Thursday, February 28, 2008

Attn: Feminist Mormon Housewives!!

I'm just really curious as to how come so many people are being directed to my blog via I noticed my hits suddenly spike big time and saw they were all coming from this website, but I've yet to figure out how or why! It's not a big deal and I'm happy to have you, but I'm very curious as to how this is happening. Other than writing about Mitt Romney a few times, I have no clue. Some please, please fill me in.

As for my regular readers, uh, please disregard.

I need something stronger than a milkshake

I am feeling ambivalent today. As usual I hate my life and have nothing going for me. I did finish a mammoth 4000 word assignment that was due Tuesday, having only started it the night before. This must be a personal best, though I'm still not proud of it. As usual had I started even a few days before the essay would have been so much better I'm sure. But I can't even focus on a lousy blog entry so a 14 page paper is near impossible.

I was to get up around 8:45 today to make my morning class, yet hit my snooze alarm and after doing so twice, decided to forget about it and skip it. The fact that I had considerable trouble dragging myself out of bed three hours later to make my second class is sadder still. As it turns out though, my morning class was canceled due to my professor being ill, a fact that I didn't find out about until just now (I'm bad at checking my university email address). So I suppose it was indeed fortuitous that I'm so miserable that getting up in the morning is close to impossible, at least this one time. I don't know how I'll make it when (if?) I ever find some sort of 9-5 thing.

My DVD player / VCR combination broke the other day. We had a power failure and the surge seems to have done it in. They really don't make things like they used to. For example the microwave in my kitchen? It's nearly thirty years old and still works perfectly. Yes it's an ugly brown and yes it was probably like a thousand dollars back in those days, but still. A pretty good investment all-in-all. So I have to buy a new DVD player, an expense I wasn't planning on. Again. I suppose this could be an excuse to go Blu-Ray but I'm not sure I'll go that just yet. I'm actually looking at a DVD Recorder with a Hard Drive built in. It would be slightly cheaper than a Blu-Ray, plus like having a PVR without having to subscribe to anything. So we'll see.

The Oscars were sort of okay. I mean, just okay. Nothing really stood out for me. I'm not the biggest fan, but Jon Stewart was much improved over his last time. I actually rather liked his performance. Bringing that chick who won Best Song back on so she could speak was pretty classy too. I managed to see all the Best Pic Nominees except Atonement, though I have read the book (which is very good). I would have liked to have seen TWBB take the top prize, but No Country is a fine film and I knew it was going to win. At least Daniel Day-Lewis won, but then again he simply had to. Juno I enjoyed as well, despite all its cuteness. It's a really nice little film, has a good pro-life message and Ellen Page is pretty cute too. Michael Clayton is good, not great. I've never understood the overwhelming acclaim it received. Ah well. That the ceremony was the lowest rated ever and I'm not too surprised. Of course look at the fact that the nominated films are making less at the box office, so it should be no shock. There are of course still blockbuster films, they just don't get nominated for awards. I think it's just a case of people getting dumber. Movies are as good as ever, people would just rather go see National Treasure: Book of Secrets than There Will Be Blood. This wasn't always the case.

Did love this brief article about Hollywood being '"too liberal" (which it is). But hasn't that always been the case?

Anyways, that's it for now. I have another class to head off to and I'm gonna grab a bite to eat beforehand. Tomorrow I do not have to get up early and therefor as soon as I get home will open up a bottle of wine and proceed to get drunk. Alone. Like always. I feel as if I've earned it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

William F. Buckley, Jr. 1925-2008

The founder of America's finest political magazine and one the great conservative intellectuals of our time. He will be will be sorely missed by conservatives everywhere who are forever thankful to the great contributions he made in bringing conservatism back from out of the wilderness.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I already miss that photo of Lohan at the top of my blog.

Now that baseball season is right around the corner, I'm happy that I'll have something to fill the void in my empty life, left by football and the utterly crushing ending that season had. A few seasons ago had someone told me Scott Rolen was the Blue Jays' third baseman I'd have been thrilled to death, for at that time he was second perhaps only to A-Rod in the majors. I'm still cautiously optimistic though that he can rebound and come close to his past form. At the very least he's a Gold Glove caliber fielder, but I'm not sure that in itself is enough to make up for the loss of Troy Glaus. Sad to see Glaus go, he seemed like a nice fellow and a good team player. Not thrilled by his possible drug use (not proven, I know) but you can't have it all. Anyways, he's gone and instead of a guy with a bum foot we're left with one with a bum shoulder. Hopefully it works out for both guys and of course for my beloved Blue Jays. Last year was a rotten one plagued by injuries and there really can't be any way that much shit can happen again this year. B.J. Ryan should be ready to go and David Eckstein is now leading off...I'd like a solid fifth starter, but all-in-all I'm excited.

