Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pat Robertson is so right about what ought to be done with him...

"President Hugo Chavez commanded a wide lead before Venezuela's election on Sunday, setting the stage for the self-styled revolutionary to intensify his anti-U.S., leftist crusade in Latin America. "

"(Chavez) vows to use re-election with a strong mandate to scrap term limits and to rule for decades atop a single-party that he wants to create from the cacophony of groups he now heads."

Dear Lord, this is so disturbing. It's times like these when I lose just a little faith in democracy. The majority of this country, who are poor and uneducated have no clue what a fucking loon this guy is and if they think things are bad in their country now, just wait until this self-styled 'El Comandante' declares himself President for Life. It'll be a Marxist paradise, just like Cuba! Thankfully for the long-suffering Cuban people, it seems like 'Father' Fidel is on his last legs. I don't know what this means for Cuba, but I hope it's a good sign.

I'll be a lot happier when both of these monsters are dead and burried.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wait a minuite i never comment, but i gotta say this

you love castro!

ok chavez is cooky, but dont go bringing down "el papi"


November 30, 2006 11:22 AM  

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