Friday, April 28, 2006

Feeling old

Well, I've now officially wasted a quarter of my life, as of yesterday at 10:15 AM. Wait, that assumes that I live to a hundred, doesn't it? A century? I smoke, I drink, I worry all the time, I don't exercise...I'm not making it to a hundred, who am I fooling? 75, if I'm lucky. So 1/3 down, 2 to go. Yikes. I'm just praying for a happy and productive middle. God knows that last bit ain't going to be milk and honey. So thing had better pick up now. Please Lord.

Didn't do anything exciting for my B-day, not that I ever do. A couple of years I went to a strip club, that was okay. I don't even remember if I did anything for my 19th birthday. Seeing as I can't remember, probably not. Even if I did have people trying to drag me out to do something, I'm not sure I'd have a blast. I'm really not a birthday person; it's certainly not my favorite day. I don't feel the need to do anything special, nor is there anything that I need or want. Really just the wish of 'happy birthday' is all that I care about. Though I usually give a very half-hearted 'thank you' (as I officially hate my birthday), it does feel nice to know that people remember or care.

I got a couple of calls yesterday (all of two). Marty Boy called today, but he's always been good about remembering in the past, plus he's a busy guy, so I certainly can forgive him on that account. Got one email, plus maybe 3 or 4 MSN well-wishes. Not super-impressive, but I do think it beats last year's total, so at least that's something. People forget / don't know / don't care. It happens. It is nice to at least have some well-wishers. Again, there's nothing I need or want. No fuss, no trouble, no anything. But it's always nice to know that people are thinking of you. I have a little thing when people I know tell me that they're going away on vacation or some sort of trip and ask if I want them to bring back anything. I always tell them to get the crappiest, cheapest little local tsotchke they can find. I don't want anyone to go to any trouble or spend any money on me. Just to know that you're being thought of is really the best feeling; indeed it is the thought that counts.


Blogger Daphne said...

Happy Belated Birthday, King Hippo! Sorry I missed it - I haven't been around the blogs lately.

I hope the next 1/4 (or 1/3) of your life is filled with happiness, laughter, and many birthday cakes.

April 29, 2006 9:59 PM  
Blogger King Hippo said...

Thanks for the kind wishes, Daph.

May 01, 2006 7:02 PM  

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