Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Does this make facebook my best friend?

I do hope people still check this periodically, despite the frequent gaps in my posts. Shit happens and I'm just not able to find the time to compose these things. Okay, that's a damned lie and y'all know that. I'm lazy and / or don't feel like it and that's all there is to it. I have nothing better to be doing and that's no word of an exaggeration.

My birthday was (as usual) a bust. Had to go for a second interview for this crappy new job I'm supposed to be starting next week. My level of enthusiasm regarding it is next to nil, though the pay and the hours will be decent enough I suppose. I do need the cash. My school bills are starting to catch up to me, Bobo's operation was expensive and not only did I fork out $400+ to get my car to pass its emission test, I now have to replace the rear window. A crack that I've had for a year and hasn't moved, has suddenly spread 8" in a week. Nice. It will NOT be cheap. Because it's a Volvo, the part is irregular. What a shock that is. A new window will cost $1000 (!!) and the search for a used one was not easy. I finally located a suitable replacement just outside of Boston (!!!) that will ship it to me at enormous expense. They're asking a mere $50 for the window, yet have estimated the shipping will cost around $200 seeing as it's so delicate. Sounds sort of rough, but the only local one I had was $400 and with no guarantee that they'd be able to remove it without breaking it and no one else would even consider shipping. On the plus, I did get to speak to a guy with a really cool Boston accent over the phone.

I did get quite a few birthday wishes, though most were posts on my facebook wall. I shouldn't sound too ungrateful, it's certainly better than nothing at all. Yes it's even less personal than an email and yes there is a facebook birthday reminder, but it's still nice. No one had to acknowledge it and I'm happy at least that people did. A few kind people did call or email, which was nice. I went out to dinner with my mother and sister. That was pretty much it, that was the extent of my turning 26. Yippee.

Spent the Saturday night at home alone. Ordered a pizza. Drank beer. Watched COPS and then Spider-Man 2 on DVD. Drank more beer. May have done a few lines of coke off of a CD (Achtung Baby if anyone cares). This is what my life has become. It's wretched and I hope my empty life makes you all appreciate the relative fullness of your own lives.

Had an exam on Monday. I didn't really study for it, but I think I did well enough. This really hot girl from my Contemporary Drama class is also in that class. Waved to her in the exam room. Saw her after. She said something like "hey hot stuff" or something like that. No joke. This is one with whom I thought I had a prayer in hell, but she has a boyfriend. I still try and get somewhere, but fail. I was talking about this burrito place that I liked and casually suggested, "hey, we should go sometime". She seemed receptive to the idea. But it never happened. It never will (even though she mentioned it on Monday). It's a lost cause. For the record, I don't think she considers me 'hot stuff'. I think she's just one of those flirty types. I could say it to her and actually mean it, but when said to me...I have a feeling it's just empty words.

Knew another girl in the class. Also quite the looker. She was in my Victorian Lit class as well. This one I'd actually hang out with in between classes sometimes. Even had dinner and drinks with her once after class. But she also has a dude. She called me in fact, the day before this exam. Just to talk shop really. She really seems like one of those who will call or email only when they need something from you. And I'm just the sort of sap who can easily be exploited for such. Answering questions, scanning and sending over notes, spotting her for a coffee, carrying her books for her (seriously and our English professor joked about it on several occasions). Even drove her home from the subway a few times. It actually is on my way. But will I ever see her outside of the school setting? I highly doubt it.

So I guess that's where we are now. I'm supposed to have lunch with cute British girl, also from Victorian Lit class tomorrow. It's been postponed or cancelled or whatever a couple of times at least. She goes back to England in something like a week, so it would be nice to see her one last time. She's rather nice. Might attend another 'art party' this Friday, if I feel like it. If it weren't for the facebook website, I don't think I'd be invited anywhere, I swear. Another Tweed Blazer show is on Saturday. While it appears I've been bumped from the lineup, I guess I'll still be going. Don't have anyone to go with this time though and I'm not looking forward to the drive...I just hope my window is able to endure the trip.


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