Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Fun weekend adventures...well, sort of

Date on Saturday was pretty much a bust. Met this girl, her friend and friend's boyfriend at a Starbucks. I was okay with this arrangement, seeing as I am just an internet stranger and perhaps this would make her more comfortable. My understanding was that we'd split off from them after coffee and do our own thing. Well, that never happened. Had coffee, walked around by the lakeshore for a while, hung out at the pier, then went for ice cream. Didn't have a fun time. The other couple stuck around throughout the whole thing, but I can't say I really would have cared one way or another. She wasn't as purdy as her pictures, plus I don't think she even shaved her legs for me...ouch. Our options were limited as to what to do as none of these people had any money, meaning we couldn't really do anything. I have no problem paying for my 'date' but there's no way in hell I'm paying for either of these other people. Bums, I tell ya. Oh well, at least it was a cheap date. I've had too many lousy dates on which I dropped far too much cash because I'm stupid that way.

Took my friend / co-worker out for drinks on Sunday, as it's her birthday this week. Yep, this is the same one who stood me up a few weeks ago. I guess I've forgiven her for that. I'm really a pretty forgiving person and yet I've found that if I do something stupid or thoughtless many people are not very eager to let it go. Something that I've noticed lately and I can think of several examples. I have a great one from very recently, indeed that's still going on. But I don't want to get into it now, it makes me too mad. It involves someone who really did something to hurt me in the past and I let it go. I made the mistake of getting upset at them for something and despite my profuse and very sincere apology, they're "still not entirely happy with the situation". What I did was hardly unforgivable and yet I'm never cut any slack. Sorry for being so oblique, but it's complicated. I might get into it at another point, but not now.

So that was it, that was my fun weekend. At least I left the house, which was nice. I'm doing stuff, just never anything really fun. Maybe I'm not fun or interesting, I don't know. I just have this hankering to get up to some craziness, but no one to do it with. I need some FUN in my life. If anyone fun is reading this, spread some love around, hook me up. Man, I seem to end a lot of blog entries with pleas like this, don't I?


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