Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tom Cruise can go fuck himself

Hello there friendly blog, um, friends. Is it just me or is this blog not nearly as depressing as it once was? Sure, I still complain here and there, but if you go back and read some of the entries from the past (please, don't read them, they're embarrassing), you'll see that they sure were pretty damned miserable. I was pretty damned miserable. Let me tell you right now, things are still not exactly peachy, but they're really not that bad either. I can finally drive my car (which is great), school is done (except for exams) and the weather is nice. My job still sucks, I still have no life and no girl, but maybe I'm getting used to that. Still, it's not like things have really turned around or anything. But I don't feel nearly as bad as I did. Answer? Maybe the pills are finally kicking in. I've gradually upped the dosage; maybe what I'm taking now is where I should be at. I don't know, I'm not a doctor. But I do know that I do feel a bit better. Again, I'm not 100% happy or super confident, but for whatever reason, things don't seem nearly so bad. The pills are the only solution I can think of. I guess I have modern medicine to thank.

So yes, school is done, more or less. I have the whole summer ahead of me now. What to do with it? I'm still debating the work thing. I mean, I could easily stay where I am. The pay isn't great and I've been here for like five years. It's growing a bit old. But on the upside, I don't work very hard, plus I can more or less set my own hours (indeed, I'm the one who makes the schedule). Where else would I find something? I really have no idea what sort of other work to consider and whether or not to look for something that's just seasonal or more permanent. If anyone has any real ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Besides working, I'm not sure what else I'll be up to. I mean, I don't really have much to do ever. No one to hang out with. So what do I do? I seriously need friends. Maybe my sexy new car will be the answer to making friends and influencing people. Though I must say that the insurance might just kill me. Damn those speeding tickets. I'm paying more a year for car insurance than I did for the vehicle. What a rip-off. I guess that's the price to pay for having a sweet Swedish luxury vehicle.


Blogger Daphne said...

King Hippo, I'm glad to hear that life is looking up for you!
Hooray for cars and summer and no school!

April 18, 2006 7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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