Tuesday, May 30, 2006

All About Me Part I

A bunch of random shit started popping into my heat-addled brain the other night as I was trying to fall asleep in the sweltering heat. We do have air conditioning, but my father doesn't like to have it on at night, as he claims the noise keeps him up. I think he just likes to torture the rest of the people in the household. Seriously. Anyways, I started to think of random things about myself, I'm not sure why. But let's try and list as many as we can here, just for future reference.

-I'm not a desert person, but my favourite desert is crème brulee.

-I take my coffee black.

-Though I love my dog Bobo more than anything, I do consider myself a cat person.

-My favourite Beatle is Paul.

-I like the Beatles over the Stones.

-I'm 5'10" and weigh 165 lbs.

-I'm a 32" waist, my shirt size is 15 1/2 and I wear 38 regular suits.

-I've been in love once.

-I do hope to get married and have children someday.

-I'd ask D-Rock to be my best man and Beer and Marty Boy to be my groomsmen (and Bobo!)

-If I have a boy I'd want to name him Michael, for a girl Margaret (or Helen).

-I'm a Christian.

-I love baseball, love the Blue Jays and hate, hate, HATE the Yankees and their stinking fans (sorry Dave).

-I HATE mushrooms and would wipe them off the face of the earth if I could. You heard me right.

-My favourite cocktail is a Perfect Manhattan, neat.

-I put Tabasco on pretty much everything and wouldn't hesitate to endorse the stuff.

-I consider myself something of a snob.

-Historically I haven't worn jeans very much, though now I'm starting to.

-I have very straight, white teeth.

-I've never really understood the appeal of Hip Hop music.

-I'm one of those people who is always hot, especially in the summer. Even in the air-conditioned house I'm still boiling hot.

-I love making lists.

That's all I can think of for now. Maybe I'll make another one of these sometime.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

We're a year old...

Well folks, it was a year ago today that "The World's Most Depressing Blog" was created. After the death of "The Worst Blog in History" and its largely forgotten sequel, I decided to strike out on my own and take all my whining and complaining from other people's forums to one that I could be master and commander of. Frankly, I'm shocked that it's still up. At times I may run out of things to complain about and sometimes I'm just plain lazy, but I'm someone who doesn't like to cut and run if things are in a bit of a lull. I'm sure there will come a day in which I'll finally lay this thing to rest, but it won't be anytime soon. Thanks to all the kind folks who read this and are kind enough to post a comment here and there I still feel good doing the whole blog thing. I know that it feels as if the blog has peaked already, but hopefully I can inject some new life in it, if I can come up with any good ideas. If anyone has any, do feel free to share! Perhaps even adding a guest columnist is a good answer; if anyone has the desire to contribute, feel free to contact me. Please note however that the blog is still called "The World's Most Depressing Blog" and that general complaining and petty whining are mostly what I'm looking for, though other topics are certainly welcome in order to mix things up. Maybe someone whose life is as miserable as mine, though truthfully things aren't as bad in my world as they were a year ago.

Anyways, I'd like once again thank everyone who reads and comments. So to D-Rock, Beer, Daphne, Chachi, Colonel, Dosi, Squirrely, Bertmos, Punk Angel, Mikey D, LU and anyone I may have missed, Bobo and I thank you for your kind support.

Hugs and kisses and kicks and punches,


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fun weekend adventures...well, sort of

Date on Saturday was pretty much a bust. Met this girl, her friend and friend's boyfriend at a Starbucks. I was okay with this arrangement, seeing as I am just an internet stranger and perhaps this would make her more comfortable. My understanding was that we'd split off from them after coffee and do our own thing. Well, that never happened. Had coffee, walked around by the lakeshore for a while, hung out at the pier, then went for ice cream. Didn't have a fun time. The other couple stuck around throughout the whole thing, but I can't say I really would have cared one way or another. She wasn't as purdy as her pictures, plus I don't think she even shaved her legs for me...ouch. Our options were limited as to what to do as none of these people had any money, meaning we couldn't really do anything. I have no problem paying for my 'date' but there's no way in hell I'm paying for either of these other people. Bums, I tell ya. Oh well, at least it was a cheap date. I've had too many lousy dates on which I dropped far too much cash because I'm stupid that way.

