Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sexy video, crappy song

Hey, I thought they were all washed up as well. But then I saw their new video...Holy freaking hell, I almost totally ruined my pants. I mean, I remember them being hot and all back in the day, but geez....

Well, okay Sporty Spice is ugh (she was never hot to begin with) and Scary is looking a little old, but I forgive her after all that jerk Eddie Murphy put her through. But the other three...yikes. The song is pretty lame though.

And it now appears as if I won't be going to see the Bills host the Patriots on November 18th. The game is now an 8:15 PM start (thanks to flex-scheduling) which is fine by me, but Marty Boy doesn't seem crazy about it and inquired whether there were any other intriguing Bills games remaining this year. I don't care about the other games, I just want to see the best player of his day in person and very possibly attend that leads up to what might be an undefeated season. Dammit. Even if I offer to drive, I don't see myself convincing him to go now. I really do want to go see that game...this is why I hate having no friends. Fuck.


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