body, which she has as her MSN display picture (!!!), who has talked about buying an engagement ring for her (even though they're broken up). There are other things I'm sure I've forgotten. But y'all get the gist. Again, there are other things at play as well, but this is a BIG part of it. I guess I could have revealed all this earlier, but I guess I didn't feel the need to or forgot or just liked how that whole debacle over me using her for sex was playing out. Whatever.

I'm sure it's painfully obvious, but perhaps, just perhaps she is using me in some way. She claims she likes me and all that jazz. What is the truth? I have no idea. I'm seeing her again on Saturday (tentatively). Right now I'm just keeping all my options open. If she wants to pursue a relationship with me, cool. If she's just looking for someone to fuck around with while working out ex issues, fine. And if she decides that she needs to "sort things out" or any of that bullshit, I have no time for it. Sorry. We shall have to see.

So that's it for now...are things falling into place? Yes and, there's so much more that I could get into, but it's really complicated. I still haven't written about the VERY hot English exchange student in one of my English classes and perhaps I never will...there really isn't anything to write about, but hopefully there will be. You never know the way things are going.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

If you do not read my post, I will be execute!

One post per week isn't very good, I know. I'm not going to try and make any excuses, other than the fact I'm just plain lazy. Yes I've been somewhat busy, but certainly not enough to prevent me from spending a little time to update this thing. It's sloth and perhaps the inability to concentrate, plain and simple.

Seems when we (whenever I say 'we', it refers to Bobo and I) left you last things were...well, okay I guess. Yes, I was lamenting the fact I had no friends and no one to seem Borat with, but I guess things could have been worse. I am happy to say, that I did get to see Borat without too much delay. Called Girly up and asked her if she wanted to go see it on Tuesday, to which she replied in the affirmative. So she meets me after my classes on Tuesday and we head over to the Varsity Theatres, just a block over from U of T. I decided to spend the extra three bucks per ticket and spring for the "Varsity VIP" theatre instead of the regular one. Basically, the VIP screening room seats only 45 people, so it's like an intimate screening room. The seats are comfier and you have a table on one side of you upon which to rest your snacks. Said snacks are ordered off a menu, brought to you by a server. Very sweet! Top this off with the private VIP washroom and it really makes for the only way to go see a movie. For the extra three dollars, I highly recommend it.

As for Borat itself, it more than lives up to the hype which I admittedly subscribed to. I'm not going to give you a full review, I'm sure you can find many, almost all of them saying the same things. Just know that there really is something to offend pretty much everyone in this movie and if you don't find yourself laughing constantly, you're probably made of stone. I'm not someone who generally laughs out loud at things (even if I do find them funny), but I was killing myself here. Perhaps not since Blazing Saddles (which I often cite as the funniest movie ever made), has there been a film more offensive and more hilarious. If you haven't seen it, see it. Now.

With the "date" itself, things went just fine. No sign of any lingering damage from my "threesome" remark, so I think all is well. Now my question is, how often should I be calling her? Is every day too much? Every other day good? If I catch her on MSN, is that equivalent to a phone call or at least delay the necessity of one for another day? And consequently, how often should I be seeing her? Is once a week sufficient, or maybe try to work on some sort of five day schedule or something? And should I be the one calling her every time or should I sometimes wait for her to call me? If I've called the last few times, should I then wait and give her a chance to call me? And if she doesn't after a few days, do I then call? And if she does call but doesn't mention anything about getting together, should I automatically broach the subject? So many questions, I know. But dating is so confusing and I have enough to worry about. Any input would be great.

On another front, the girl from my English class wasn’t in class on Tuesday (seems she overslept), but was on Thursday. She asked me for my notes and I said that I’d be happy to scan them and email them over…which means I now have her email address. Score! Also, after class on Thursday, we were leaving and I casually mentioned that I was hungry, if she wanted to grab something to eat. She said that she was meeting a friend for lunch, but if I didn’t have class, I was free to come. So I did. Went to some Vietnamese place and actually waited for her friend for a little while. Her friend actually recognized me, seems I was in one of her first year tutorials. I didn’t remember her at all, but I faked an “Oh yeah, right!” so that I wouldn’t seem like a total ass. At any rate, it wasn’t too bad. I’d have rather just had lunch with the girl from my class alone, but this wasn’t so bad. Seeing as her friend was there, maybe I made some sort of good impression (I hope) and maybe they talked about me. You never know. Plus I did get a “Hey, we should do this again sort of thing” (it seemed sincere), which can’t be all bad. Also, I found out that she is NOT attached, having ended a relationship a couple of months ago. All is looking hopeful here. I can just take things nice and easy, coffee or lunch once on a semi-regular basis and just let things happen. Will they? Time will tell. If I’m lucky, she and I and girly will be involved in a threesome in no time. No, not really. Jesus doesn’t love me THAT much.

