Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another wasted day

Yes again I swore that I would update everyone on how things were going. But then I slept in late today (again) and played some video games for a bit, then ordered some pizza. Then I watched Jeopardy! (and knew the Final Jeopardy answer when none of the contestants did, I'm so smart), then switched over to the Blue Jays game which turned out to be a great game and then I had to burn a couple of DVDs which slows my computer down a lot and then...well, you get the point. So once again, no update on my miserable life. This week is turning out to be one big bust. Or it's going really well, depending on how I look at it. I've done shit all for the last five days, it's just been me sitting around and drinking and vegetating.

So...uh...oh right. I was mindlessly rooting around Wikipedia the other day as I often tend to do when I'm bored and came upon this entry. It pretty well sums up my entire life. I think about this when I wake up in the morning, not about the state of the environment. Call me selfish, but that's just how I am.


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