Friday, September 29, 2006

I guess I was due

The end of a very, very long week this is. As usual, I have no plans this Friday night, but in truth I don't have any desire to do anything. Relaxation is what I need tonight. Seeing as I don't have to work tomorrow (something of a rarity), I can truly take it easy the next couple of days. Well, I do have to take my car in tomorrow morning. Was finally able to get something done about it. You see, the driver's side window on it is broken and it was entirely my fault. The thing would whistle ever so slightly and not being able to leave well enough alone, I just had to mess around with it, somehow thinking I could push it into place. Of course the thing comes off its track or whatever it is completely. Thank God I managed to get it most of the way up...would have not been cool had it got stuck in the down position. But of course, being a 1989 Volvo, it's not so simple as it just being necessary to put it back on the track. It needs a special part, which would run me about $700 new...fortunately dude at the car window repair place found a used one from some scrap yard. Still two hundred bucks, but better anyways. Plus $75 labour. Money I don't need to be spending. Again, it was all my own damned fault.

Also, I'm helping my sister move tomorrow, I think. She's doing her Master's this year and received a MASSIVE grant seeing as her marks are super good. I'm not sure if she received some sort of separate living expense dealy (I didn't care enough to ask), but either way she's moving out, at least for the remainder of the school year. Sad that my younger sister is so much further ahead in life than I, but again I suppose it's my own fault. Seems like this is the first step towards everyone in my family breaking up. My parents haven't been on speaking terms for years (other than arguing), but it finally looks like they're at least on their way to splitting up. It should have happened a long time ago, for the good of everyone's mental health, but better late than never. The four of us have been living together for the last 23 years and it really is time everyone went their separate way.

I really would like to get some reading done, seeing I'm rather behind in at least two of my courses. Hopefully I'll catch up some. Also would like to hit the gym, seeing as I haven't gone for over a week, due to the fact I was ill last week and my busy schedule this week.

On a final note, my 'date' last night turned out to definitely be a date. We met after my last class and went to some sushi restaurant on King St. (her recommendation). It turned out to be pretty good and fairly reasonable. Good conversation and what I perceived to be a sign of interest. Reached for the hand, she didn't object. Held hands after dinner on the way to coffee, still no objection. Then...well, I got the kiss well before the end of the night. So all things considered, things went well. She actually left me a voice message and a text message right after the date. Both were pretty much the same, stating how much fun she had, that dinner and everything after that was 'amazing', how I'm sweet, smart, caring and funny, that she 'loves' my smile and that she would love to 'hang out' with me again whenever I have the time. So I guess I did well. I actually will be seeing her a week tomorrow. In advance of dinner last night, I promised her that I would go with her to something called "Fear Fest", some idiotic and infantile sounding Hallowe'en event at Canada's Wonderland. Of course I'll be happy to go, though it won't be just the two of us. Also attending are three of her friends...all dudes. I do find that a little odd...I know the ladies have friends that are guys and vice versa, but...well, it's just a little unsettling. I don't know why I find it to be. Am I right to? She may be one of those girls who has no girl friends. I don't know what to think of that. Should I think anything? I think too much, I know.

That’s all for now kids. Hopefully things go well with this one and I don’t find some way to screw things up. At any rate, it has boosted my confidence some, so that is a plus. There are some pretty cute girls in some of my classes…one date doesn’t mean I’m in a relationship now. Maybe I’ll also give the internet thing some more serious effort. Wish me well folks and send me all the telepathic confidence you can. Every little bit helps.


Blogger Mark said...

Congrats on the date. I'd wait off on the girls from class right now but it's always good to have a backup plan in mind--not the end of the world if things don't work out.

Your car sounds a lot like my old one. I finally got something newer but even that's starting to fall apart.

I was up until almost four last night so I envy being able to be bored.

September 30, 2006 11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done on the date sir. Sounds like she was impressed. Great move on not seeing her until a week later. Don't let the guy friend thing get to you. She obviously wants to be with you and not them. It is actually a good sign that she wants you to meet them - she's trying to get their input on you which means she's very into you. Just make sure that no matter who else is around you make the night about her - don't ignore her friends, but remember that you're going out with her, not them.

Mark is really wrong about not going for the girls in your class. Girls have an innate ability to know if you're currently seeing someone else and it always impresses them. Just take it slow and casual and you'll be a Mack in no time. Just don't tell them about this girl. I think the asking for notes or help on a subject (something easy but doesn't make you look retarded) is the best way to approach fellow class-mates. Suggest a study session with a group so they feel more secure and comfortable. Ask them to coffee between classes. Ask them for their email address - a lot less threatening than asking for a phone number - or IM and slowly make yourself part of their world. Even if they aren't interested they will be happy to introduce you to their girl friends and will do a good job of talking you up if you treat them well - be a gentleman, be funny and don't be a clingy creepy guy.


September 30, 2006 4:49 PM  

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