Took my friend / co-worker out for drinks on Sunday, as it's her birthday this week. Yep, this is the same one who stood me up a few weeks ago. I guess I've forgiven her for that. I'm really a pretty forgiving person and yet I've found that if I do something stupid or thoughtless many people are not very eager to let it go. Something that I've noticed lately and I can think of several examples. I have a great one from very recently, indeed that's still going on. But I don't want to get into it now, it makes me too mad. It involves someone who really did something to hurt me in the past and I let it go. I made the mistake of getting upset at them for something and despite my profuse and very sincere apology, they're "still not entirely happy with the situation". What I did was hardly unforgivable and yet I'm never cut any slack. Sorry for being so oblique, but it's complicated. I might get into it at another point, but not now.

So that was it, that was my fun weekend. At least I left the house, which was nice. I'm doing stuff, just never anything really fun. Maybe I'm not fun or interesting, I don't know. I just have this hankering to get up to some craziness, but no one to do it with. I need some FUN in my life. If anyone fun is reading this, spread some love around, hook me up. Man, I seem to end a lot of blog entries with pleas like this, don't I?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ah, that Queen Victoria

Oh goody, another long weekend is upon us...I can't recall the last long weekend that I actually went away somewhere and had fun. As far as I can remember, the last one of note was the Canada Day long weekend that I trekked up to Montreal a few years back...2002, I think it was. If Beer or D-Rock are reading this, they might know. But that sounds about right. Took the train up, met up with those two fellows, plus a few other folks including Hannah...I miss her, she was always a fun kid. Ah, those were the days. Hung around the city, took in the jazz festival. Saw a great fireworks display, set to the strains of "Come Sail Away" by Styx. Good times, good company. Oh how I long for the past. Well, those days are gone forever. What can you do?

Sadly nothing fun planned this weekend, not a big shock. The weather has been pretty shitty this past week, so it's not like I'd be hitting the beach even if I did have anyone to go with. Do have a date tonight though...my first one in ages. Yeah, another internet person. I promised myself I wouldn't go back to that route, but I really don't know where else to go, where else to look. I've had the best luck with it, so I guess I shouldn't abandon it entirely. Still, I wish I didn't have to lean on it so heavily. It really is my only avenue right now. One of these days I'll have the courage to just go up to a woman and start talking to her. I'm not there just yet, but I do feel I'm closer than ever before, if that counts for anything. I just need to keep believing. Having people to go out with would certainly make that easier. I do miss having D-Rock around. I could really use a partner in crime. Hopefully something will pan out. Maybe even the one I'm seeing tonight. One never knows.

So that's it from me, hope all the kind people reading this have a fun long weekend, what with camping and barbecues and all that. Anyone want to throw an invite my way? I'll bring beer and cigars! Plus I promise not to be such a downer. I'm a lot better now, honest! If not, I guess it'll just be me and Bobo hanging out in my backyard. I guess I could do worse than that.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

So Angry!!!

A few thoughts:

-Listen to the song "All By Myself" as originally sung by Eric Carmen. It is tender, touching and sad. Listen to the same song as redone by Celine Dion. Wow. I cannot believe anyone buys her records or even listens to her music if it happens to come on the radio. Or even stumble half drunkenly into her Caesar’s Palace show after a good night at the Roulette Table. She is truly abhorrent. I can't stress that enough. Listen to the aforementioned song. When she gets to line "Anymorrrrre" one can truly realize how awful she is. Screaming at the top of one's voice is NOT singing. I know subtlety is not everyone's forte, but come on. If anyone reading this actually enjoys her "singing", I will fight you. I'm not joking.

