Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We need a return to the Reagan Doctrine

Man, I really hope this is true. For many years now, I've really, really hated Robert Mugabe.I remember having discussions with our old pal D Rock about how rotten he is and if he and I are on the same page politically, it's usually a good sign that it's a view shared by any clear headed person on either end of the spectrum.

Sadly he sort of gets lost in the shuffle when it comes time to name world leaders (read: dictators) who would be better off with a bullet in their head. People like Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. You know, the guys who think it's their destiny (or whatever) to rule for life, even if their country has gone down the crapper.

Robert Mugabe certainly belongs in that category. Here's a guy who has taken a country that was among the most prosperous in Africa, one that could have been a great example of a success story in Africa and turned it into an unmitigated mess. 100,000% inflation. I mean, seriously! Holy fucking shit!! Unemployment of something 80%!!! And yet he clings to power with one rigged election after another. Hopefully not this time. I'm sure that in reality he's been soundly defeated but he's surely trying to fix this one too. The good folks of Zimbabwe deserve a chance, for God's sake and a fresh start under their (hopefully) new president Morgan Tsvangirai. Sadly we can't be sure as of yet, seeing as no outside observers were allowed from any true democracies, only sham officials from bastions of freedom like Russia, China and Iran.

So I just pray that this Marxist asshole is finally done with, another 'president for life' (ugh) put out to pasture. In the good old days the United States would have gone in long ago and gotten rid of the bastard, like they did with Allende. But I guess that doesn't happen anymore. Too bad.

I know that I had some other stuff that I wanted to touch on, but I've now forgotten what that was. It was stuff of a depressing, personal nature. I haven't written much on that lately but I guess it'll have to wait. I probably should have written in down and I probably shouldn't have had those last few beers.


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