Thursday, March 27, 2008

No more essays ever! Seriously, EVER!!

Ugh, now Scott Rolen is hurt? For up to six weeks? Plus they dump Reed Johnson in favor of Shannon Stewart in left field. I'm not liking this. Usually I approach each new season with a sense of optimism and the hope that the Blue Jays can finally make a real run at the post-season. But this year...well, I just have a bad vibe about this year. Then again I have a bad vibe about everything, so I really hope I'm wrong on this one. I hate finishing in third place every bloody year.

One sign that the world has totally gone topsy-turvy: the French leader is the one with balls. A couple of days ago French President Nicolas Sarkozy (who I've spoken in favor of before) has floated the idea of boycotting the opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing. Not the Canadians, nor the Brits, nor the Germans, Japanese, Australians or even the Americans. The FRENCH. Now I know that no one is going to boycott the entire games and while I've always thought giving Beijing the Olympics in the first places was a colossal blunder, I know that that's not realistic. But even a boycott of the opening ceremonies would send a message. I've liked this guy from the get-go and here's another reason to. He seems like a no-nonsense guy. Plus he has a really hot supermodel wife. Good for him! I'll still never forgive Nixon for recognizing the government in Beijing over Taiwan, but I guess that was like 35 years ago, so what's done is done.

It's looking fairly likely that the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) will go on strike when their contract expires on April 1, effectively fucking over the entire city of Toronto. While I do have a car, driving around Toronto is a nightmare as is and would only be magnified tenfold if this happens. See, I do take public transit despite the fact it's unreliable, smelly, crowded and inefficient. I just think it would be great if they privatized the whole thing. Not only would it be instantly more efficient, I guarantee it would turn a profit within a year or two. Get rid of union goons, get rid of so many problems. But this will sadly never happen, especially with Toronto mayor David Miller, a union butt-boy if there ever was one. Hell, they even struck illegally a couple years back with zero notice, paralyzing the city and NOTHING came of it. Each and every person who went on strike that day should have been fired instantly. Air traffic controllers tried to pull the same shit back in the 1980s in the States and what did Reagan do? He gave them 48 hours to return to work and when they didn't, he fired them. All 11,00o of them and banned them from federal service. That is a real leader, one not afraid to break a rogue union.

As an aside, said air traffic strike came up in my American history lecture yesterday and my professor (who could barely hide his contempt for Reagan) talked about how all those people were put out of work and how organized labor was dealt such a blow in the 1980s, while neglecting to mention that their strike was against the law and against public safety. He's a good lecturer, but the liberal bent is sometimes too much for me to take. Yes this is the same fellow who is the son of 'Wayne' from Wayne and Shuster.

Finally, while I think that Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man is great casting and that the trailers are pretty boss, is it wrong of me to just want the entire movie to be him flying around and blowing shit up while "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath plays in the background? For two hours? I'd probably pay twelve bucks to watch that. I think I actually would.


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