Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I really should be studying

I am really the absolute furthest thing from a conspiracy theorist. While I certainly don't believe everything that I read (unlike some people I know), I know I'm a pretty smart guy, someone who really doesn't buy into things like the CIA peddling drugs or 9/11 as an inside job or stupid shit like that. People who buy into shit like that are idiots, plain and simple. But something very funny is going on right now.

I'm talking about the U.S. Democratic Primary in Indiana. Something fishy is (was, depending on when you read this) going on in Lake County in that state. For some reason the vote was VERY late in coming in there, with some very flimsy excuse that they wanted to release all the ballots at the same time as they counted the absentee ballots (which could have been counted well ahead of time). As of the time I'm writing this the results aren't final, but I think that they're trying to essentially 'find' whatever number of votes it will take to put Barack Obama ahead in the state.

Now I'm no supporter of the Democrats, so this shouldn't matter to me, but I think it stinks. This seems to me like old-time vote rigging, something that goes on in Zimbabwe, not in a country like America. Shit that used to happen back in the olden days, like in the 1960 Federal Election which Kennedy won as a result of the dead rising to vote en masse in Texas and gross irregularities in Cook County, coincidentally right next door to the current shenanigans. I do have to admit that I've always been a big fan of JFK's, he was a fine President and I much prefer him to Nixon but I'm not so naive that I won't acknowledge that his victory was questionable at best. In this case I'm a little less forgiving, seeing as I personally think that Hillary is the far superior candidate, despite the fact that Obama will be a much easier target for Republicans come November.

Anyways, just thought I'd throw it out there. The coverage has pretty much ruined my planned night of studying, so I might as well blog about it. Oh, I also think I'm turning into one of those idiot sports fans who is convinced that they somehow affect their team, despite the fact that it's impossible. Earlier today I boasted (in a reply to another post) about the Jays' winning streak and sure enough, I did jinx them. Not only did they lose, both of their shortstops had to exit the game with injuries, with Johnny Mac's looking particularly painful. Hopefully it's not as bad as it looked. Still, I'm now further convinced that I really am good for nothing and bring nothing but pain and suffering wherever I go.


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