Thursday, December 13, 2007

I suppose I'm updating this more now because I have so very little to do except drink

Oh, good. New Jersey is the first state in 40 years to outlaw the death penalty. Thank God, because now they won't execute that guy who killed a seven year old girl back in 1994. Sorry but this should be heading way in the other direction. Even in liberal Canada there are rumblings of reexamining capital punishment. Lord I hope so.

This couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. So awesome to see Roger Clemens at the forefront of the Mitchell Report. Hope this wipes out his 354 career wins, just like I hope it wipes out Barry Bonds' 762 career home runs. And more than that, I hope it wipes out the ludicrous notion that people hate Barry Bonds and are out to 'get him' simply because he's black. No, the reason I hate both of these guys is because they're self-centered, egotistical douche-bags without a classy bone in their bodies. And now it's quite clear to all but the dimmest of individuals that they're both filthy cheaters and deserve to be spit on, not cheered. But don't worry, I'm sure the same idiots who continue support Michael Vick will continue to cheer on these fucks.

Finally, I knew that she would trip up sooner or later. But now we've got her! Jodie Foster was one of the biggies we've been waiting to expose and now we can move on to Anderson Cooper, Kevin Spacey, et al. We the public need to know which of our celebrities are gay and which are not. They owe it to us. Remember, we own them and every last aspect of their lives must be made known to us! They can have no secrets. Otherwise this means that we have to go back to living our own depressing lives and for some of us that's just not tolerable.


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