-I'm seeing a lot of kids these days with runners that apparently have wheels on the bottom. I mean, WTF? Sidewalks and shopping malls are NOT fucking roller rinks. If I ever caught my child wearing them, I would take the shoes off of their feet and proceed to beat the kid with their own shoes. I'd probably beat some sense into their mother, seeing as I obviously wouldn't be the one to buy them for the kid.

-I think the best thing about having my own car is the fact that I can smoke a nice cigar whilst driving wherever I'm going. The weather is nice, so I can just roll the windows down and puff away on a premium hand rolled cigar as I'm cruising along. In fact the other day as I was doing this and listening to my favourite radio station JACK-FM, the song "Woke Up This Morning" by A3 came on. It's the theme song from The Sopranos, with the opening credits showing Tony Soprano driving along the New Jersey Turnpike while puffing away on a cigar. I felt pretty cool at that moment. I also suddenly got the urge to run someone down with my car, get my golf clubs out of the trunk to finish them off with and then dump their body in the lake. Fortunately, I didn’t act upon that impulse.

-I think I'm in a violent mood. It's probably from a lack of….well, you can guess. Sigh.

Friday, May 12, 2006

My love for this show does NOT make me a homosexual

Surprisingly, despite the fact I:

A-Am very lazy

B- Have no life

I don't really watch that much television. I mean, I do, but nothing in particular. During the day I watch re-runs of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Spike TV and I'll watch old episodes of South Park and Seinfeld when they happen to come on, but there's nothing that I really sit down to watch especially. If I'm around during so-called "Prime Time" I'll usually just watch baseball and failing that, I'm probably unconscious. However, there is one program that I do watch every single week, taping it if necessary. That show is Gilmore Girls.

Say what you will about me, but it's a great show with fun, eccentric characters, witty writing and involving stories. I think it's the best show on television right now, indeed the only one I make a point of watching. This past Tuesday was the season finale of Gilmore Girls and likely the last episode with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel Palladino, at the helm. The two couldn't come to terms with the studio over a contract beyond this season, so this past episode was their swan song. The show, which airs on the WB network, hasn't officially been renewed, but it's one of the top rated shows on the WB and will almost certainly be moved over to the newly created CW Network, which will be the amalgamation of the WB and UPN. But I don't know if it will be the same without the Palladinos.


Those who haven't seen the episode, please read no further. Thank you. As we begin the episode, we see Lorelai, on Sookie and Jackson's couch, presumably having slept there the night previous. Seems all the concern she has over her pending (?) marriage to Luke hasn't gone away is still there. Sookie and Jackson talk about her and the situation, thinking she's still asleep, but her eyes are wide open, the most desolate of looks on her face. Poor thing. Over at Yale, Logan has come home following his accident, Rory playing the nurse role. His graduation looms, as does the fact that his newspaper tycoon dad, Mitchum, is shipping him over to London for an entire year. I sure as hell hope this spells the end of their relationship. I've given that Logan every chance, but I still can't see what Rory sees in him. I guess girls really do like assholes. Sometimes he seems like a decent fellow, but I just can't shake the feeling that he'd only end up hurting her. Sigh, she can do so much better, someone who would never hurt her....someone like me. Sigh. It'll never happen. I'll never get a pretty girl like that. None of them ever give me the time of day. I wish them all pain and suffering. But I digress. Maybe this means a reconciliation with Jess...I don't know where this one will lead, but it does look like Logan is gone for the foreseeable future.

Moving back to Lorelai, she and Rory attend Friday night dinner at Richard and Emily's (Lorelai's parents) and are shocked to find Christopher (Rory's dad) invited, along with the daughter of one of Emily's friends. The obvious setup between Chris and this lady doesn't go over, but on her way out, Lorelai stops to chat with this lady (who happens to be a psychiatrist) and indeed has an impromptu session in her car, regarding all the recent shit that's been going on in her life. When she returns to Star's Hollow, she goes straight to Luke's Diner, having previously been avoiding him for the last little while. She suggests the two elope and Luke pushes her suggestion aside, saying he just isn't ready, what with his daughter and such. Lorelai seems to give him a 'now or never' ultimatum and when he doesn't relent, she leaves. Devastated, she doesn't know who to turn to....so we see her knock at Christopher's door. Flash forward to the next morning, with Lorelai lying in his bed. Christopher returns to bed and we fade out with Lorelai having the exact same pained expression she had at the outset of the show.

