Monday, April 14, 2008

Is it pronounced "Joe-bah" or "Ja-bah"?

Ah, this is so much more like it. Not only do the Jays go into Texas and sweep the Rangers there for the first time in 23 years, the B.J. Ryan Express is also back on track. This erases memories of last weeks awful sweep at the hands of the A's and hopefully when Scott Rolen comes back in a couple of weeks, we can have all the pieces fall into place.

Also, I watched most of the Red Sox - Yankees game last night (along with golf, lotsa sports on yesterday) and I must say that the Yankees are really in trouble of finally missing the post-season this year at long last (thank God). Other than Chien-Ming Wang their rotation is pretty flimsy and beyond Mariano Rivera and Joba Chamberlain, their bullpen is also pretty weak. Yeah they still have a dangerous lineup, but a lot of those guys are starting to slip (i.e. Damon and Giambi especially). Hopefully the last season in the old Yankee Stadium will be a miserable one. But I always wish for that.

Finally check this video out below, if you can stand it. It's from a show called Secret Talents of the Stars that aired on CBS last week and was canceled after one episode. After watching this, you will see why. It is beyond dreadful, not even amusing on an ironic level like some of those bad American Idol auditions are (or were, before it got tired). I can't believe this actually aired in prime time...truly we have run out of idea. However the show did also have super smoking figure skater Sasha Cohen doing some contortionist stuff, which was pretty hot. If you want, find it yourself. I only post the depressing stuff here.


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