Sunday, October 28, 2007

Why must Giuliani be so hard to spell?

Uh okay, Happy Hallowe'en and all that I suppose. I actually really do hate Hallowe'een, like I do pretty much every other holiday. Strangely enough my favorite one is probably Thanksgiving, even though I'm a vegetarian. It's probably because I can't find anything too objectionable about it, though I would much prefer the American four day version at the end of November as opposed to our crappy Canadian one. But that's neither here nor there. Hallowe'en I do dislike. I'm not a kid anymore, so that angle is obviously lost. I don't have kids myself (and probably never will) so it can't work on that level either. Finally I've never been invited to any sort of Hallowe'en party in my entire life, so all the clever costume ideas I always have are for naught. Then again I'm not ever invited anywhere. No one ever invites me to birthday parties or housewarming parties or anything for that matter. The only time that it will happen is if someone clicks on all their friends on facebook and I get an invite through there. But as for someone actually calling me or non-mass emailing? Forget it. It doesn't ever happen. And I had such a great idea this year too.

A note to Christian Evangelicals in the states: Are you insane? Yeah, let's consider voting for a third party if it comes down to Rudy vs Hilary in 2008. That'll really insure a Republican victory. Do you actually want Hilary in the White House (again)? Christ, I'm not super-crazy about Giuliani either, but I'm not a fucking nut either. If he's the candidate who can beat Hilary, so be it.

Am sort of upset that baseball is over. Once again the World Series paled in comparison to the rest of the playoffs. Though at least a few of the games were close. Anyways, it was more or less a bust. Guess it's for the best. It was too much of a distraction and it was affecting my school-work. I suppose now I'll have to find some other excuse. Like this. Still, I don't know if baseball even makes me happy anymore. It used to but now I'm not so sure. Like booze...I drink myself stupid still, but it doesn't seem to drown my miseries like it once did. Perhaps I need harder stuff. Or maybe it's just wearing me down...I do feel like hell, what with the drinking and the drugs and the poor diet and lack of exercise and constant worrying and irregular sleep patterns. Maybe I'll go take a multi-vitamin. Perhaps that'll make it all better.

Sleep used to make me pretty happy. It's about the only time when I was feeling good. Bobo keeping my feet warm and usually having pleasant dreams. But I actually had a rather terrifying one a few days back that I remember waking up panicking. Yes, I suppose you could call it a nightmare. I don't remember what it was and that's probably for the best. Though I suppose I am a little curious. But anyways I can't even count on my sleep time to bring me happiness. So what else is there?

This movie trailer looks pretty cool. I really do think Will Smith is one of the best actors working in Hollywood right now and this has the potential to be pretty good. Though I haven't seen a movie in the theaters in AGES (at least six months) so I don't suppose I'll see this either. It's that whole not having anyone to go with thing. And I'm not going by myself. I tried that once, it wasn't fun. But we'll see. At any rate the last Will Smith movie I saw in theaters actually brings back rather painful memories. But they are, after all, the only memories I seem to have these days.


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