Wednesday, January 03, 2007

"Everytime I see your face, it reminds me of the places we used to go..."

2006 is gone, done, finally. I say good riddance. I guess it wasn't that bad, actually now that I think of it. I should do a year-end retrospective like I did last year (albeit a little late this time), but that will have to wait until tomorrow I think. I have other things I think I want to go on about.

I actually have been pretty busy over the last few weeks, despite the lack of classes. Pretty much every night / day I've been up to something, but that's very soon going to change. D Rock goes back to Japan, for an indeterminate period of time and Bertmos has already departed for Ottawa, so there go the two folks I've been spending most of my time with. Spent some time with this young lady I was fooling around with, but (thankfully) that's done with. Had drinks with an old friend from back in high school whom I've only seen in passing a few times since. She had quite a sad ending to a relationship that actually tops anything I could think of, so in a perverse way, it almost made me feel a little better. But I don't know how often I'll exactly be seeing her. Of course did the Tweed Blazer thing, but when's the next time I'm going to see those folks? Not any time soon, perhaps in part due to the fact that she might be there.

So on Monday, I go from being popular and booked solid, to having nothing but free time on my hands, outside of school and such. Life will stink, I'll sit at home every Friday night with nothing to do (well, I did just get a nice LCD TV for myself, so at least I'll have something nice upon which to watch porn). Don't see any chances of meeting women either. I never did do the speed-dating thing, but I don't even know when or if they're having another event. The Tweed Blazer after party was garbage and thus yielded nothing. I've been trying at school and so far, nada. And New Year's was four dudes watching the tele, getting drunk and having a gay olde time. To be fair though, it was heads and tails over last year. But both really highlight just so lonely and pathetic things really are. Finding someone to love is something I'd trade my new TV for in a second.


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