Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Post number two of the day? Wow!

Ah another blow to democracy in Venezuela! Someone please kill this guy. I'm being totally serious.

P.S. I'm having possibly the best burger I've ever made at home right now. It's seriously delicious It's a Lick's Nature Burger brand frozen burger. Their take home stuff is just as good as their dine-in, btw. If you can get past the freaky singing, Lick's is a great place. Anyways, I made it on my knock-off George Foreman grill thing and added all the fixin's and anyways it's delish. For the record I have my burger with everything except relish. Lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, hot peppers, mayo, mustard, catsup and of course cheese. Oddly enough my sister and mother order their burgers the same way. What are the odds? Except that mine is a veggie burger...I'm a vegetarian for those that are unaware. And I'm having a bottle of the awesome Kawartha Lakes Raspberry Wheat Beer. One of my favorite summer beers. Give it a try if you can, I highly recommend it.

Also I'm sorry that the post-script is 20 times longer than the actual post. I have a tendency to go on sometimes.


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