Saturday, September 22, 2007

Yes Doc, that's pretty much how I feel 24/7

I think it's simply unreal that Roy Halladay doesn't have 20 wins by now. Just have a look at his stats this year. Half of his wins and no-decisions are games that, if he had a decent team backing him up, he should easily have had the 'W'. Yes he had a rough patch early on, but the guy was playing through appendicitis. He then came back from having his appendix removed in less than three weeks! Unreal.

Tonight I almost lost it. Two shoddy defensive plays by Aaron Hill (who was having a great game up until then) and the Yankees have four runs in the ninth. Incredible. I was thisclose to putting my remote through my nice LCD TV. So the game goes on an extra two hours and I also get no reading done as a result. Awesome. At least they won it in the 14th. Coupled with a BoSox win, this now puts the Yankees 2 1/2 back in the A.L. East. Gawd I hate the Yankees and what's more I hate their stinking fans even more. I can see if you live in New York. That I can live with. But the rest of them? A bunch of stinking posers. Where were they when the Yanks stunk in the 80s and early 90s? Probably sporting their now discarded Chicago Bulls gear.

Oh and while we're on baseball, I hope no one signs this jerk next year. Can you imagine fans in any other city cheering him? Then again if he hits the long ball, I suppose anyone might. Though it hasn't helped the Giants stay out of the cellar this year.

Now I'm off to bed. It's too humid right now, I didn't get any reading done and I have to work all day tomorrow. All I have to look forward to is a new episode of COPS. Yes, this is how sad my life is; this is how I spend my Saturday nights. It's why I often wish I was dead.


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