Thursday, July 26, 2007

Okay, this is my REAL post for the day

I am just in a generally foul mood today. People are rather getting on my nerves. At work (cigar store) people are really wearing on me. I truly don't get paid nearly enough for what I do. At home Bobo is the only person I can stand. 26 years of having lived with the same people is really getting to me. It's really not just father (whom I despise). Mother and sister I'm getting equally sick of. While I certainly don't loathe them to the same extent, it's simply gotten to be too much. No, moving out is not an option at present. I understand that. But a can't be more than a year. I'll be done school at the end of April '08. Then work...I do so pray I'll be able to find work shortly thereafter and make some real money. Enough so that I'll be able to afford to get the hell out. God it can't come soon enough.

Still driving a car which could explode (or have the brakes fail) at any moment. It's scary, it really is. For a while there I was really strongly considering going without a car come September, at least for a few months. For whatever reason I've now flip-flopped on that (again) and am very seriously considering a 2007 Chevy Cobalt. A 48-month lease on it would be $199 per month with $1560 down, plus freight. Also GM has some sort of student bonus program where they will pay the first two months on it. PLUS I might even be able to get $1000 off for retiring my old car. These are things I have to look into. I even got an insurance estimate on it...about $310 a month. About $80 more than I'm paying now, but actually not as much as I thought it would have been. So I really do have a bit to consider here. It all rather frightens me as I've made clear.

Anyways, did see The Police on Sunday night. Have to thank Beer, Dosi and The Colonel for coming along. Capital fellows each of them and guys who are always good company. Have to give a very special thanks to Dosi for taking that last ticket and saving me from having to sell it to a scalper at a loss. I owe him one. We did wait FOREVER for our pre-show meal which never came. Seems there was some miscommunication between our waitress and the kitchen, but we did get a free round of drinks out of it. We discussed a wide range of topics, including Ozzie Smith's career stats (which actually are rather mediocre offensively), the oeuvre of Corey's Haim and Feldman (okay so it was Feldman in The ‘Burbs) and what women want. Long answer short, money. Over the last few weeks at his midnight shift job, Dosi has observed numerous gorgeous women with total douche bag guys who happen to drive really, really nice cars. At first we speculated that having muscles also plays into the equation, but really all is secondary to having big bucks. I could be built like Mr. Universe but no semi-attractive lady is going to want to be seen with some dude driving a 1989 Volvo on its last legs. I'm sure that I've made the claim before that no one wants a guy driving a shitty car who lives at home, works a retail job and isn't done school. Well, I will say it again. After discussing it with other people, I can safely say that it's true. So until things start going my way, the best I can hope for is hookers off of Craigslist. I briefly imagined that perhaps one of them would have a heart of gold a la Pretty Woman and fall in love with me but was then reminded that Richard Gere had money in that film. Lots of it. If he'd been some working slob no way that little tart would have wound up with him. Sad.

As for the show itself, it really was quite good. I've never really been a HUGE fan of The Police like I am with U2 or The Beatles, but after seeing them I can see why these guys make the kind of bucks they do. In terms of musical proficiency, these guys are beyond solid. They are tight, let me tell you. Summers' riffs are outstanding, Sting's bass lines pounding and Copeland is just all over the place. He's insanely good. They got things going with "Message in a Bottle" and "Synchronicity II" both of which were outstanding. "Every Little Thing She Does is Magic" was a huge highlight, as was "Walking on the Moon" with Copeland's percussion virtuosity in full force. Pretty much was solid, except perhaps the weird Dinosaur animation alongside "Walking in Your Footsteps" and the fact that Sting didn't hit the high notes in "Roxanne". But the guy is in his fifties, so I'll cut him some slack. And he still appears to be in better shape than I am.

So that's about it for now. Oh, as we were waiting for The Colonel to scarf down his third hot dog (no dinner remember) who would walk by us at the ACC entrance but Tie Domi and Belinda Stronach. I think that just goes to prove one of my earlier points. I do hope money can buy you love. It's my only option left!


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