Friday, March 30, 2007

Where to pick up?

It really has been quite a long time and I don't even know where to start...whether to just skip over the last couple of months or try to recap them as best I can? I guess I'll sort of try and do a two in one...that is to say keep it going with the current affairs, while getting all you kind folks back up to speed.

The last 24 have not been kind to me. I wanted to die. I still do. I get these essays assigned to me WELL in advance and yet am unable to get cracking on them. At all. I mean, this time I got all of the books I'd need for research purposes well ahead of time...and I just could get going on it. I can't. Am I that stupid? Or is there just something wrong with me. So I leave it 'till the last possible day and ever still I'm not able to get going on it. When I should be reading, researching, writing, whatever, I'm surfing Wikipedia reading about Dodo birds. Fucking DODO BIRDS. How I got from H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds to just randomly reading about extinct bird species is beyond me. I'm going to write Jimmy Wales and kindly ask him to shut that site down. It's doing me more harm than good.

Anyways, as I take a brief sojourn from my other two lengthy assignments which are due next week, perhaps I'll slowly begin to get everyone caught up. Nothing really important happened for a while, up until the art party. That was three weeks ago.

The art party is the first party I've been invited to in AGES. It's pretty much exactly as it sounds, sort of a hippy thing, where people paint all sorts of crap on canvases. Thankfully, this was only in one room, so other than that, it was just a regular party. I was facebook invited by an old chum from high school and while I was a bit apprehensive about attending, I had nothing else to do (surprise) so I decided to at least give it a go. Even though I nearly had a panic attack while looking for parking (I hate driving and parking in the city) I still showed up with a positive attitude and resolved to have a good time. There were at least a few folks I knew and I ever did quite well just chatting it up with strangers...for some reason I wasn't my usual insecure and self deprecating mess. Maybe it was the $5 for all you can drink keg or the cocaine.

Did I say cocaine? Yes...I tried coke for the first time. In fact the first time I've ever done any illegal narcotic. Yes, I do the painkiller thing but they are legal technically. And I've never even smoked pot. Have no desire to either. But I got to talking with some nice young lady who just happened to have some to I decided to try it. I'm not sure what it did to me, but I know that I was having a good time. So other than the dent it left in my wallet, I don't regret giving it a go. I actually bought some extra, just in case I ever feel like I need another little confidence booster.

So sounds like I had a good time, everything went well, right? Well yes....and no. Despite the fact that I was confident, charming, funny, friendly and outgoing, I still was completely unable to meet any ladies there. You know, in that sense. Okay, it didn't help that they all pretty much seemed to have boyfriends....they all have boyfriends. Every single damned girl I meet that shows me even the slightest bit of kindness has one. Never fails. But still, this was a positive step, right? Maybe nothing clicked this time, but there would be other chances, I can build on this right? That was three weeks ago. I'll continue next post.

Also I know I use too many ellipsis. I'll work on that.


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