Saturday, May 06, 2006

Shoot, this has been a rough week

Ah, so I'm finally done bombing (?) all my exams...I just pray I don't actually fail anything. It doesn't look like I will, but I'm still somewhat upset after my performance this year, after a promising start last year. Hoping things turn back around next year...I'm surprisingly philosophical and calm about it all for some reason. All except for the fact that I'm 25 and only half way done university. Not cool.

So now four months of....sigh. I have no idea what I'll be doing this summer. Anyone want to do something? I suddenly have a lot of free time on my hands. Anyone want to check out a baseball game? The Jays are just beginning a home stand. Anyone want to go? I'll even buy you a beer. Two, if you're a pretty lady. No movement on that front lately, despite some new found confidence thanks to Volvo. Got the sweet luxury vehicle, but don't have anywhere to go with it...perhaps it's time to re-read that Complete Idiot's Guide To Dating. I keep bugging / joking around with the cute receptionist at the hair salon next to my store, asking her if she wants to go out with me. I'm not sure if she thinks I'm kidding or not. She did just tell me she broke up with her boyfriend. Maybe if I'm persistent enough, she might finally relent (or figure out I'm serious, I'm not sure which). Got to get my new friend to give me contact information for her friend that I spoke to last weekend. I figure I might as well ask, it really can't hurt. I was worried about offending her or something, but I guess there's no harm in saying "Hey, can I have your friend's number, I think she's cute". Have a clever caper that I've been trying to pull for a little while concerning someone I used to have a crush on. Got some inside info as to where they work, been trying to arrange to happen upon them. Need someone to go with so it's not too obvious / pathetic. Got to give that one a try.

So, those are my options. What the hell else to I have? A return to the very pathetic internet dating which consumed ridiculous amounts of time and really didn't pay off that well, considering the work I put into it. Where do I go? I think shit just sort of happens for most people. Me, I seem to have to work my damned ass off just to get anything. Nothing ever seems to ever come my way it seems. I guess I just don't have it, sadly. Some people do, some don't. If this were my beloved baseball, I'd be way below the old Mendoza Line and they'd have packed me off to Double A a long time ago.


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