Other than the useless and rather loopy subplot involving the influx of troubadours into the town (don't ask), I think that Amy and Daniel went out on a high. I don't have any idea where Rory will go from here, but the Lorelai thing seems to be pretty interesting. I mean, I thought for sure that she and Luke were going to get married, it seemed like it was a match made in heaven. But along comes the daughter we never knew he had and the Lorelai just not being able to reconcile the marriage in her mind. Now where does the father of her child factor into things? Christopher has occasionally been something of a dick in the past, but lately he's really been there for his daughter, not to mention her mother. Luke on the other hand, hasn't exactly been the nicest of fellow....I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I'd like to see Lorelai and Chris wind up together. I don't know anymore.


So that's it. No more Gilmore Girls until fall. Again, though it hasn't been officially renewed, they just can't end it like this...even without the Palladinos, I still think there's life in the show. I just pray it isn't like Seinfeld post-Larry David or The West Wing without Aaron Sorkin. Let's hope it keeps going, as strong as before.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

B.J. Ryan is worth every penny of the $47 Million

So far my summer vacation has been a bust. I know it's still early, but so far other than work, all I've been doing is sitting around and drinking. Probably not healthy on any level. But I got nothing else going on, so what else is there to do but get drunk and pass out on my bed watching Frasier re-runs? I've got nothing.

Did go to the Blue Jay game last night, which was nice. The first game I've gone to this year and I do hope to attend at least a few more. I always have fun, though it can be an expensive outing, what with the super high-priced beer and all. Went with my new friend, the same one I hung out with the other week. It came together rather serendipitously, as I just got the idea in my head that I wanted to go see the game, as it was a rather nice day out and the Jays were leaving on a road trip after today. The Jays got out to a quick 6-0 lead after the first inning, but Oakland climbed back to take a 7-6 lead before Toronto went back ahead 9-7 and B.J. Ryan got the final 5 outs. That guy is something else, he's been totally automatic this year. Worth the huge salary they're paying him. Having a closer of that caliber is very important. A good game and if the team can get their pitching woes sorted out, we can have a real contender here.

Anyways, game experience was a good time altogether. Explained the intricacies of the game to her as I do with many people, probably boring them to tears. D-Rock can attest to this one. She's a really nice person and I hope things work out as having her as a friend. I have such a hard time making them. I don't think there's any spark there otherwise, which is okay with me. I would like to ask her for her friend's number or email, but I don't know how to bring it up. I wish I still wasn't such a coward. Something is going to have to give here. I need to start getting back on the dating trail or whatever. If I don't soon, I might just go nuts. People do have certain needs, after all.

Well, I was going to write more, but I had a large dinner and am still feeling a little bloated. So that's it for me. Sorry for the crappy entry, I'll try for a better one next time.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Shoot, this has been a rough week

Ah, so I'm finally done bombing (?) all my exams...I just pray I don't actually fail anything. It doesn't look like I will, but I'm still somewhat upset after my performance this year, after a promising start last year. Hoping things turn back around next year...I'm surprisingly philosophical and calm about it all for some reason. All except for the fact that I'm 25 and only half way done university. Not cool.

