Thursday, June 28, 2007

I would stop drinking, but it's all I have to look forward to

Sweet Jesus, I wish I was dead.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today was even hotter...I might be in hell.

I'm very tired (as always) but I figure I might as well post a couple of things since I'm around and don't work until later tomorrow. And yes, I have been drinking and I have had a nap today.

This is a pretty sad story. I haven't really watched the wrestling for a few years, but Chris Benoit was always one of my favorites going back to his WCW days. When I first heard that he had passed away, I assumed that it was yet another drug related incident which happens all too often in the world of professional wrestling. I now wish that had been the case. I think of hanging myself all the time, but to strangle your wife and smother your SEVEN YEAR OLD son? Needless to say he's not one of my faves anymore.

A stupid story, yes. I support free speech but can see Christians being offended at the same time. Yet I suspect that if he had used 'Muhammad' instead of 'Jesus' scores of people would have threatened to blow him up and several countries would have placed death sentences against him.

Oh and the guy I called an asshole in a previous post? I take it back. He's bush-league when compared to this dipshit. This Roy Pearson is pretty much everything that's wrong with society. Period.

I know I said I'd consider exercising and cutting back on the pills and alcohol, but it's been a rough day. So perhaps tomorrow.

Monday, June 25, 2007

I wish I could 'go home' (Soylent Green reference)

As usual I have no energy whatsoever. It is very hot today with temperatures well into the 30s. Of course the A/C goes off at around 8:00 PM (after all, the sun has gone down!) and the temperature in my house rises exponentially. I will be sleeping in the basement tonight, failing a miracle.

I am glad to get that last post over and done with (I hope). I should have posted something new days ago in an attempt to divert attention away from it but I'm too lazy and tired. At any rate that will likely be my last political rant on here. That's not necessarily what I want, but I feel it's probably for the best. I have far too few friends already and I don't think I can risk offending the very few I have left. So I guess that means I'll be shutting up and returning to my depressing personal misery roots. Or something like that.

Had the weekend off. I may have already mentioned that. I didn't do anything of note. How shocking. Went to The Mandarin on Friday night. Was my sister's birthday. Came back and was exhausted, so I took a nap. Awoke, drank, took a sleeping pill (which I needed on account of the nap). For Saturday night simply substitute me ordering a pizza for The Mandarin. Sunday substitute a miserable family function. It's sad that I'm not able to stay awake for an entire day, even after a good night's sleep. I'm much happier sleeping anyways, so perhaps it's for the best.

Watched Soylent Green on DVD last night before bed. It's been a while since I've seen it and while hardly perfect, it really is a solid flick, with strong performances, especially from Heston and Edward G. Robinson. I also think it makes for a much more effective pro-environment, sustainability, whatever film than An Inconvenient Truth does any day. Give it a rental if you're bored sometime, like I frequently am.

Again I have to work at the ungodly hour of 7:00 AM tomorrow, so time to wrap this up. Work is pretty much all I do. I guess that should be somewhat of a good thing, in that I should be earning some decent scratch and not having a life preserves the money I make. Despite this my bank balance is nowhere what it used to be. At the outset of the summer I thought that I might have an outside chance at moving out in September if I worked the whole four months straight. Right now that ain't looking feasible. Perhaps I'll put it towards a new computer instead. And the rest? Well, paying for school of course. Why do I have this nagging feeling that in a year's time, having spent upwards of $25,000 of my own money towards higher education, I'll still be in the same place as I was before, my earning power no higher and my life no richer? Because I'm probably right. Perhaps a drink before bed...I think I've earned it what with the realization I'm going nowhere in life.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Just a quick post, I work at 7:00 AM (!!!) tomorrow

Work, work, work...this is all I do. Being busy all the time was okay for a little while, in that it took my mind off of all my miseries. But now it's just leaving me tired and unhappy. Sort of like I was before. I dreaded going in at first, then I didn't mind it so much for a while and now the pendulum is swinging back the other way. I'd try and take some time off, but then I'd just be even worse off, alone with my miserable thoughts. Besides, I need the money. Bobo's surgery, car repairs and insurance, school, Police tickets (the band, not any legal trouble), food etc. I should start taking bets on how long it will take until I have a nervous breakdown! Or wait, have I already? I'm not too sure.

