Tuesday, May 15, 2007

And I still have no car muffler

Sometimes I just come up with a post so dazzling, so captivating, so inspired that even someone as depressed and self-loathing as myself has to admit that in spite of it all, I can be quite a good writer. This is not one of them. This post will suck hardcore. You've been warned.

I'm not sure if I hate my new job. I think I do...I mean, I pretty much hate everything except for Bobo and baseball. It is giving me something to do, though perhaps too much. I'm frigging exhausted. At least I've drawn a later shift tomorrow, so I can sleep in a touch. Why am I working in plumbing? I know nothing about it...though I do suppose it will be a useful thing to pick up. However I suspect that I won't actually learn anything and get by with just common sense and stuff that I make up. I was going to call it quits after a week, but perhaps I'll stick with it for a couple of months...at least make some money, pay off my bills and such. But not until the end of the summer. End of June at the latest. If I'm still there Labor Day, I'll be very upset at myself and the fact I was too much of a coward to quit.

The Godfather and The Godfather Part II were on Spike TV yesterday. When I got home, I largely just watched them both for the fiftieth time, though of course I have them on DVD. I had nothing else to do and nothing else was on. Though I've maintained this for years, the second film really is quite superior. I can't see how anyone can argue against that. The Godfather is of course a classic, but it's sequel just blows it out of the water. No question in my mind.

I took my lunch break the other day (actually yesterday) at some little pita place near where I work. 'Extreme Pita' I think it's called. As I was sitting and eating this very cute girl who worked there walked in, from her break I suppose. I think we made eye contact. Then again as I was leaving, I actually looked back and for a second I though that she smiled at me...and then I just told myself how stupid I was to even consider such a notion. How desperate I am to make something out of nothing. Quite sad really. Now I'm debating whether or not to go back or just avoid the place from now on. Part of me wants to, but I'll just be torturing myself. So why bother? I'll save money if I bring my own lunch anyways.

Hot girl in painting too. Right across from me. Do I come up with some farkakte excuse to go and talk to her, ask some painting question? What do you think I'll do? Seriously now.


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