Thursday, August 23, 2007

On the record, I'm telling people it was the sushi

My head is really killing me. I've had quite the headache off and on for the last couple of days. No excuse for the lack of blog updates. Perhaps I just don't care anymore is the best excuse. Anyways I don't think I do. One update every week or two is sort of useless. I've said it before but maybe this is time to pull the plug. Something to consider anyways.

Can't say that anyone is surprised by Michael Vick's plea deal. Well, perhaps the NAACP who is apparently still convinced that this is some sort of conspiracy against him. What the hell is wrong with these people? There is no insidious plot against Michael Vick, racist or otherwise. Nor is he some sort of victim here, a 'good person who made some bad decisions'. Michael Vick is a terrible human being who deserves harsh prison time and I hope that the NFL decides against ever working with this asshole again.

Love Fred Thompson. I have a feeling this guy would make a great president.

Do not love Van Halen anymore, as you can guess from the title of the last post. Diamond Dave seems to be in great form (off-stage anyways) but I have no desire whatsoever to see fat little Eddie Jr. up there on stage. Yeah when I went to see The Police, Sting's kid was the opening act (whom we missed). That I can accept. But if he were to have included him as some fourth member of the band (or as Andy Summers' replacement!) I'd have walked. Eddie Van Halen is a total douche.

That's about all that I currently have an opinion on. I was very sick yesterday. When I wasn't in bed, I was throwing up. Thankfully I had the day off. I'm not sure if it was the sushi (the place looked a little dingy, so perhaps) or the booze or the codeine water. Likely a combination of all three. I still don't feel well, as I've already indicated.

Things aren't so great. My situation at home (something I never really elaborate upon) is not good. Long story short, my mother and father do not get along. At all. They hate each other. I mean strongly. This has been the case for a long time. And yet they still live under the same roof. Despite repeated assurances from both sides I don't see anything changing anytime soon. Other than my dog, I am very sick of every person I live with. 26 years is a long time to live with the same people, especially if two of those people have a mortal hatred for each other. At any rate it's very depressing. My sister couldn't take it and did leave for a bit while doing her masters, but had to move back after her funds ran out. I just really pray that I can find some sort of decent work when I'm done school in April and get the hell out...if I last that long. Eight months seem a very long time and I don't know if I can make it.

I've also sort of come to the realization that this is, in effect, the last summer of my life. Next time this year I will either be gainfully employed or dead. So this is my last 'summer off'. I have truly wasted it. This is easily the worst summer of my life.

Still haven't purchased a vehicle. The Volvo is hanging on by a thread and frightens me every time I drive the thing. Still to purchase something that I'm going to throw away most of my money on scares me as well. Perhaps I should lower my expectations and go with something really cheap (again) and hope to hell it lasts me another year. I was considering going without a car for a while, saving not only the initial expense but also on my crippling insurance payments. For a few brief moments I considered forgetting about the car (keeping the Volvo uninsured and for emergency purposes) and moving out. But that won't happen. I'd need to buy a computer. Spend more on food. Small appliances, some furniture. And if I run out of money between now and the end of school, I'd be fucked. At least with the car that won't happen. The worst that could happen is I stop paying insurance and park the thing. So car it will have to be over place. Is having both this time next year a pipe dream? God I hope not.


Blogger KatieG said...

what exactly is it about fred thompson that you like? I don't get it. no one i know that says they like him can articulate why.

so, why?

August 25, 2007 2:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How's this for articulate:
Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Air Traffic Controller guy in '08!


August 29, 2007 9:21 AM  
Blogger Kid Icarus said...

Sorry for being so lame and taking ages to reply. There's no good excuse, I'm just really blog lazy and even simple responses are becoming chores to me.

Anyways, I like Fred seeing as I pretty much share his views on gay marriage, Iraq, abortion (though I'd still like some more explanation on his earlier pro-choice lobbying), the environment, taxes and other issues. Also I like the fact that he's something of an outsider (in a sense), not just a lifelong politician. But I will admit that there is this 'je ne sais quoi' about him, something that's hard to put my finger on...

August 31, 2007 11:14 PM  
Blogger KatieG said...

his "pro-choice lobbying" is that he was getting paid to lobby for the pro-choice movement. so, money talks. that's not uncommon.

he's done something other than be a politician? Oh, you mean because he was an Actor??? right, that really puts him in touch with the rest of the American people.

his views are not articulated. he is painting himself as an "outsider" because he's not in Washington now, and hasn't been on the campaign trail.

But, that being said, its hard for me to criticize him because as I keep saying, I don't even know what he stands for.

September 04, 2007 11:01 PM  

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