Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My mind is such a mess and I wish I could just turn it off

So I've been feeling pretty up and down over the last few days, really strangely in fact. Again, I really do want to write about this past Saturday, seeing as it was pretty interesting and eventful. I also think I need some advice and guidance. In fact, I know I do and I have no idea where to turn. I really would prefer to talk to someone about various shit, but this might have to do, that is if I ever get around to writing about it. Tomorrow between classes I'll see if I can finally focus enough to get it done. Saturday night I felt good, then sort of okay on Sunday and on the verge of killing myself yesterday. Today I'm at least sort of neutral. Still do need some help. Okay, lots of help. But I fear it's now too late once again and I'm not going to get into everything tonight. Damn, tomorrow for sure. I hate not being able to even focus on a bloody simple blog post.

Have pretty much settled the football thing this Sunday and it's a go. I'm quite excited. Both me and Marty Boy have never been to a game, so this should be quite the adventure. So at least I have that to look forward to. Not looking forward to freezing my balls off in Buffalo so much, but for football I think it'll be worth it.

Tomorrow folks, for sure. I really do have stuff that I need to get off my chest, stuff I need to talk about, stuff I need advice on. I'd like to think that it's fairly important stuff, at least as far as my sad little life goes. So here's hoping I can count on you all to help me out and count on myself to even talk about it in the first place! Lord I'm so lazy. Why is it such a chore to talk about stuff that happened to you and ask people's opinions on it? Because there's something wrong with me is the best answer that I can come up with.


Blogger cutekilla said...

Lay it on us buddy!

November 15, 2007 12:43 PM  

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