Friday, January 04, 2008

Yet Kucinich still has me beat. His wife is HOT.

A few (relatively) quick thoughts, mostly regarding last night's Iowa caucus.

1. This might completely be my imagination, but I swear that John Edwards' southern accent seems to come and go. Sometimes it's quite thick, other times it's almost non-existent. Personally I think he only puts it on to make himself seem more down-to-earth or whatever. It's not such a bad tactic, but he still needs some work with the voice coach.

2. If what I gather from watching this video is correct (and I believe it is) then if Mike Huckabee somehow becomes the Republican nominee for President, Chuck Norris is to be his running mate. Scary as this is, the video evidence does not lie.

3. Just like I said yesterday, New Hampshire could well be D-Day for either Romney or McCain, which is really sad because they're by far the two best candidates to be the next President of the United States.

4. I really hate Dennis Kucinich. What is this guy's fucking problem? He keeps running for President, wasting everyone's time and money. After dismal showings yesterday, several candidates had the decency to drop out of the race. They knew their campaigns weren't going anywhere. Yet everyone has known this about this crackpot from day-one and yet he persists. I can almost assure you that this freak will be back in 2012. You are NOT going to EVER be President. No one takes you seriously, whatever 'point' you're trying to make...well, no one cares. Get off this stupid ego-trip of yours and go home you fucking douche. Seriously, fuck off. ABC is smart enough to exclude you from their debate, yet you AGAIN waste people's time by filing a complaint against them. Get a grip on reality, jackass.

5. Totally unrelated is something very good which comes out of Facebook. In the case that I talked about yesterday, people are disregarding the 'law' and posting the identity of the people who brutally committed premeditated murder on a 14 year old girl. Finally something good is actually coming out of having every aspect of ones life available for all to see on the internet. Though Canada's criminal codes are so disgustingly lax in regards to prosecuting offenders of any kind, it seems as though it will soon be near impossible to 'protect' the identity of said violent offenders. I love how the article states that these scumbags might not have the right to a fair trial. Why? Because they're under 18 the public has no right to know who they are? Such utter horse-shit. I don't portend to be judge, jury and executioner, but if even a tad of what I've read about this case is true, it's quite open and shut. These little sacks of shit wantonly murdered this girl and deserve to fucking hang for it. I don't give a shit that they're under 18, they're trash. Once they come of age they'll magically be given a second chance and become repentant and all that? Please. This "Martha McKinnon" person (in the article) exemplifies exactly what's wrong with Canada's legal system. It's quite obvious she doesn't give a shit about justice and I just hope this starts the ball rolling against the liberal extremism which has hampered the rights of crime victims in our country for so long.

That's enough, I'm too angry to go on.


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