Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Uh, just some stupid thoughts while I'm way behing on my reading

Please don't neglect my last couple of posts, faithful readers. Any help with the music thing is still very much appreciated. But I had a few things that were on my mind.

After reading this, I'm almost, maybe willing to forgive Michael Vick. In a few years. Perhaps. He still does deserve jail time, for sure. But I do hope that at least he's trying to somehow mend his ways. Though I do have little use for those PETA nuts. And this is coming from someone who has been a vegetarian for the last ten years.

I'm sorry but "their first cigarette brought them a feeling of relaxation"? Are you insane? This pretty much sums up just how much I hate anti-smoking people. And this is coming from someone who pretty much just quit smoking. And not because of any conscious effort whatsoever. I just didn't really enjoy anymore. Yes I still enjoy my cigars and perhaps I'll take up smoking again someday. Or maybe not. But I don't know of anyone who didn't hack their lungs out after having their first cigarette. Give me a break. This South Park episode sums up my feelings on the matter so perfectly.

Good for Beyonce. I'm glad that she didn't cover up like Gwen Stefani did or not play certain songs like the Stones did when they played China. Beyonce is a very talented and beautiful young lady who happens to have a certain costume when she performs on stage. Why should she have to change it? Sorry, but it ain't indecent and even if it were, that's called freedom of expression without hurting anyone. Until this backwards country gets with it, they don't deserve to be graced with her presence.

I know this has been said before, but wow Greg Oden is old. And the guy is only 19!! When he's 40, he'll look like he's been dead for five years.

Finally, this really pisses me off. As I'm sure all of you know, the Canadian Dollar is now pretty much at par with the U.S. Dollar. Which means that $1 CDN is equal to $1 USD. So how come Bruce Springsteen's new CD that I want to buy is $14.96 on and $9.97 over at That's 50% more! Simply unreal. Trust me it's not just this item. I suppose I should just make a shopping list of a bunch of things that I want at the same time and even with the shipping, I'll save a bunch. I hate Canada. Sometimes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe these kids felt more relaxed because they suddenly looked so cool.


October 04, 2007 12:26 PM  

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