Tuesday, August 29, 2006

John Oates can't be more than like 5'4"

Yet again, I've gotten rather blog lazy. It's been over a week and there's really no reason why I couldn't have at least posted something. I have enough to say that it probably would have been better for me to divvy this up into several smaller posts, but instead it looks like I'll once again be embarking upon what is sure to be an epic blog post. God help us all.

Most importantly, Daryl Hall and John Oates performed last night at the Hummingbird Centre in Toronto and I was indeed in attendance and I went with someone who was a total stranger, prior to last night. In response to my last post, a fellow named "Sam" replied that he would take my extra ticket, despite the fact that neither of us had any idea who the other was. But no one else had taken me up on my offer of a free ticket to a concert, so despite any misgivings I might have had concerning going to a show with some random dude, I went ahead with it. Interestingly, the day before the show, two people sent me emails saying they could go if I still had an extra ticket, one of whom being "The Colonel" (the other being a semi-random I sort of know through MSN mostly). I felt really bad saying that I had already given the ticket away and I still do. I don't know if I did the right thing. After all, The Colonel is my friend and the person I had promised the ticket to was just some guy I didn't know. However I did already tell this guy the ticket was his and couldn't go back on that. I think I did the right thing but I still feel a little bad about it. Besides, I was somewhat petrified that this guy would either no-show or be a total (or at least partial) nut job. Happily, neither of these worries were warranted. He not only showed up on time, but also proved to be a wholly decent fellow, even going so far as to pay for the beers before the show. Totally unnecessary, but a very kind gesture for sure. Went to the bar where my old pal "Chachi" works, saw him, had a few beers, talked some baseball, smoked many cigarettes and went off to the show. Short of him being a hot girl, no complaints. Though I must say the hostess at Chachi's place of work was among the best looking women I've ever seen, even if Sam believed her to be too young. I'm sure she was at least 19...nothing wrong with that. Chachi, if you're reading this, please do pass along to her that she is among the most stunning ladies I've ever laid eyes on...I didn't have the guts to do it myself.

As for the show itself, I must say the Hummingbird Centre is a fine venue. They have a convenient bar right outside the auditorium and one can duck outside with their drink and have a smoke before the show. We missed the opening act (still not sure who it was) and I don't think we were alone in that. The support band is already set up and of course the crowd goes wild as H2O make it on stage. They're both still looking pretty good, though I do wish Oates still had his moustache. Also he pretty much does all of nothing for most of the show while Hall handles almost all the vocals and stage patter and such. But he's still an important part of the equation. The show opened with "Maneater", a good choice ensuring that a well-known hit would get the crowd excited early. The main set consisted of H2O favourites and few great covers like "Me and Mrs. Jones" and "I’ll Be Around". Highlights included "Say It Isn't So", "She's Gone" (my favourite of their tracks), a great performance of Hall's lesser known solo effort "Cab Driver" and "Sara Smile" which I was never really that big on, but loved it live. Especially when it flawlessly segued into "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)". Very cool stuff. But the crowd didn't really get jumping until the encore. As soon as the intro to "Out Of Touch" hit, everyone got on their feet, people leaving their seats and getting as close as possible dancing in the aisles. "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" followed and after fooling no one by leaving the stage again, they returned with "Rich Girl" (satisfying my drunken screams for it) before wrapping things up with an extended medley of "Kiss On My List" and "Private Eyes". For a couple of white fellas, these guys truly do have soul and gave the crowd what they wanted (even taking a request at one point). All in all a really fun show, even if you're not a fan I'd recommend going to see them if you get a chance. You probably know more Hall & Oates songs than you think you do and what's more, they really do give it their all.

So I actually had a rare day of fun, which was nice. Today though, I look at the bloody calendar and see that another summer has passed me by...this hasn't exactly been one to remember, not by a long shot. By and large, it's consisted of me working and then going home and wallowing in self-pity. Yeah, I've gotten out occasionally, but those instances have become increasingly rare. If anyone cares to know, it's all been blogged...my life isn't that exciting, so anything of note has probably been posted, not like there's a lot to keep track of. School starts up again in less than two weeks, so at least it'll give me something to do. Though I must say, going there seems to only amplify my loneliness. Being surrounded by so many people and still not having anyone to talk to. The whole thing just terrifies me. People all around and none of them want to be my friend...I don't know if that's really true, but it's what's in my head and I can't seem to ever get it out. This is going to be a long, lonely year.

My love life is still on life support. I honestly can't remember the last date I was on. It's been a while, I'll tell you that. Where do guys meet girls? I keep asking people this question and no one seems to ever have a solid answer for me. The internet route isn't really doing much for me these days. It's likely that I've exhausted the Hot or Not website and I hate Lavalife to the point where I'm considering blowing up their stupid building...yes, I know where it is, I drive by it often enough if I'm heading down the 427. There's this silly speed-dating thing I'm considering, though I actually haven't signed up for it just yet. It's on September 6th (next Tuesday) and just today I got an email reminding me of the fact that I'm "invited" to this event. The fact that there is a week to go until this thing and there are still spots open (only ten guys and girls each) makes me worry. If this thing were even halfway decent, wouldn't it have filled up already? And you've got to believe that the male side would fill up sooner than the females...If there are still spots open for guys I've got to wonder if ANY women have even signed up for it. The event will be cancelled if it doesn't fill up and I won't have to pay, but my concern is that this whole thing is a ridiculous joke and not even worth the time of someone as pathetic as me. But what other options do I have at this point in my life?

The only other 'lead' I have right now is D Rock's friend Nicole and this blind date she may or may not be setting me up on. The last blind date I went on (courtesy of our dear departed blog friend Daphne) was quite possibly the worst date I've ever been on. No, I don't consider "Thunder Thighs" to have been a date. As a result of my past experience, I'm understandably a bit wary. I did ask to know if she was pretty, perhaps a violation of blind date etiquette. But I don't care. I'm desperate, but not THAT desperate. Then again, I saw a picture of the last one and I swear she must have put on 20 pounds since it was taken, much of it in her face (if that's possible). Blind dates and speed dating...if anyone has sunk lower than this, I'd love to know about it.

Still hoping the band gets back together sometime. There was talk or a band meeting / rehearsal over this past weekend, but that never came to pass. I'm hopeful something will happen this week. This was going to be one of the few bright spots in my life. If this falls apart, it'll be yet another of life's disappointments to go along with the incredible lack of....um, what's the opposite of disappointment? It's been so long that I can't even remember what the word is.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Hippo,

I know its been a while with the band shit, but I have been super busy getting together back to school shit, getting my car fixed, getting a suit hemmed for a wedding, and other things of that nature.

However, you don't have to be concerned about the band getting back together, its a definite thing. However, this band meeting thing will have to be postponed. Perhaps this Sunday or Friday or something. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you and when we get a date, we will let you know in advance.

(heart) Dosi

August 30, 2006 2:05 AM  

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