So now four months of....sigh. I have no idea what I'll be doing this summer. Anyone want to do something? I suddenly have a lot of free time on my hands. Anyone want to check out a baseball game? The Jays are just beginning a home stand. Anyone want to go? I'll even buy you a beer. Two, if you're a pretty lady. No movement on that front lately, despite some new found confidence thanks to Volvo. Got the sweet luxury vehicle, but don't have anywhere to go with it...perhaps it's time to re-read that Complete Idiot's Guide To Dating. I keep bugging / joking around with the cute receptionist at the hair salon next to my store, asking her if she wants to go out with me. I'm not sure if she thinks I'm kidding or not. She did just tell me she broke up with her boyfriend. Maybe if I'm persistent enough, she might finally relent (or figure out I'm serious, I'm not sure which). Got to get my new friend to give me contact information for her friend that I spoke to last weekend. I figure I might as well ask, it really can't hurt. I was worried about offending her or something, but I guess there's no harm in saying "Hey, can I have your friend's number, I think she's cute". Have a clever caper that I've been trying to pull for a little while concerning someone I used to have a crush on. Got some inside info as to where they work, been trying to arrange to happen upon them. Need someone to go with so it's not too obvious / pathetic. Got to give that one a try.

So, those are my options. What the hell else to I have? A return to the very pathetic internet dating which consumed ridiculous amounts of time and really didn't pay off that well, considering the work I put into it. Where do I go? I think shit just sort of happens for most people. Me, I seem to have to work my damned ass off just to get anything. Nothing ever seems to ever come my way it seems. I guess I just don't have it, sadly. Some people do, some don't. If this were my beloved baseball, I'd be way below the old Mendoza Line and they'd have packed me off to Double A a long time ago.

Monday, May 01, 2006


Been sorta sick lately. Nothing serious, just a bit of a cold I guess. Still, not feeling up to par when I should be focusing on exams isn't great. Makes my ability to concentrate even more difficult. I'll just be glad when it's all over this Friday.

Had my first exam this past Friday. Not sure how I did. Pretty sure I didn't fail, but on the other hand I know I could have done a lot better. Studying will do you little good if you haven't been paying attention all year (i.e. my Film Theory course), but it sure can help turn a C on an exam into a B for instance. Hopefully I can get cracking on my two English exams and turn in a respectable showing.

Weekend turned out okay, I suppose. Friday night I went out with my old pal Marty Boy. He treated me to a few drinks, seeing as it was my birthday. Like I said before, he never forgets. He's a good kid. Saturday night, despite the fact I really wasn't feeling that well, I went out with this girl. I gave her a ride home a few days prior (she was stranded somewhere) and then she invited me out for Saturday. Strange, seeing as I haven't seen her since, well, September. We chatted on the old MSN since, but never hung out. Maybe I have a new friend, I don't know. It'd be nice. She seems like a very nice, intelligent young lady. She's also rather pretty and she just broke up with her boyfriend of two years. But I just don't know if she's 'my type', for whatever reason. At the bar we went to, I found myself more interested in one of her friends (who was rather friendly to me, at least more so than most ladies are). The friend insisted on giving me a hug at the end of the night, as well as asking for my MSN. I should have given it to her personally, but I made what may have been a mistake by telling my friend to give it to her. It was 3:00 AM and I wasn't thinking. If my friend forgets to do so, I might have to inquire about it myself. Or maybe I go out with them again and save having to do that. We'll see.

Sunday night, went to Cantina Mexicana for another birthday dinner, this time with my dad and sister, as opposed to the one with my mom and sister. I truly hate the fact that I have to do the two separate family things, despite the fact that both of my parents still live in the same house. It's just so damned awkward and not at all a fun situation. The food was good though. I highly recommend it.

That's it for now. I really should try and do at least some studying tonight. Tomorrow I'm meeting Cute Red Head to attempt to study for this Film Theory exam, which both of us are in danger of bombing. Sadly, she'll never be more than a casual school related acquaintance and I'll be surprised if I ever see her again after the exam this Thursday. She's switching over to Ryerson University next year and while I realize that it's in the same city, I don't think she'll make any effort to stay in touch and I'm rather tired of being the person who makes all attempts at maintaining communication in a given relationship. It needn't be even, but it has to go both ways. There are too many people that I'm constantly contacting and never getting a response from or those that make responding seem like a bloody chore. I deserve to be treated nicely, don't I?
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