It was Father's Day yesterday. I was really debating over whether or not to get my dad anything. I always do for Christmas, his birthday and Father's Day. My sister couldn't care less about doing so and I just put her name on the gift as well. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to get him anything either, I guess I just always feel I have to. Even though he didn't get either of us a thing for Christmas. Or our birthdays. This year he didn't even wish me a happy birthday. Nothing. Not a card, not a kind wish or a handshake, nothing. I don't want or expect anything, but even a card would be appreciated and just to hear 'happy birthday'. But I didn't even so much as get that. And yet I was still going to get him something. My mother would have been furious with me had I done so. He wouldn't have appreciated it nor would he have deserved it. I'm proud of myself. I wished him a happy father's day and left it at that. I truly would have been a sap if I'd have gotten him anything.

Glad that this asshole was disbarred and I hope he does time. What a total douche he is. There's no need for me to elaborate any further.

Yeah, we'll see Fidel, we'll see.

Salman Rushdie has been knighted. The response has been incredibly predictable. Instead of "we respectfully disagree with the decision to grant Mr. Rushdie this honor" it's more like "unless they apologize and submit to our every demanded we'll blow him up and any innocent in his path and it's our right to do so!". I'm saddened but not altogether surprised.

It's sort of nice to know that according to Sir Isaac Newton the apocalypse won't happen any sooner than 2060. By then I'll be 79 (or dead) and it won't much matter to me what happens. Sweet deal!

And the fact that according to some people Toronto is "as gay as it gets" doesn't fill me with much confidence. In fact it rather scares the living hell out of me. I mean we all know there's is a gay agenda out there, but this is ridiculous. I actually have the upcoming weekend off and will be staying way the hell away from downtown. Not like I'm really downtown very often (outside of school in the non-summer months) but at least I have a good reason to stay away from where the uh, action or whatever, is.

On a closing note, I wouldn't have minded being there last night...if only to catch a glimpse of the radiant and super-sexy Hilary Duff (above) Avril Lavigne and Fergie were also in town. Not bad at all! But I was too busy having drinks with my old pal Beer. That was my one night out a month. Maybe I'll run into them in July when I next leave the house on a social outing. And the three of them will all fall madly in love with me, fighting it out to the death.

Friday, June 15, 2007

This never used to be a political blog...

I know I'm getting bad at updating this thing, I really am. It's not like I'm too busy. I mean, I am busy in the sense that I'm working a lot, pretty much six days a week. But other than that, I don't really do anything. I come home and just sit around. And while at home I have nothing but time. Usually I'm quite drunk or too occupied with staring at the walls. That's exactly why I don't post. I have nothing to post on. This was all supposed to be devoted to discussing my wretched life, but seeing as I have none...well, whatever little things I can come up with will have to suffice.

I'm a huge fan of Arnold's and I really do think it's criminal that he's not able to run for the highest office of them all. Just read this and Gov. Schwarzenegger is right on the money. He was even right when he said that it might get him into trouble, but he still went ahead and said it. Why? Because he is 100% right. As one of the greatest immigrant success stories in the history of the country Arnold has never been afraid to tell it like it is.

One of the things that has always infuriated me is people who have lived in Canada for many years and don't speak a bloody word of English. Indeed my very own grandfather is one of them and I never thought it was right. Now people coming to Canada and the U.S. from abroad understandably want to keep their own language and heritage etc. and that's totally cool. But back in the day you had something called the Melting Pot (more so in the States than here I suppose) where people from all over came to the country, bringing their own unique culture, but sharing one thing: They were all American (or Canadians). That is no longer the case.

You see, the Melting Pot is now considered to an outdated notion, one which has been replaced with a 'cultural mosaic' in which all sorts of people come together, don't learn English and only interact with people from their own background. That my friends, is ghettoization.

In Canada we have two official languages, those being English and French. English is spoken in most provinces, but if you live in Quebec or New Brunswick, there are a great deal of French speakers. Once upon a time, one had to actually understand and speak one of those to live here. No longer it seems. So long as you stay within your isolated little Chinatown or Little Italy or whatever, there's no need. It really is quite the disgrace. Imagine I were considering moving to Germany or Japan and I had the gall to not learn the native language there. As a visitor, sure. But if I lived there for many years I would be ashamed of myself not have the decency to learn the local tongue. Yet is happens here and in America oh so often.