Here's also hoping Frank Thomas can continue to perform well into the twilight of his career. Yeah he can hit and that's it, but he still has the potential to do that well. Big Frank has even more of my respect, seeing as he was the only player to speak to George Mitchell and did so voluntarily. It's sad that this hasn't been reported more, seeing as it makes the Big Hurt look so much better and everyone else look all that much worse. Five years after he retires, I hope that the folks in Cooperstown take a look at this alongside his 513 (and counting) home runs. Here's someone who hit 500 and did it the right way. I know I mentioned this before in an earlier blog post but I really think it deserves repeating.

One last little thing. I'm not sure if was cruel or hilarious or perhaps somewhere in between. But I must say that this has to go down as one of the great practical jokes in baseball annals. Although Kyle Kendrick should have known better...who gets traded to Japan?!?! Make sure to also check out the video of the thing. There's a link on there somewhere.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thank you Jesus

Lindsay Lohan nude and not a minute too soon! See the whole thing over at New York Magazine (God bless 'em). Now I no longer need all those doctored photos of Lohan naked (though I'll still hang on to them for, uh, reference).

Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh and my crotch hurts from all the lap dances

I'm still sort of hung over from spending Valentine's Day at the strip club last night in more ways than one. First off, I shouldn't have had that bottle of wine before I started drinking beer. Then there's the emotional drain which always seems to follow after pretty much every time I go to a strip club. It leaves me really depressed afterwards. Finally the fact that I probably spent $200 plus dollars on lap dances and beer and ATM service charges (10% of what you take out!!) really stings. I guess all the things I'm wanting to buy (new shirts, iPod Touch) are going to have to wait. Sigh. At least for that $20 per song I have the illusion that a really hot girl is in love with me. It's probably the best I can hope for.

A couple of other quick notes though. Madonna's debut as a director (!?) sucks. Does this surprise anyone? I remember seeing on facebook a while ago that someone on my friends list had joined a group called "I bet I can find 1,000,000 people who love Madonna" to which I immediately though "I'm sure you can, but good luck trying to find a heterosexual male among them!".

Lastly I sort of have to eat my words a bit here. In my last post I ragged on Steven Spielberg, as I've done in the past. Plus a while ago I expressed my lack of enthusiasm over the new Indiana Jones movie. However the trailer for it looks pretty damned cool. I may indeed be rushing out to see it after all, despite my dislike of Spielberg and my ripping of geriatric Harrison Ford. I know a minute and a half isn't much but I've been whistling the theme song all day and if you're not after checking it out something is wrong with you. And the poster is pretty cool too!

And for the record having thought about it, I do think Karen Allen is pretty.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am a sad and lonely drunk. Tomorrow will not change that.

Asshole of the Day: Steven Spielberg. It seems Spielberg (whom I've ripped on before here) has quit as an adviser to the 2008 Beijing Olympics because of China's lack of action towards the conflict (read: genocide) in the Darfur region. Seems like a noble stance, yes? Well, no. How about quitting because of HUGE number of gross human rights violations continuously perpetrated by this repressive and backwards country? Ah yes, that's right, it's not a trendy enough reason. While what's happened and continues in Darfur sickens me as well don't quit as adviser because China "should be doing more to end the continuing human suffering there." EVERY country that has the means should be doing more, you pompous prick. But communist China never should have gotten the '08 games to begin with and you never should have supported them. What's next, 2016 in Riyadh? Ugh.

Cool Person of the Day: Gwyneth Paltrow. Apparently Gwyneth and hubby Chris Martin are looking to adopt a baby. But unlike Madonna and Angelina Jolie, they're not going the route of picking some country that they (or no one else) has heard of and would like to help out a child in need from her own hometown. Like she says "No baby is more helpless than another baby" which is quite true. Angelina Jolie trotting around the world, saying she wants to adopt a child from every continent (Antarctica too?) is such self-serving bullshit. Of course adopting is a great thing to do but I've always felt that part of their rational is "hey, let's adopt a kid from some poor country, preferably one where they're not white or Christian or speak English. That'll look MUCH better than adopting some stupid local kid". Maybe I'm totally cynical but I've always totally gotten that impression. Helping out needy people is great but too often those closer to our own homes are forgotten because it doesn't look as good for P.R. or isn't as sexy or whatever.

