Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is beer my best friend? (next to Bobo)

Hey folks (who still read this) don't worry. I'm still alive, just been going through a bit of a rough patch. I've still been a little sick, not to mention the fact I've been morbidly depressed and rather drunk lately. I still hate my life and wish I was dead, but the fact that I'm a little tipsy helps somewhat.

Nice to see that John McCain won in South Carolina. He would really make a great U.S. President. American politics are fun to keep track of. Otherwise there really isn't anything good on TV.

There are a couple of good football games on tomorrow though. Glad that I have nothing else to do but kick back, drink some beer and watch the games. I'm really hoping for a Patriots-Packers Super Bowl. Would be really nice to see two truly deserving teams in the big game this year, plus have sort of an old vs. new thing going with Favre and Brady. Hope I don't jinx anything.

Saw my therapist on Friday. I don't know if it helped any. He's quite an intelligent fellow and I do value his advice but there are always things I forget to tell him, stuff I mean to say but I never seem to be able to get out. Stuff I should probably write down in advance etc. I also think he's too optimistic. Things aren't getting better, nor does there seem to be any chance of it happening. However when I was talking to him a few months ago about school and told him I was taking a Canadian Fiction course he was dead on about something. He said that while there are many 'good' Canadian writers, he never thought that any could be classified as being 'great' until he read Robertson Davies. When I read Tempest-tost I was almost in agreement and having just finished Fifth Business I can now say that he was right. I also never thought there were any 'great' Canadian writers but if you read Fifth Business and disagree with me (us?) I'll have to have a few words with you. I do remember him saying at the same time that there were no 'great' Canadian wines (we're both wine drinkers) but I was able to correct him when I brought up Ice Wine to which he conceded the fact that I was right.

I am very lonely. God am I lonely. But the strange thing is that even if someone were to call me right now (okay, not at this hour) I'd likely find some excuse to not do anything. As much as I hate it and as lonely as I am, I'd likely rather stay at home and drink. How sad is that? I think I've gotten to the point where I'm not able to leave the house, unless it be for work or school. That still doesn't mean that I wouldn't appreciate a call...but I never get one, so I suppose it's quite the moot point.


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