Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I owe all my faithful readers so much more

Okay, so I think I might be a mess. The fact that I'm usually up until 4:00 AM and don't wake up until around 2:00 in the afternoon can't be good. And then feel like shit when I wake up. I don't do this on days when I have to work in the AM though I fear it might start to happen. And when I don't work, I pretty much just sit around and do nothing. Play video games. Watch television. Randomly search the internet, spending a great deal of my time on dating websites (mainly Hot or Not and Lavalife). It's something I've gotten back into now that I have more time on my hands but it doesn't seem to be paying off at all as of yet. It provided me with my best success in the past but now nothing seems to be working. Oddly enough my Hot or Not rating is the best it's ever been and yet that isn't translating into success with the 'meet me' part of the site. Go figure.

Last Friday was really just an awful day. I didn't have to work, though I did have a doctor's appointment at 11:30. So I get up around 10:30ish, get dressed and showered, go to my appointment. Upon getting back home at around 12:30, I immediately go BACK to bed for another two hours. I then wake up and have my 'breakfast'. Sometime around 4:30-5:00 I take ANOTHER two hour nap. This really can't be healthy. I wanted to blog about it several days ago (the day of) but was unable to muster the energy to do so. Moving around, doing anything that needs to be done is becoming painfully difficult. Simple stuff like blogging, making phone calls, chores, whatever. It's not good. I'm just plain exhausted all the friggin' time.

Played softball on Saturday. It was a company tournament. I actually sort of looked forward to doing so and even thought that it might be good as sort of a social outing or whatever. I don't know if it was. Really it was just a once a year thing and it just left me feeling miserable as always. Mostly because I'm not as good as I remember. Granted I haven't played in AGES and am badly out of shape (my body still aches) but also because I always feel like I'm not wanted or appreciated or whatever. That I'm not really 'part of the team' or whatever. Most likely it's all in my head. I didn't hit as well as I know I was capable of doing but my fielding was still solid...I can still handle a sharp grounder at second base but they didn't seem to give me much of a chance to do so. Everyone is against me, I swear. Or so I think. Again, probably all in my mind.

I should probably go to bed. I feel like hell. It's close to 3:00 in the morning and there's really no good reason why I'm not in bed. The last month or so has not been good for reasons I don't feel like explaining right now. I have no direction and I am SO very lonely. Plus there are other factors that are impacting my physical and emotional well-being. But like I said, I'm not getting into it. I need sleep. So that's what I'll aim for......now.

P.S. Wasn't the Wimbledon Men's Final fucking awesome? I mean seriously. I have never seen tennis at such a level before. This was a match for the ages and though I was pulling for Federer there is no way anyone could be disappointed after witnessing an epic battle such as that which took place on Sunday. It was truly something else watching two amazing warriors go head-to-head the way they did. Not only was it great tennis it was sportsmanship at its very pinnacle. Simply magnificent.


Blogger Natmac said...

Are we entering the era of 'Nadal'?

July 09, 2008 10:54 PM  
Blogger Kid Icarus said...

I might not go that far just yet though I certainly can't discount it. Perhaps more accurately we are witnessing the end of Roger Federer's incredible run of dominance.

With only the U.S. Open left, there's a real possibility that Roger might end the year without having won a single Grand Slam. Who'd have thunk it?

July 11, 2008 12:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are witnessing the end of your hetrosexuality...


July 11, 2008 7:35 PM  
Blogger Kid Icarus said...

I already deleted the previous post from this random troll who had previously claimed to know me, even though he or she is from Seattle and I don't know anyone from around there. And I will delete any other posts this sad person makes.

But the fact that this person is making an attempt to pass them self off as my good pal Natmac is really disappointing. I know that you're just some pathetic, random jerk and so does anyone else reading this. Making a poor stab at claiming someone else's identity is beyond desperate.

July 12, 2008 12:09 AM  

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