Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why I hate conservatives

Yes, you read that correctly. I guess I should amend that by specifying a specific type of conservative, one that you should easily be able to identify by the time you're done reading everything in italics.

So I'm attending my cousin's wedding this Saturday, the first wedding I'll be going to since I made was a hilarious mess at my pal Everett's a few years back. It's actually my cousin's son's wedding to be accurate. My cousin (on my mother's side) is only twelve years younger than my mom and his oldest is only four years younger than I am. That does depress me a little but I won't focus on that right now. Anyhow my mum thought of something last minute that we had neglected and that was to inquire in regards to the menu. Here is her email to my aunt (the grandmother of the groom):


Hi R____,

My apologies for not thinking of this sooner; any idea of the dinner menu at the wedding? Both of my kids are vegetarians (ed. my sister eats fish, I do not) and I was wondering if there'll be something suitable for them? They do eat fish. I hope you don't find this to be a rude request.



Here is the actual response my mother received which she then forwarded to me and my sister.



I can’t believe they are vegetarians. My understanding is you can’t get the complete protein from being a vegetarian. I know beans provide real good protein. How did this happen? Was it Z____ (ed. my uncle on my dad's side, who is also a vegetarian)?
My dad tried being a vegetarian years ago. It doesn’t seem right, not to enjoy cabbage rolls, etc. That is a shock. I would have felt better if you told me they were teetollarers.
It’s a whole new way of “thinking”. Even Jesus ate lamb.

Anyways, good news, no sit down dinner, no speeches, you eat all night, so I’m sure they will find something to eat.

The place is pretty high class when it comes to food. They are top of the line caterers. They even own areal classy restaurant in O______ so I experienced this kind of eating all night thing.

That is different too.

See you Sat.

Love R______.


I didn't know what to think, other than the fact that this has to be among the most ignorant people in the entire world. Yes, I am referring to my own aunt. When my read the email I said to my mother "well this must mean that we're also homosexual pedophiles who love abortion and spitting on the flag, have converted to Islam and think that all Canadian troops are war criminals. The funny thing is that my sister said pretty much the exact same thing to my mother when she read the thing! Also very amusing is that my sister and I are politically very different with her being an NDP voting, PETA member, pro-gay marriage, pro-Palestine etc. whereas you all know that I'm a very strong conservative who also happens to be a vegetarian pretty much because the thought of eating charred animal flesh really doesn't appeal to him.

But I do know that I'm also not an ignorant, closed minded jackass. As you can probably tell I have very little use for Christian conservatives other than the fact that they are crucial in helping keep social conservatism alive in this country and the United States. But that's strictly off the record. We need them, after all.

Still the whole thing really did piss me off and I hope it doesn't come up on Saturday. I might not be able to bite my tongue. I remember once I was at this (not very good) Chinese restaurant where the waiter thought it was cute to poke fun of me for being a vegetarian and were it not for being with friends, I would have walked out then and there. And I think from now on when someone asks my "Oh, why are you a vegetarian" instead of going into a long answer I may just be tempted to say "None of your fucking business". Why are you a Jew? Why do you have those highlights in your hair? Why are you dressed like that? You get the point.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Come on blog, update yourself!

Dear everyone,

Please forgive my lack of updates recently. The last week or so hasn't been so great for me. Either I've been busy or (more likely) just not really in a good frame of mind. But I'm still around. I'll try my best to update with a real post (this doesn't count) as soon as I can though I'm not able to give any sort of a time-frame. Yes I did think of shutting down (as I've done many times in the past) but I really hope it doesn't come to that. So please bare with me and I'll try to get things together as soon as I can. Thanks guys.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

He's still better than Sammy Hagar

I first heard about this bizarre story perhaps a couple of weeks back but it just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I'm not sure if folks outside Ontario have even heard anything of it in fact. It's just so very strange that I'm don't even know how to talk about it, so I'll just point you to a few articles on it.

It involves a story that came out a little while back from a small town in southern Ontario. It seems that Van Halen front man David Lee Roth was pulled over for speeding but when police confronted him, his erratic driving was due to the fact that he was having a sudden allergic reaction to peanuts. But then it turned out that the man in question was NOT Diamond Dave, but instead some sort of impersonator (!!) who managed to fool everyone. Now it seems that local police are trying to find the guy who had a bunch of people (and perhaps himself) convinced that he was DLR. Just read the links. This is one of those stories that just couldn't be made up.

Also I'm sorry that I've had to turn comment moderation on for the blog. It was really just a nuisance at first but now I'm getting quite tired of this random dipshit with way too much free time who keeps making stupid comments on the blog. The fact that he takes so much time to constantly make irritating posts on the blog of someone he doesn't even know is really beyond sad.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Okay! Blue Jays! Let's...play....ball!!

Often when I have nothing else to talk about but have a strange desire to post something, baseball is one thing that often comes to mind. Especially at 4:00 in the morning. So that's what I'll (briefly if possible) talk about. I haven't written anything in a few days and although I'm probably in no shape to be doing so now, I might as well give it a go. Things have not been going well lately and I fear my life may be spiraling out of control but that's no excuse to stop blogging!

So I went to the game on Thursday night, courtesy of some free tickets that were somehow mailed to my work. Being the only person who would brazenly open mail addressed to the 'company' (or whatever) I was thrilled to find a pair of tickets to two separate games as part of some sort of enticement to buy some sort of corporate season tickets (or some shit like that). Of course my boss would have zero interest in such a thing so I didn't hesitate to help myself to these freebies.

Now I was always a little doubtful in the back of my mind, thinking that they weren't real tickets, that I had missed some sort of fine print. But thankfully that wasn't the case and a friend and attended a game that otherwise would have cost $41 per person. In case anyone cares, I went with a young lady I've written about here several time (search under 'girly'). Nothing ever worked out in 'that' sense but we're still friends which is nice I suppose.

