Wednesday, August 02, 2006

That cartoon woman on the site is pretty hot...

Ugh. So I suppose I'm not as unhappy as I was last week, though that could change at anytime I guess. I often feel bad when I write such mean spirited, ranting posts. I just hope that all of the good people reading this can forgive me and maybe try to understand where I'm coming from. Also, I do hope you all haven't abandoned me. Thanks.

The past week or so has been okay, I guess. Went out for drinks with Marty Boy on Friday night...the guy is finally getting his own place. He makes rather good money, so I've wondered what took the guy so long. Still, better late than never. He's actually moving in this Saturday and I've been drafted to help with the move, seeing as I have strong arms and a car with a lot of trunk space. Should be fun. Believe it or not, I've never actually helped anyone with a full-scale move before, so I'm sort of looking forward to it. Hopefully it won't be too hot that day and hopefully he makes sure to pick up lots of beer for the thirsty moving crew.

Saw my friend Blondie on Sunday, we went out for dinner. She's going to New Zealand for about a month, with side trips in Hawaii and Australia. I'm sure she'll have a blast. Still haven't found anyone to take her place for Hall & Oates...I really need to find someone, anyone. It's less than four weeks until the show, so there's still hope. It's a free ticket to a is it so hard to find anyone to go with?

I received an interesting email from the Lavalife mailing list I'm on (I used to use it, but haven't for a while, seeing as I never met anyone off of there). It was an invite to a speed dating thingee affiliated with their site. Now I don't know if this is ludicrous, but I'm actually really considering giving it a go. What do I have to lose, besides $59.95? My one worry is that many of the people there will be people with real jobs and such, those that don't drive a car made during the Cold War and don't live with their parents...The whole thing is done by age group, mine being 20-28. How good am I going to look compared to some guy my age or similar who isn't a total bum? Not to mention how good will I look to a woman who's a young professional? It just seems like I'm too old to be dating college students, too young to be dating people in the working world. I just feel stuck in between two dating worlds, not able to get into either. For those interested, the here's the link for the speed-dating site. Check it out, just for kicks.

I had a bunch of other things I wanted to cover, from why I love South Park so much (it's such a brilliant program) to an exciting potential development at work (I'll wait, I don't want to jinx anything) to a whole bunch of serious political things like the current conflict in the Middle East and our good buddy Mel Gibson's troubles. Maybe tomorrow, for now I'm going to head to the basement. Even with the A/C on, it is seriously hot and humid. I got to stay cool.


Blogger Chachi in Charge said...

I say you try the speeding dating. For the entertainment value, if nothing else.

Also I think I know why youre having a hard time finding someone to take your Hall & Oates ticket...... because its HALL AND OATES!! They havent had a top 40 hit in 16 years! Sorry kid but its the truth

August 07, 2006 8:19 PM  

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