Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Musings as I'm trying to kill three hours in between classes

Two hours ain't actually that much. I have a little bit that I should be reading, though amazingly enough I've yet to fall behind! Yes I'm only a week in but that means little. I'm usually already trying to catch up. And I suppose that I should take advantage of the last vestiges of warm summer weather and perhaps enjoy a cigar as I read somewhere under a tree. But a few things have been on my mind.

I really don't understand how people can actually prefer Leno over Letterman. I haven't checked on this in ages, but the last I can recall, Leno's show consistently beats Dave in the ratings. Are people retarded? Jay Leno seems like a very nice fellow and all, but give me a break. These two aren't even in the same ballpark. And no, Conan O'Brien isn't really that much better. Jon Stewart maybe too liberal for my liking, but at least he's a funny guy. Though having him host the Oscars again? Yikes. Sorry but he bombed big time in 2006. I don't know what they're thinking there.

On a loosely related note, I was watching The Late Show about a week ago and caught Jodie Foster on it. Man, she looked pretty hot, I must say! Too bad she's a lesbo though. And Katherine Heigl at the otherwise useless Emmy Awards? Funny and totally hot.

Something I find very typical of liberals is their total unwillingness to accept those who have views at all divergent of their own. But it's nothing new, so I shouldn't be surprised. And the only thing "dangerous and offensive" here is that Barry Manilow is actually still making records. Which means that someone out there must be buying them!

Why is O.J even still alive? I mean why hasn't someone who perhaps wants to kill them self not just do the world and take this guy out first? If I lived anywhere near him, I'd make it my daily ritual to piss in a cup and throw it at him every day until he couldn't take it anymore and blew his brains out. Why don't people do stuff like this? People still worship him and play golf with him and consider him some sort of victim and even pray for him! These people deserve almost as little regard as O.J. himself. Christ, even if this is a trumped up charge, lock him up and get rid of him. I can hardly think of a more despicable human being.

Okay, that's enough. I have some more, but I'll save it for next time. Mostly on how there are so many gorgeous girls all around me and it makes me wish I was dead. But for now I've decided on my favorite meditative place on the entire campus for my cigar. If anyone knows it, it's on the east side of campus, this little sort of courtyard bordered by Isabel Bader Theatre to the north, Northrop Frye Hall to the south, Emmanuel College to the west and Victoria College to the east. There's this nice tree to sit under and the ivy growing on the walls of EC is rather tranquil. I've missed this spot, having had pretty much all my classes on the west or 'Asian' (don't ask) side of campus all of last year. For a few brief moments it makes me forget just how much I hate U of T.


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