A few random thoughts on the game now.

1. The 200 level at the Rogers Centre is actually quite nice and in some respects superior to the 100 level. The seats are cushioned, there are beverage holders and the concourse is nicer. I've always preferred to sit in the 100s along the 1st base line but I might now reconsider that!

2. The cutest little kid was sitting right behind us. Her dad was taking her to her first baseball game and I think I was able to make a Blue Jay fan out of her. I was explaining various aspects of the game to her at one point and she seemed to pick it up very quickly!

3. Just a few rows over from us were some shirtless fellows with painted chests who were really into the game and cheering on the Blue Jays hard core. Then they were kicked out. Yes perhaps they were a little loud and maybe had a bit to drink, but they never used any foul language or threw anything or hurt anyone in any way. I was rather pissed off that these guys were given the boot. They were just having a good time and being good fans. But of course this being Toronto anything more than sitting in your seat and politely applauding seems to be considered unruly. Total horse shit as far as I'm concerned.

4. The Jays actually won! And they rallied in the bottom of the ninth inning to do so! Meaning it was actually a good game and a gutsy performance for a change. Still things aren't looking up. Vernon Wells is injured again and this season is looking to be yet another write-off and once again I must wait until next year. I'm sick of doing so.

That's about it. I may have had some other things to say but I'm way too messed up now.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I owe all my faithful readers so much more

Okay, so I think I might be a mess. The fact that I'm usually up until 4:00 AM and don't wake up until around 2:00 in the afternoon can't be good. And then feel like shit when I wake up. I don't do this on days when I have to work in the AM though I fear it might start to happen. And when I don't work, I pretty much just sit around and do nothing. Play video games. Watch television. Randomly search the internet, spending a great deal of my time on dating websites (mainly Hot or Not and Lavalife). It's something I've gotten back into now that I have more time on my hands but it doesn't seem to be paying off at all as of yet. It provided me with my best success in the past but now nothing seems to be working. Oddly enough my Hot or Not rating is the best it's ever been and yet that isn't translating into success with the 'meet me' part of the site. Go figure.

Last Friday was really just an awful day. I didn't have to work, though I did have a doctor's appointment at 11:30. So I get up around 10:30ish, get dressed and showered, go to my appointment. Upon getting back home at around 12:30, I immediately go BACK to bed for another two hours. I then wake up and have my 'breakfast'. Sometime around 4:30-5:00 I take ANOTHER two hour nap. This really can't be healthy. I wanted to blog about it several days ago (the day of) but was unable to muster the energy to do so. Moving around, doing anything that needs to be done is becoming painfully difficult. Simple stuff like blogging, making phone calls, chores, whatever. It's not good. I'm just plain exhausted all the friggin' time.

Played softball on Saturday. It was a company tournament. I actually sort of looked forward to doing so and even thought that it might be good as sort of a social outing or whatever. I don't know if it was. Really it was just a once a year thing and it just left me feeling miserable as always. Mostly because I'm not as good as I remember. Granted I haven't played in AGES and am badly out of shape (my body still aches) but also because I always feel like I'm not wanted or appreciated or whatever. That I'm not really 'part of the team' or whatever. Most likely it's all in my head. I didn't hit as well as I know I was capable of doing but my fielding was still solid...I can still handle a sharp grounder at second base but they didn't seem to give me much of a chance to do so. Everyone is against me, I swear. Or so I think. Again, probably all in my mind.

I should probably go to bed. I feel like hell. It's close to 3:00 in the morning and there's really no good reason why I'm not in bed. The last month or so has not been good for reasons I don't feel like explaining right now. I have no direction and I am SO very lonely. Plus there are other factors that are impacting my physical and emotional well-being. But like I said, I'm not getting into it. I need sleep. So that's what I'll aim for......now.

P.S. Wasn't the Wimbledon Men's Final fucking awesome? I mean seriously. I have never seen tennis at such a level before. This was a match for the ages and though I was pulling for Federer there is no way anyone could be disappointed after witnessing an epic battle such as that which took place on Sunday. It was truly something else watching two amazing warriors go head-to-head the way they did. Not only was it great tennis it was sportsmanship at its very pinnacle. Simply magnificent.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Happy" Canada Day

I really had no plans to post anything today as pretty much nothing is going on in my life other than the fact that I'm a sad, miserable and very lonely drunk. Here's another long weekend that I'm spending alone at home. It's something I've gotten used to.

Anyways, it is Canada Day and despite the fact that I'm spending it alone like the loser I am, I was at least trying to take some pride in my country, be happy about being Canadian, all that sort of stuff. And I was, at least until I read this news story just a few moments ago and actually almost threw up. On this supposedly great day that's supposed to remind people country wide what a great land this is, it has been announced that the greatest mass-murderer in Canadian history and the most evil human being to ever call this country home will be honored with the Order of Canada. Whatever pride in my country I had evaporated in an instant and I now feel only disgust. It's just another reminder that this country has completely lost whatever sense of values and morals it once had. This is just so unthinkably deplorable that I really am at a loss for words.

Canada Day is supposed to be a day in which folks from all walks of life should come together and feel pride in this country we share but instead this is a truly dark day. If something like THIS represents what Canada is all about then I don't see how I can believe that this is a good country anymore. Happy Canada Day indeed. Below is a picture of "Doctor" Morgentaler alongside the leader of one of our major political parties. What a nice couple.

P.S. I know, this is the one issue I should have left alone. Now everyone will really hate me. But I couldn't help it, sorry. It actually did make me sick to the pit of my stomach.
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