Monday, June 25, 2007

I wish I could 'go home' (Soylent Green reference)

As usual I have no energy whatsoever. It is very hot today with temperatures well into the 30s. Of course the A/C goes off at around 8:00 PM (after all, the sun has gone down!) and the temperature in my house rises exponentially. I will be sleeping in the basement tonight, failing a miracle.

I am glad to get that last post over and done with (I hope). I should have posted something new days ago in an attempt to divert attention away from it but I'm too lazy and tired. At any rate that will likely be my last political rant on here. That's not necessarily what I want, but I feel it's probably for the best. I have far too few friends already and I don't think I can risk offending the very few I have left. So I guess that means I'll be shutting up and returning to my depressing personal misery roots. Or something like that.

Had the weekend off. I may have already mentioned that. I didn't do anything of note. How shocking. Went to The Mandarin on Friday night. Was my sister's birthday. Came back and was exhausted, so I took a nap. Awoke, drank, took a sleeping pill (which I needed on account of the nap). For Saturday night simply substitute me ordering a pizza for The Mandarin. Sunday substitute a miserable family function. It's sad that I'm not able to stay awake for an entire day, even after a good night's sleep. I'm much happier sleeping anyways, so perhaps it's for the best.

Watched Soylent Green on DVD last night before bed. It's been a while since I've seen it and while hardly perfect, it really is a solid flick, with strong performances, especially from Heston and Edward G. Robinson. I also think it makes for a much more effective pro-environment, sustainability, whatever film than An Inconvenient Truth does any day. Give it a rental if you're bored sometime, like I frequently am.

Again I have to work at the ungodly hour of 7:00 AM tomorrow, so time to wrap this up. Work is pretty much all I do. I guess that should be somewhat of a good thing, in that I should be earning some decent scratch and not having a life preserves the money I make. Despite this my bank balance is nowhere what it used to be. At the outset of the summer I thought that I might have an outside chance at moving out in September if I worked the whole four months straight. Right now that ain't looking feasible. Perhaps I'll put it towards a new computer instead. And the rest? Well, paying for school of course. Why do I have this nagging feeling that in a year's time, having spent upwards of $25,000 of my own money towards higher education, I'll still be in the same place as I was before, my earning power no higher and my life no richer? Because I'm probably right. Perhaps a drink before bed...I think I've earned it what with the realization I'm going nowhere in life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion - try putting more of your money in your "move out of this horrible home environment" fund, and spending less of it on booze and pills.

I know, I know - it's a vicious cycle. The booze and pills are 'needed' to help you 'cope' with your horrible home life, but they are also responsible for making you financially unable to move out.

But, the longer you spend in that house, the more booze and pills you will consume, thus, the LONGER YOU WILL SPEND IN THAT HOUSE!

So, fuck - stop it already. Move the fuck out and stop helping perpetuate the problem with your drug addiction and alcoholism.

Just a suggestion.

June 26, 2007 4:15 PM  
Blogger Andrea said...

I agree on the vicious cycle thing! Why don't you start running/excercising or something? It's really good for alleviating stress and making you feel somewhat better, at least temporarily. And it makes it easier to get a good night's sleep with a normal sleep pattern.

And don't worry, having a B.A. does increase your earning potential. You can start at $30K a year instead of $20K in any office. The real problem is that most, if not all, jobs suck the big one in one way or another. I just sort of fell into my job, but the key thing is making people see how good you are at what you do. That's when they're really ready to pay.

June 26, 2007 5:14 PM  
Blogger Kid Icarus said...

Both of you offer up very good suggestions. I will take them under advisory.

June 26, 2007 9:31 PM  

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