Sunday, December 09, 2007

If I were a football team, I'd be the 2007 Dolphins

Firstly, I am a colossal retard. In my previous post on the ten greatest Cold War songs, I totally and completely neglected a song which is absolutely number one, no question in my mind about it (sorry Daphne). How I somehow missed "Heroes" by David Bowie is completely beyond me. It's easily the best song ever written about the Cold War and that it didn't even make my list at all is inexcusable. But also shame on everyone else for having missed it. On another note, I was talking about my list with someone the other day and they suggested "Der Kommissar" by either Falco or ATF. As a song on it's own it would definitely make my list, except for the fact that it's about drugs and not the Cold War (read the lyrics closely). In this case though, unlike 99 Red Balloons, I actually think the English language remake is better than the original.

So I spent my day today watching football (what a shock). Glad the Pats are back to winning in their usual style. The Giants pulled out a win and will easily make the playoffs as the number 5 seed in the NFC. I'm amazed this team keeps on winning somehow, despite the fact that as time goes on it becomes more and more evident that Eli Manning totally sucks balls. This has to be the luckiest 9-4 team I've seen in ages.

I am pissed off at the fact that the poor Detroit Lions couldn't hang on to beat the Cowboys (not a favorite team of mine) but even more pissed off that at 4:00 PM the CTV affiliate that I was watching the game on switched over from this very close match-up to go to the Bills-Dolphins game which was a total route by that point! I flipped around to see if it was on any other CTV station or perhaps on a CBS one, but none were available to me. Needless to say I wasn't impressed and fully believe that if I had been able to watch the closing minutes, my viewing would have made an impact on the outcome of the game. But seriously, I wasn't thrilled. If this had happened to any hockey game (i.e. Atlanta Thrashers vs. Columbus whatever) scores of hockey mad Canadians would have been outraged. But God forbid it should happen to a real sport. I don't know where I'm going with this, I just like taking shots at hockey whenever I can, a game I enjoy less and less each passing day.

Saw a movie yesterday, in fact the first time I've been to the movies since perhaps February or March. Yes, I didn't see a single film in theaters this summer. How sad is that? At least Transformers and Live Free or Die Hard et al. are on DVD now, so I can rent them when I have some time to focus, post exams. Anyways, I'm too tired and drunk to review it, but do go see No Country For Old Men if you have a strong stomach. The film is outstanding and actually an edge-of-your-seat thriller. The cast is great, especially Javier Bardem as the psychotic Anton Chigurgh, the greatest screen villain since Hans Gruber. If this isn't Best Supporting Actor Oscar worthy performance, I don't know what is. I'm not a betting man, but I'd sure put money on it.

Okay, I'm starting to feel somewhat ill and I should probably be off to bed. Exam tomorrow and amount of studying done? Zero! Guess I'll get it done tomorrow. God I feel like hell. Just once I'd like to go to bed feeling good.


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