Thursday, February 21, 2008

I already miss that photo of Lohan at the top of my blog.

Now that baseball season is right around the corner, I'm happy that I'll have something to fill the void in my empty life, left by football and the utterly crushing ending that season had. A few seasons ago had someone told me Scott Rolen was the Blue Jays' third baseman I'd have been thrilled to death, for at that time he was second perhaps only to A-Rod in the majors. I'm still cautiously optimistic though that he can rebound and come close to his past form. At the very least he's a Gold Glove caliber fielder, but I'm not sure that in itself is enough to make up for the loss of Troy Glaus. Sad to see Glaus go, he seemed like a nice fellow and a good team player. Not thrilled by his possible drug use (not proven, I know) but you can't have it all. Anyways, he's gone and instead of a guy with a bum foot we're left with one with a bum shoulder. Hopefully it works out for both guys and of course for my beloved Blue Jays. Last year was a rotten one plagued by injuries and there really can't be any way that much shit can happen again this year. B.J. Ryan should be ready to go and David Eckstein is now leading off...I'd like a solid fifth starter, but all-in-all I'm excited.

Here's also hoping Frank Thomas can continue to perform well into the twilight of his career. Yeah he can hit and that's it, but he still has the potential to do that well. Big Frank has even more of my respect, seeing as he was the only player to speak to George Mitchell and did so voluntarily. It's sad that this hasn't been reported more, seeing as it makes the Big Hurt look so much better and everyone else look all that much worse. Five years after he retires, I hope that the folks in Cooperstown take a look at this alongside his 513 (and counting) home runs. Here's someone who hit 500 and did it the right way. I know I mentioned this before in an earlier blog post but I really think it deserves repeating.

One last little thing. I'm not sure if was cruel or hilarious or perhaps somewhere in between. But I must say that this has to go down as one of the great practical jokes in baseball annals. Although Kyle Kendrick should have known better...who gets traded to Japan?!?! Make sure to also check out the video of the thing. There's a link on there somewhere.


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