Thursday, February 28, 2008

I need something stronger than a milkshake

I am feeling ambivalent today. As usual I hate my life and have nothing going for me. I did finish a mammoth 4000 word assignment that was due Tuesday, having only started it the night before. This must be a personal best, though I'm still not proud of it. As usual had I started even a few days before the essay would have been so much better I'm sure. But I can't even focus on a lousy blog entry so a 14 page paper is near impossible.

I was to get up around 8:45 today to make my morning class, yet hit my snooze alarm and after doing so twice, decided to forget about it and skip it. The fact that I had considerable trouble dragging myself out of bed three hours later to make my second class is sadder still. As it turns out though, my morning class was canceled due to my professor being ill, a fact that I didn't find out about until just now (I'm bad at checking my university email address). So I suppose it was indeed fortuitous that I'm so miserable that getting up in the morning is close to impossible, at least this one time. I don't know how I'll make it when (if?) I ever find some sort of 9-5 thing.

My DVD player / VCR combination broke the other day. We had a power failure and the surge seems to have done it in. They really don't make things like they used to. For example the microwave in my kitchen? It's nearly thirty years old and still works perfectly. Yes it's an ugly brown and yes it was probably like a thousand dollars back in those days, but still. A pretty good investment all-in-all. So I have to buy a new DVD player, an expense I wasn't planning on. Again. I suppose this could be an excuse to go Blu-Ray but I'm not sure I'll go that just yet. I'm actually looking at a DVD Recorder with a Hard Drive built in. It would be slightly cheaper than a Blu-Ray, plus like having a PVR without having to subscribe to anything. So we'll see.

The Oscars were sort of okay. I mean, just okay. Nothing really stood out for me. I'm not the biggest fan, but Jon Stewart was much improved over his last time. I actually rather liked his performance. Bringing that chick who won Best Song back on so she could speak was pretty classy too. I managed to see all the Best Pic Nominees except Atonement, though I have read the book (which is very good). I would have liked to have seen TWBB take the top prize, but No Country is a fine film and I knew it was going to win. At least Daniel Day-Lewis won, but then again he simply had to. Juno I enjoyed as well, despite all its cuteness. It's a really nice little film, has a good pro-life message and Ellen Page is pretty cute too. Michael Clayton is good, not great. I've never understood the overwhelming acclaim it received. Ah well. That the ceremony was the lowest rated ever and I'm not too surprised. Of course look at the fact that the nominated films are making less at the box office, so it should be no shock. There are of course still blockbuster films, they just don't get nominated for awards. I think it's just a case of people getting dumber. Movies are as good as ever, people would just rather go see National Treasure: Book of Secrets than There Will Be Blood. This wasn't always the case.

Did love this brief article about Hollywood being '"too liberal" (which it is). But hasn't that always been the case?

Anyways, that's it for now. I have another class to head off to and I'm gonna grab a bite to eat beforehand. Tomorrow I do not have to get up early and therefor as soon as I get home will open up a bottle of wine and proceed to get drunk. Alone. Like always. I feel as if I've earned it.


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