Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Posting (and drinking) when I should be reading

It's over done and gone. Went back to school (last year) on Monday. Therefore the last summer of my life is over. And I totally wasted it. For instance, I had the entire Labour Day long weekend off, but I spent it as I did pretty much the entire summer: at home, alone. Did some minor cleaning and yard work around the house. That was pretty much it. Pretty much all I did all summer (when I wasn't working). The last time I left the house to do anything of a social nature? July 22. The Police concert. That's close to two months ago. No lie. And holy God is that sad. Okay, Marty Boy dropped over to watch football on Sunday. But that barely counts as any sort of social activity. I know that I've never had an amazing social life, but I really do think I'm scraping rock bottom here. And yet I don't think that necessarily means I have nowhere to go but up.

Did finally purchase a new (old) car a couple of weeks ago. I settled on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am, on which I think I got a pretty good deal. That is if nothing goes wrong with it in the next month or two. Anyways it's a pretty nice car and I'm rather happy with my purchase. I've included a couple of photos of it. This finally means the end of the line for my old Volvo. I really do have to get rid of her, seeing as I have nowhere to park the thing. I'm willing to entertain any and every offer that comes my way. Even though it's a piece shit I will be sort of sad to see her go. Despite it all the car always started on me and got me where I needed to go. Here are some crappy pictures of the new thing (which I've yet to name).

Nothing gets me more depressed than attractive women. Okay, I'm sure there are other things. But it's surely one of them. I was at work the other day (cigar store) and was coming in from not having a cigarette (I seem to have inadvertently quit smoking) and as I look back, I see these two gorgeous young ladies having a smoke break. Now I've seen them around before and am pretty sure they work somewhere in the mall. I can't recall where though. It's not important. I don't even know where I'm going with this. All I know is that I became seriously more miserable after seeing them. Something about never being able to be with anyone who looks like that or some similar shit. Or not having anything. I don't know. And now being in an environment in which there are many, many attractive young ladies, not to mention people with friends and such? This is why I drink people. This is why I drink.


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