Yes, we are both multicultural societies. That's very cool and something to be proud of for sure. In Canada we have two official languages. In the United State there shockingly isn't one but it is an English speaking nation, no two bones about it. Come to Canada and chose to make it your home. Awesome. I am very proud that you've chosen to make it your home and you're just as much a Canadian as I am. But once here, you're a Canadian first and whatever else second. Don't lose sight of that 'whatever' but at the same time be sure to remember where you are now.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The money I'm now making is all being spent on beer.

Man, I'm surprised that this post is still going...this is usually why I try not to do more than one post a day (or every other day). I have trouble keeping track of them all...I don't know how most folks do it.

There really is nothing new to report in my life. I wake up, go to work, come home, drink, go to bed. That's about it. While driving home from work yesterday (and stopping off at the liquor store) there was some dude in a Ford pickup behind me. He was about my age. I just happened to notice in my rear view mirror. Had some girl next to him, his lady friend I'm sure. Lovely girl. They were behind me for quite a while, almost all the way home...and it just made me real sad. I'm sure I don't need to elaborate any further.

I'm quite disappointed that Sean Connery will not be in Indiana Jones IV. I've been rather lukewarm about the whole thing and now I think I'm soured....Denholm Elliot is dead, so no Marcus Brody and now no Henry Jones. Even though I thought The Last Crusade was the weakest of the three, I thought the ending was solid and it wrapped things up very well. I'm really feeling they're going to well once too often and it should just be left as is.

Thank God Paris is going back to the slammer...if they'd let her out it would have been a travesty and a huge miscarriage of justice. No, I am not kidding. I'd probably take her jail cell over where I am now. I'd probably get a decent night's sleep.

Sadly I think I'm going to have to tape Federer and Nadal tomorrow...I do have the day off but don't think I'm going to make the 9:00 AM match time. So I'll just wake up, watch the tape while ignoring all media. Awesome to see these two at it again. What a great rivalry. I really do hope Roger comes out on top though, at least this once. Not only is he probably the greatest of all time, he's also a class act. After his win over Davydenko in the semis he's good enough to compliment opponent. Something certain other people seem unwilling to do.

So that's about it. This is my sad Saturday night. Just like every other. Sitting at home, drinking beer, eating leftover pizza from the little place across the street (which is excellent by the way), getting acquainted with Firefox (which I think I like better than IE and no I'm not anti-Microsoft) and checking out the erotic services on Craigslist, just for fun. Desperate as I am, I'm probably never going to use any. But this one seemed pretty appropriate to my predicament, so perhaps I should take it as a sign and reconsider. This is why your lives are better than mine.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Don't I ever post on my depressing life anymore?

1. I would murder you all with icepicks and feed your flesh to my dog if I could even brush past Maria Sharapova long enough to smell her hair. Sorry for being so harsh, but it's just the way I feel. And you're all people I like!

2. Just something that popped into my head today. Sort of like the old hot dog debate. Though this one is even less of a debate, really more of a trivia thing. Sort of. In a way. I've been drinking, bare with me. I'm having a get together or a party or some sort of event. There are a bunch of people there at any rate. I put out one of those vegetable trays with various raw veggies in a circle around a thingee of dip. Which vegetable is the first to disappear? Again, like the question of the one topping to put on your hot dog (mustard of course) there is indeed only one right answer. Let's see how smart you folks are.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just some more of my 'crazy' opinions!

Serena Williams is one of the all-time great women's tennis players. She's won all four Grand Slam tournaments, with eight titles in all. So why is it so hard to like her? Why does she so frequently get booed all the time? Because she is and always has been a classless bitch, unwilling to ever give even the slightest amount of credit to her opponents, even someone as good as Justine Henin. I don't think I have ever heard her quoted as saying "So and so played a great match, I take my hat off to her" or whatever. How hard is it to admit that someone else simply outplayed you?

Yes folks, this is a 'moderate' Islamic country. You see, I believe in a separation of church and state for all religions, not just Christianity. Most liberals see it otherwise until you call them on it. You can bad mouth Jesus until the cows come home but even the slightest questioning of any other faith is strictly off-limits or else! Don't even bother arguing with me on this one because I am 100% right.

This story and this one. This is why the Republicans must win the 2008 Presidential Election. This guy needs to be stopped and now. Someone with the guts and the stomach to do so has to be in the Oval Office and it ain't gonna be no Hilary or Barack Obama, I'll tell you that.

That's all I have for now. I ache and I'm tired and I drink too much and I still wish I had some coke.
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