Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Still drunk and still posting!

Truth be told, I really do enjoy posting stuff. I have lots of opinions and sometimes (when I've had a few drinks) feel like sharing them with the handful of people who read this.

Is Nicolas Sarkozy the first decent Frenchman since de Gaulle? Granted, I like many things that come out of France (the wine, the cheese and pretty much every cologne that I wear) but like pretty much every anglophile, do not care much for the French themselves. This guy may be different. We shall see.

Also it pains me to not support John McCain any longer. I really would love to see him be President more than anyone else. But it just ain't gonna happen. Sure I'd still support him if he somehow won the nomination, but I really do think that Mitt and especially FDT are more electable. In fact, I think that would make for a great ticket (Thompson/Romney) right there. Sometimes one has to bend his principles a little in order to back a winner. Realistically Rudy is probably the strongest of them all but for now I just can't endorse the guy based on my own ideology. But if it comes down to him and Hilary I will be singing a different tune for sure.

Hi, stop defending this sack of shit, people. You had a good run Whoopi. You even won an Oscar for God's sake. But now your career is over. Let go, move some place nice, make a few investments and stop pretending that you have anything important to say.

Finally this has been a colossally disappointing season. Injuries hit the Jays very hard early in the year and despite some nice surprised from young pitchers, this will be yet another third place finish. The offense woefully underachieved all year long and with the exception of Matt Stairs (and maybe Frank Thomas, though not at that salary), all of J.P. Ricciardi's off season moves have been busts. Please fire him now. His 'five year rebuilding plan' is on its seventh year I think. I guess I can seek some solace in the fact that it appears as if the Yankees streak of winning the AL East is finally over. Hopefully they also miss the playoffs.

Okay, now I'm really too drunk to go on. Perhaps I'll go watch a movie or something. Either I'll grab something from the old DVD collection or see if there are any decent pornos on TMN tonight. Probably not, but that likely won't stop me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can still stick to your guns and support John McCain even if his campaign is falling apart. A Rudy/McCain ticket or a Thompson/McCain ticket is not out of the question.

Problem is, everyone seems to have seriously mixed feelings about Rudy. He did wonderfully in the wake of 9/11, but new yorkers were glad to see him go, and he made many more enemies than friends. Also, he's pro-choice, and that, amazingly, is a true deal-breaker for a lot of people. And he's a Catholic running for the republican nomination. And he's got some serious skeletons in his closet.

And in regards to Mitt Romney, here's all you need to know: His favorite novel is 'Battlefield Earth.' And his name is Mitt.

I'm still holding out for that Obama/Clooney ticket.


September 05, 2007 4:41 PM  

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