Fudge. I have a test that I really have to study for and I haven't at all so far. It's the one class I'm so very lost in. Dammit. It's on Monday, wish me luck. Also, I still haven't posted at all on friend developments in two other classes...if I don't in the next few days, will someone please remind me? Thanks. Again, I'm lazy and sometimes I need a kick in the ass.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Maybe this post will get 30 comments! Well, probably not.

Dear Lord, I really can't believe how far that last post went. I suspected I might get a few comments on it, but 29 of them? Craziness. But it looks like it has finally run its course, so I might as well post something else. Sound good? Lovely.

So Friday night after work, I drove way the hell out to Girly’s house. I really wanted to see the Borat movie and this is a great excuse to see her again. Sadly, the movie was sold the hell out for the rest of the night, so we had to come up with a Plan 'B'. I didn't really know what to suggest (well, besides THAT), seeing as she lives way the hell at the other end of the city and I don't know what is around her area. So eventually we settled on Billiards (woot!) at some local little place. So we're playing (neither of us is really that good) and things are going well. Lots of positive physical contact, stuff like that. So as we’re playing, she makes some mention of how the waitress is paying no attention to her and all to me (i.e. asking ME if I want another drink etc.). She says that the waitress probably “likes” me and I just shrug it off. But apparently, the waitress makes some offhand comment to Girly that I’m cute! I guess she comes there enough, so the waitress knows her to some degree. Girly makes some comment that I should “ask her out” or something to that effect, though I could tell she was joking. To which I replied “Oh why would I need to do that, I’m here with you”. Something reassuring. Then of course, I have to try and be clever and say something like “besides, if I were interested I would ask her out, just suggest a threesome! It was clearly a joke, but she didn’t seem impressed by it and was noticeably more distant for the rest of the night. However, we did walk back to her place hand in hand, she decided to stop me and kiss me for no reason in the middle of it and I left on good terms. So I’m not too worried that I said anything too stupid. I’ll give her a call perhaps tomorrow and see if she wants to do something during the week. I’m sure she’ll want to.

Now, a few things come out of this. Firstly, I wonder if she overreacted to the “threesome” comment. It was clearly a joke (though had she said yes, of course I’d have gone for it!) and she didn’t seem at all impressed. A sign of jealousy, perhaps of big-time insecurity or something else? Perhaps it was a dumb thing to say, but if you can’t take my sense of humor, well to hell with you. Next is the fact that this waitress (who was very fetching) thought that I was cute. Why is it that things like this happen to me only when I can’t do ANYTHING about them? Obviously I can’t go hit on the waitress while I’m there with another girl and this place is way the hell on the other side of the city. Crappy. But still, at least it was a nice ego boost, if nothing else.

So I was feeling pretty good about myself on Friday and then the complete opposite the next day. You see, I still wanted to go see Borat. And could I find anyone to go see it with? Of course not. The limited few people that I could call were all busy. Yes, things are well enough on the one front, but I still have no freaking friends! It just burns me, it really does, not to mention depresses me. I remember once upon a time I actually had a group of friends that could be counted upon to do “stuff”. Like if there was a big time movie coming out, it was just sort of assumed we’d be going to see it. I know that I’m not going to be going to parties or anything like that, but it would be nice to get out once in a while, hit the bars, go to a party, whatever. I mean, I might go out with “Marty Boy” for a drink here, maybe have lunch with “Blondie” there and the like. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge party animal, but sometimes it would be nice to go out and have some real fun. Just never seems to happen. I mean now that I have a little bit of confidence, I might even talk to the cute waitress or whatever. But if I’ve no one to go out with, what am I to do?

So I still haven’t seen Borat and I’m not about to see it by myself. Hopefully I’ll find someone willing to go, might have to be Girly. Actual ‘friends’ friends would be nice, which is probably much harder to find This is why I wish D-Rock were still around, I know I could have counted on him to have gone. But there’s not much I can do. So anyone want to go see Borat? Looks absolutely hilarious, 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. Anyone?
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