Gross Couple of the Day: Josh Hartnett and Bruce & Demi's nasty daughter? Sadly I think it was on the old blog (which is lost to time) that I wrote about just how totally gross Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter Rumer is. These are two very attractive people but their kid looks like one of those old Conan O'Brien sketches were he just blends two faces together. Anyways, it looks like Hollywood heartthrob Josh is seeing her. I know I'm not exactly Cary Grant but woof. Plus I'm not the only one who thinks so. When I did a Yahoo! search for 'Rumer Willis' the first 'also recommended' search it suggests? 'Rumer Willis ugly'. But she has rich parents so I suppose she doesn't need to worry.

I had another post (mostly political) ready to go but it'll have to wait. I was doing too many of them anyways.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I feel Numb! (too much is not enough)

Here we are with some amusing and perhaps (I hope) disturbing thoughts for the weekend. I really, really want to update this more often but my present condition just doesn't seem to allow for it.

My sources tell me that Heath Ledger was not the victim of an accidental overdose as the authorities would have you believe. Instead I have reason to believe that Mary-Kate Olsen had Heath killed after it became evident that she could not posses him. There seems to be some link between the masseuse who claims to have found him and Ms. Olsen. I've yet to determine exactly what it is, but I have little doubt as to the fact that she murdered Heath Ledger on her orders.

Also just in, I am now able to confirm that Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson ended their relationship as a result of pressure placed on the Dallas QB by his Wide Receiver, Terrell Owens. You see, Owens and Romo are involved in a gay relationship and while Tony was attempting to break it off an 'go straight' as it were, T.O. was determined to keep his man at any cost. So he threatened to expose the affair. Need proof? Just change the first letter of Tony Romo's last name. SEE!

I just made the above two things up, because it seemed like fun. But my whole life is a lie, so I don't feel so bad about it.

The more I head Mike Huckabee speak in interviews and debates and speeches, the more I actually like the fellow. This still doesn't mean that I would support the fellow. While I'm proud to call myself a strong conservative, I actually have little use for the 'religious right' other than as a reliable right-wing voting block. I'm a strong believer in the separation of church and state and that religion should have nothing to do with politics, something which really puts me at odds with Gov. Huckabee. That being said, every time I listen to the guy he comes across as very sincere, genuine, civil and genuinely polite. I see everyone else sniping at everyone else and Huckabee seems to be above that. While it may be a small point, it's something I appreciate. Civility matter a lot to me.

Along (sort of) similar lines, I can't stand people who are totally partisan in the politics and completely unwilling to ever, EVER give the other side any credit. Case in point when I was talking with my friend Marty Boy who is a die-hard liberal. We're the oldest of friends despite the fact we're on complete opposite sides of the political spectrum. In itself I think that's great because despite our differences we always find common ground (i.e. football, cigars and beer) and respect each other's views. But I do think that I'm far more willing to be fair in regards to the other side. Case in point, he wasn't even able to bring himself to agree that Mitt Romney is (was?) the best looking of all the Presidential candidates. He said it was Obama. I mean Barack isn't a bad looking fellow, but COME ON. It's not even close here. Am I right or am I right?

Here's a great movie review that I stumbled upon which pretty much hits the nail right on the head. I laughed aloud when I read it.

Finally, is it wrong that I was once so hard up for drugs that I took codeine that wasn't prescribed for me? No, I'm sure lots of people have done that. But codeine that was prescribed for my DOG?! Just try to top that one on the pathetic-o-meter.

My life is wretched and I should probably go to bed. Yay!

Friday, February 08, 2008

I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder

I'm quite sorry that I haven't written anything in quite a while. A few times I've tried to but I've just been too busy or too tired or too drunk. I have several half finished posts just sort of kicking around, plus a whole bunch of other ideas in addition. School has been rough lately and it's gotten me down. I know this sounds sad, but the result of the Super Bowl really did bum me out in a pretty big way, even though as my pal Marty Boy stated it was an 'interesting confluence of events' that my two favorite teams were playing. I am sort of encouraged about the fact that John McCain is one step closer to being President of the United States, but that actually made me think of how my own country is really going down the tubes and it's very likely that Canada has been so badly corrupted by left-wing extremists that it is beyond hope. And the snow fucking sucks. Tomorrow I should go outside and take a picture of my driveway / front lawn. It's enough to make anyone who still believe in the crock that is 'global warming' at least take some pause. So...I don't know. I'm miserable. I have lots on my mind though. And I want to talk about it. But when you're as depressed as I am, it's much easier to think than do.
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