Monday, August 01, 2005

"Long Weekend"

A crappy pseudo-long weekend, what a shock. Drinks with Bertmos and Heavy D on Friday (home by 9:30!) and I went 'swimming' on Saturday night. A friend from school was house sitting, coincidently just a five minute walk from my house. Her cousin has a cute little Wal*Mart pool (about 20' in diameter). That was Saturday. We watched The Producers on DVD afterwards. A funny film, she'd never seen it.

So that was it. That was all I did. What a life I have. I'm sure everyone else had a lot more fun than I did. Dang, I hate them all. I find myself really beginning to hate happy people.
I never really used to care how other people's lives were going, all the better if things were going well though. People ask "how are you" all the time and really don't care for what the response will be. I was one of those, but never wished anyone any ill-will. Now I'm not so sure. I see all these people going out, having a good time and it makes me sick. I see happy people, happy couples, whatever. Certainly no one can be happy all the time and these people have their share of trouble to be sure, but at the same time they all have a bit of fun, a bit of happiness in their lives. I sure as hell don't, why should anyone else? Whether it just comes to them or they have to work at it a bit, they have it. And I just don't have the strength to work at it. I know I'm basically telling anyone who's happy to just fuck off and I'm sorry if that's what comes across. But what am I supposed to think, how am I supposed to feel? It's been so long since I was happy. Cut me some slack here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck you too king hippo. fuck you.

August 01, 2005 5:30 PM  
Blogger King Hippo said...

Ah, a gutless anonymous poster...I never actually did tell anyone to directly 'fuck off' and I apologized for even implying it. I may be utterly miserable, but I'm not a total dick, unlike some people. Considering how unhappy I am, I think I'm still quite a decent guy or at least I try to be. Sometimes though, when it gets so bad, I just can't do it.

August 01, 2005 5:54 PM  

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