Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Uh, I have nothing even worth posting.

Well my long weekend was terrible. It always is. I worked on the Saturday and the Sunday. Not like I'd have had any plans to speak of anyways. No life, remember? I did buy a water cooler. That's pretty much the highlight of the last few weeks for me...very sad. It was originally $204, then on sale for $169 and finally on clearance for $50. Me? I payed $25 for it. I wasn't in the market, but for that price you can't go wrong. Brand new, never been used or opened. How exciting.

Just been working a lot. That's pretty much it. I'm very tired and I don't think I'm any happier than I was before, but at least I'm distracted, occupied, whatever. I am making good money though or at least I think I am. When I see my first pay cheque from the new place (in a week) I'll see if it's all worth it. Perhaps I'll stick around there for a couple of months...not the whole summer though. Give myself the month of August off. But what would I do? Nothing...have nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to go or do it with.

Got my marks back. Solid B average this year, a few points better than last year and actually above where I thought I'd finish. So I suppose that's something. Only five credits to go...before I earn a useless undergrad degree in English. At the age of 27. How sad.

I thought I had something half amusing to mention but I guess I forgot. Whatever it was, I don't think it was anything special. God my life is empty. I so wish I could score some more you-know-what. Dammit.

********************UPDATE- 11:47 PM***************************

Now I remember what it was. Remember Hot Russian Girl? Okay most of you probably do not. Try this link or this one in case you have no clue. Or just do a search on the word 'Russian' on the top of the blog. Anyways, she had inquired about applying to work at the cigar store before. She actually does have a college degree and was working at a 'real job', but now she's going back to school (university) because she wants to pursue something else. Long story short, she just wants a part-time job while she's in school, just something to help pay the bills etc. She applied before with no success, but I came in today to find that she has now been hired!! My co-worker Carlos informed me of this when I came in and he was as thrilled as I was. Yes she does live with some dude but neither of us really care. She's hot. So very hot. Carlos saw her today when she came in for an interview and was as impressed as I. She starts training on Sunday...sadly on a day when I'm not working. However my evil boss Sanjay always likes to put trainees with me, seeing as I know more that anyone else does. So I am rather looking forward to working next week...ah how I love Hot Russian Girl, live in dude or not.


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