Thursday, November 22, 2007

Even the ugliest of Tom Brady's cast-offs would suit me fine

Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few days. After Sunday (football in Buffalo), I was wiped the following day, had class, then had to finish up an essay due on Wednesday and yesterday I was too out of it to write anything. I'm also busy at work (well, trying) at two other essays due next week, plus have to help my sister move tomorrow. So I'm just going to go with a very quick update here.

First off, I'm a dumbass in that I neglected to take any pictures whatsoever of my trip to Buffalo on Sunday. Not that I brought a camera, but the one on my phone is pretty decent (2.0 Megapixels) so I should have attempted at least a couple of shots. Oh well. The game was, of course, a colossal blowout. New England really is just too good and shut the very boisterous Bills fans up pretty quickly. I still enjoyed myself, even if I was a little reserved and didn't quite feel comfortable cheering for the Pats, like I normally would. Again, I wasn't sure what to expect, whether or not someone would try to kill me etc. Perhaps I'll be a little more vocal if the opportunity should arise once again. I did enjoy the experience overall. Our seats were quite good, about on the 40 yard line in the upper level, but only a few rows up. So great view of the entire field and of the big screen. Also it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be, but I'm still glad I bundled up. A few thoughts and observations though.

1. Literally the second we pull up to customs coming into New York, I get a text message. I wonder "gee, I wonder who that could be?". It was my service provider texting me with "Fido welcomes you to the U.S. etc. etc....Enjoy your stay". Freaky. Like the instant we crossed the border. How did they know?

2. Concrete roads are annoying. I thought there was something seriously wrong with my car until Marty Boy informed me it was the road. Thankfully we don't have it up here. Also, out highways and roads in general are a lot better marked and with better directions to major points of interest and such. So go Canada!

3. We had dinner at an Applebee's (which they do have in Canada, yes) before the game. We didn't go in for any of the tailgating stuff, seeing as it was our first time and thought that it might be a bit much to handle. Anyways, they had pretty much NOTHING vegetarian on the menu, so I order the fish n' chips (I do eat fish, natch). Marty Boy said to me that it looked like Kentucky Fried Fish, which was pretty accurate in that's how it tasted as well. Or how I remember KFC tasting. But at any rate, it was pretty good, I must admit! And our server was really cute and very nice. We left a generous tip.

4. I really do think that Americans are friendlier than Canadians in general. In my experience I've thought this for a long time and still stand by it. I don't know where the whole notion of Canadians being uber-friendly came from and I've never gotten it.

5. There are many attractive women who live in and around the Buffalo area and many of whom are football fans. Also, only white people appear to live in upstate New York, so far as I can tell.

6. Maybe it was just because we were at a football game, but real Budweiser tastes much better than the 'brewed in Canada, under licence' stuff we get. Despite the myths about American beer being weaker, it was actually more flavourful. Marty Boy and I both rather enjoyed it.

7. When I was in the washroom in Ralph Wilson Stadium, there was one of those basin style sinks, where it was one big sink, but with multiple faucets and spigots and such. Above the sink was a sign which read "Please do not urinate in sink". Now that I should have gotten a photo of!

Again, I hope to go back next year, try to make it at least a once a year thing. But it did once again remind me of the old nugget which goes "He's got it all, which means there's some poor sucker running around with nothing". Those two guys? Tom Brady and myself.


Blogger KatieG said...

haha - nope, nothing but white folks upstate NY. that's true. Canadians ARE the friendliest people!! And this comes from my significant experience with the good people of Sarnia and Windsor. Go Canada! (roads are way better too, agreed)

it is funny that you were nervous about cheering for the Pats in Buffalo - most fans are not jerks - unless its in Columbus Ohio - those people are the biggest jerks in the world.

hope you had a nice plain weekend in canada. thanks for the b-day wishes

November 22, 2007 10:59 PM  
Blogger cutekilla said...

Ahh, a true Canadian... Too reserved to put on the old body paint, cheer for the Pats and risk death-by-county -fair-fire at the hands of Buffalonians! (I seriously think that's how they would kill people.)

1. You know why your cellular provider knew you were in the US right? Please tell me you were kidding.

2.Agreed on the roads! It's so easy to get lost on their highways, nothing is marked, and if it is they give you 3 milliseconds to react and make the turn.

3. Next time, you have to go to Cracker Barrel! For the grilled cheese or cherries jubille pancakes alone!

4. I also found this in New York City. They have the friendliest homeless! I don't think Canadians are necessarily less nice, but definitely less outgoing and more reserved.

5. I can refute this, as almost the entire staff of the Motel 6 (complete with moth-eaten curtains) I stayed at in Syracuse was African American. But I suppose that's central NY state.

6. I'll skip this, as I hate ALL beer.

7. At least they didn't have the trough style urinals they have at some U.S. Stadiums! (Should the plural be Stadia?)

Sounds like you had a good time, anyhow.

November 23, 2007 11:32 AM  
Blogger Kid Icarus said...

1. Uh, magic? Seriously, I have no idea. I could see if it picked it up eventually, but it was spot on.

2. Quite right. Instead of turns and such being marked well in advance, they're marked RIGHT before you need to make the turn.

3. Will keep Cracker Barrel in mind. Hopefully they have more veggie options, though grilled cheese is always good by me.

4. I know other people who pretty much share your view on this one.

5. No, Syracuse still qualifies as 'upstate'. So maybe it was just Buffalo. Also, why were you in Syracuse New York, of all places to be?

6. Beer is good. I only have one left in the fridge, sadly.

7. And yes, it is stadia but I think that word has fallen into disuse. Agree with the grossness of the troughs. I need at least SOME privacy when I pee.

And Katie G, what's the deal with Columbus Ohio?

November 23, 2007 5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 407 is concrete. And I was going to bet on the eagles last night, but I don't think proline was even taking bets on the game. Favored by 24 points? Preposterous!


November 26, 2007 9:58 AM  

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