Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Forgive the poor quality of this post, I know it's not up to par

Once again, I am forcing myself to post. Why has this become such a chore? I don't know. I guess I just don't feel it like I used to. Maybe I'm not as depressed as I once was, therefor I don't feel the need to consistently post my thoughts and feelings or even random shit. Should I just shut the old blog down? I give though to doing so from time to time...I don't know, it's something I am considering.

Where to begin...Sad to see that the city of Toronto, in its infinite wisdom, has somehow re-elected the ineffectual and indeed incompetent, David Miller to a second term as mayor. The streets will get even filthier, powerful unions will continue to be rewarded for their sloth and corruption, violent crime will continue to escalate, the city council will continue to vote itself pay get the point. Toronto really is in serious danger of turning into quite the shit hole, just like NYC was before Giuliani. It's really sad that there wasn't a strong challenger. I know I don't live in Toronto proper, but I'm there almost every day, so I'd like to think I have at least some vested interest. Thankfully in my fair city, we have a mayor who knows what she's doing. Yes, she is 85 years old and has been mayor 28 , but God love her, I hope she sticks around 'till she's a hundred.

Failed a test on Monday...I truly hope that I don't fail this useless astronomy class. All others are going alright though, so if it's just the one which is causing me pain, I suppose things aren't so bad. Today had lunch with this dude who may be a new friend of mine...I've always thought it to be weirder and more difficult to make friends at school with other guys. How does one, in essence, "pick up" a dude? But whatever. The other week me and him and some other fellow went for lunch between classes, today with another pal of his. He seems like a nice fellow. We're both big baseball nuts, have the same history tutorial, greatly admire Ronald Reagan and would likey punch Jack Layton in the mouth if we crossed paths. I don't know if he's just a school chum or what, but I guess it's a good step. But how do I "take it to the next level" as it were? Man, even saying that seems gay...But you all know what I mean.

English class girl wasn't in class today, again. She probably slept in. Damn, I really would like to at least try and get something going there...I suppose I did already, what with the notes and the lunch...but....I don't know what I'm going on about. I'll keep you all up-to-date if anything else happens.

Also, had sex today. Well, sort of. Bill Clinton wouldn't define it as such, but it's good enough as far as I'm concerned. And no, it was not with girly. Some girl I actually just met. Yes, off the internet. Leave me alone. She lives rather far (about a 45 minute drive) but I suppose it was worth it, huh? Went to dinner then...well, you know. I guess it was just my lucky day. She's pretty cute and seems like a nice girl, but I really don't want anything more than just fun here. I don't really know what she wants, so I'll just sort of play it by ear. If she doesn't give me an indication what she wants out of this, one way or another, I see no harm in just continuing to have fun. But if she indicates otherwise...well, that's my cue to be honest and get out as painlessly as I can. Again, she seems nice, I don't want to hurt her feelings.

As for girly (I really have to give these people fake names so as to keep better track of them), that is a different matter. On one hand, I would like to possibly entertain the idea of something more serious with her...but I really, REALLY am beginning to suspect she has issues. Now, I never elaborated on that, but I think I will now. There are other things, but the biggest one is definitely ex-boyfriend issues. Whom she still sees on a regular basis, who has a tattoo of her FACE on his body, which she has as her MSN display picture (!!!), who has talked about buying an engagement ring for her (even though they're broken up). There are other things I'm sure I've forgotten. But y'all get the gist. Again, there are other things at play as well, but this is a BIG part of it. I guess I could have revealed all this earlier, but I guess I didn't feel the need to or forgot or just liked how that whole debacle over me using her for sex was playing out. Whatever.

I'm sure it's painfully obvious, but perhaps, just perhaps she is using me in some way. She claims she likes me and all that jazz. What is the truth? I have no idea. I'm seeing her again on Saturday (tentatively). Right now I'm just keeping all my options open. If she wants to pursue a relationship with me, cool. If she's just looking for someone to fuck around with while working out ex issues, fine. And if she decides that she needs to "sort things out" or any of that bullshit, I have no time for it. Sorry. We shall have to see.

So that's it for now...are things falling into place? Yes and, there's so much more that I could get into, but it's really complicated. I still haven't written about the VERY hot English exchange student in one of my English classes and perhaps I never will...there really isn't anything to write about, but hopefully there will be. You never know the way things are going.


Blogger KatieG said...

see, wasn't that easy...and no drama to go with it.

oh, in case you haven't figured it out yet, she's got serious issues, as does the ex(?)boyfriend...

November 17, 2006 12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone has issues Katieg - no reason to stress about these things...

Sounds like you're turning into quite the player! As they (still haven't figured out who 'they' are, but I'm investigating) say, when it rains it pours!

Just don't let it get to your head and don't let the pussy get in the way of your school. You're not at university to pickup (imagine the cover charge if it was!).

If you keep getting more sex than me I'll have to find you and kick your Hall&Oates loving ass! Jokes, of course, but you've come a long way from the guy I met at the concert that night.

Kudos amigo, and keep up the good work. JUST DON'T FUCK UP SCHOOL FOR SOME PUSSY.


November 17, 2006 2:45 PM  

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