Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Too much time on my hands...just like the song says

After working all weekend, I now have a whopping SEVEN DAYS straight off. Yes, it seems as though the good folks at Rona Home & Garden are cutting hours as the summer wanes and business begins to die down. From 40-32 hours a week, I had only 16 this week and 21 the next. I will be working at the lonely, lonely cigar store a bit more during this off time, since I might as well continue to try and make some much-needed cash. Besides it's not like I would take the time off to go away or do anything worthwhile. What would I do and where would I go?

Despite the fact sales seem to indicate that business is down, I did find myself running around quite a bit last night. I barely had time to chat with the cute girl in the paint department. Gawd, she's pretty. Why do I bother though? Where is this pathetic pining getting me? Nowhere. It really is sad and depressing.

As I was leaving work on Saturday I believe it was, I ran into the little turd who threatened to kick my ass (ha) a few weeks back. I guess he was there to meet his girlfriend after her shift which ended the same time as mine. He extended his hand and said he wanted to apologize, that "it had been a long night and people were egging him on". Not to mention the fact that he had too much to drink and was an ass. But still, it was decent of the fellow to say sorry. I said that it was already forgotten and all that. The only part that remotely bothers me about the whole ordeal is that it only served to remind me how sad it is that this little chump has such a hot girlfriend and me...well, you know. Seriously he's this short little freckly guy. But I shouldn't judge. He has things way better than I do. Like the family who came in yesterday. A husband and wife and their two young children. The wife was gorgeous, well groomed and fashionable. The guy had thinning hair and a receding hairline, was shabbily attired, looked like a bum in fact and the fact that I towered over this fellow (I'm only 5'10"). And their kids weren't even that cute, likely as a result of someone's bad genes. It's pretty sad, but I very much envy these fellows. Then again I envy pretty much everyone. The only people who should envy me are those in third world countries or suffering from cancer or something. Ugh.

Finally seem to have reached a decision about the car. I've now reconsidered leasing and am probably just going to buy a cheaper used. No more than $4000, $5000. If the car that I paid $1300 for ran me a year plus a bit, I hope and pray that something in that price range might get me a couple of years. By then I might be working and able to swing something better. Or be on the streets. We shall see.

Finally, I love the choice for the "Worst Canadian" in this poll. It's one I completely agree with, unlike the "Best Canadian" thing that the CBC did a couple of years back, in which a socialist (former Saskatchewan Premier Tommy Douglas) was chosen over Canadian hero Terry Fox. Trudeau was also number three on that poll, show I guess it shows just how divisive a figure he was (or is). Also love the choice of unborn child killer Henry Morgentaler at number three, despite the fact that anarchist punk rocker Chris Hannah (whom I've never heard of) says otherwise. Also check out this great list of Sports' Greatest Scandals. It's lots of fun. Probably the most fun I've had all week. Perhaps that means it's time to go brew up a nice fresh batch of codeine water...


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