Tuesday, September 25, 2007

They may not look it, but I'm sure everyone else here is happier than me

Once again I'm sitting in one of the libraries at school. Another week of this. I truly don't think I can take it. I mean leaving the house. It makes me beyond miserable. But then again so does staying in. So I suppose there is no solution. I have missed the street (veggie) dogs, but that's about it. For $2.50 it's a meal that can't be beat! But everything else I hate. The hot girls...uh, so many of them. Especially on a hot (32 degrees Celsius!) day like today when they're all wearing skirts...it's unbearable. I haven't been on a date since March and that was the worst date ever. I can't see any prospects for the future. I'm dying here. The reason I had such a miserable day on Saturday was for a similar reason, my interaction with the many surprisingly attractive young ladies who also happen to work at Rona Home and Garden. They were all laughing, having fun, planning their nights out...it was sheer torture. And so is this. I can be around hundreds of people and yet I am still so damned lonely. Every single minute of the day. Lord how I wish for friends and relationships just like everyone else has. But even thinking about it now and I have to pop an anxiety pill. Okay, a few random thoughts to take my mind off my life.

Fuck Kevin Spacey. Are there no actors in Hollywood that can be trusted anymore? You don't care for George Bush or his policies. Cool, fine, whatever. I respect that. But come January 2009, he will no longer be president! Remember that. The same can't be said for Mr. Chavez who is determined to make himself ruler for life, being the champion of all the poor in Venezuela. Guess what knuckleheads? The majority of Venezuelans will still be dirt poor in twenty years and Mr. Chavez's glorious socialist revolution will have achieved jack. Just look north to "Papa" Fidel (or whatever he calls him). So fuck off and stop cavorting with the enemy. And yes, he is our enemy. I really don't think that any half-sane person can disagree with that. Chavez may be totally loco but I would hope others have at least some sense. Support Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama or whoever. Encourage others to do so! That's A-OK with me. But what you're doing is only a few steps removed from treason. What's next, having dinner with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

I could comment on him but I don't really think it's even necessary. I will say that whereas it's hard to take Chavez seriously, at least he isn't a real threat. This dude is trying to build nuclear weapons. Let's start paying some real attention to this guy, okay? When the FRENCH are pushing for action you know something is wrong. But seriously, Nicolas Sarkozy might be the best Frenchman ever.

I suppose that's all for now. I have class in an hour and really should at least skim through the reading for it. Plus I might as well enjoy a cigar while the weather holds out. It's one of my very few sources of enjoyment...man my life is empty.


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