Friday, September 07, 2007

WARNING!! This post actually does contain nudity. No, not of me thankfully.

Remember what I wrote about Serena Williams a few months back? That goes double now. Not an ounce of class to be found in her body. And it's such a shame, because she really is a fine player, someone you would want to cheer for. But how can you? I guess Justine was lucky when she beat Serena's sister tonight as well. For some reason it also makes me think of Barry Bonds and how I might be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt if he were even a half-decent fellow instead of the totally self-righteous jerk that he is. Like how this whole Rick Ankiel thing has me sort of upset. I don't really know if he's a jerk or not (I don't know much about him either way) but just his story was so awesome to follow. Which is why I'm still sort of rooting for him, hoping it's not true (though it likely is). But if he turns out to be an ass like Barry, be sure that I'll turn quite quickly. Shame to see this soured already though.

If you live in Canada, tune into CTV Newsnet, I think between like 6-10 PM. The anchorwoman they have on at that time? Seriously hot. I forget her name. I know that's it's double M something. Whatever, it's not that crucial. Hot.

I am so glad to have football back though. I will now have something to accompany my beer drinking on Sundays. Peyton and the Colts looked quite impressive against a good New Orleans team last night. But go Pats! My former allegiance to the Giants seems to be fading as fast as Tiki's. I'll miss him as he was my favourite player on the team. Well, perhaps next to crazy, crazy Jeremy Shockey. But only because he's a total psycho. When he called Bill Parcells a 'homo'? Priceless.

Osama Bin Laden is releasing a new video or some shit like that. Is he alive, is he dead? Will he ever be caught? Who cares. He's totally irrelevant and has been for the last five years. Sure it would be great to catch or kill the guy. But if he is alive, the little chicken-shit is living in some cave somewhere, sleeping on rocks and pissing in a bucket. The best thing that the media could do is not to air his useless tape and not give this guy any more credence. I'm not even going to post a link.

I want an iPod Touch. I've been waiting for eons for this product to come out. I heard a few weeks ago that they were finally going to announce it. So why am I not rushing out to pick one up? Well, the fact that the storage capacity for the top model is only 16 gigs is pretty much it. 16 gigs? You have to be joking. That will barely cover my music collection. And the battery life seems decent enough, but not when you compare that to the up to 40 hours (!!) of what they now call the iPod Classic, it's simply okay. Gimme an iPod touch with 30 plus hours and something like an 80 gig storage capacity and I'll not only rush out to buy it, I'll also suck Steve Jobs' balls for him.

Earlier was listening to one of my Pavarotti CDs. What a voice, I tells ya. Sad to see him go, but 71 is a pretty good age. Dude was FAT after all and I'm surprised he lasted this long. Truly one of the all time greats. At least now he'll lose some weight! Sorry, that was mean. Seriously, he was awesome though.

Finally, the only thing that Vanessa Hudgens should apologize for is not showing her goodies sooner. Seeing as we the public own all public figures, naked photos of all of them should be available on demand and it should be up to us to decide which ones we want to view. Okay, now I’m really starting to lose it. Here's the nudity I promised though!

Perhaps if this improves my hit counter, I'll make nudity a semi-regular thing here. Start sending in your photos folks!


Blogger cutekilla said...

Isn't the iPod Touch just an iPhone without the phone part? I agree on the battery life and memory issues, I mean, what's the point really? Unfortunately, the battery life issue is part and parcel with touch-screen technology, so until they make advances there I don't see things improving that much.


September 08, 2007 4:30 PM  
Blogger Kid Icarus said...

Well, yes. It pretty much is. But seeing as really wanted the thing for its widescreen video capabilities (not to mention the wi-fi!) and not so much the phone part, this is the product I wanted. Also the iPhone isn't even available outside of the United States.

The battery thing I'm aware of, but even still 22 hours is rather decent and I could live with it. But something has to be done about a mere 16 gigabyte storage capacity.

September 11, 2007 10:58 PM  

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