Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blog...with a vengeance!

So I just had my last (ever) exam yesterday and while I don't think I did that great on it, I know I didn't fail it either. My mark might not turn out to be great, but I know that I'll at least pass everything. Which means I'm done. It's over and finished with. I actually did it. I took like three years off, went back to school and completed the thing. Good for me. Now what? I'm not even sure what I have to do, procedure wise. Do I have to let them know I want to graduate? Will they automatically see that I've completed all my requirement and send me a diploma in the mail and let me know regarding commencement? Or do they just email me a certificate? If that's the case, I'd probably print it out on the lowest quality...cartridge ink is expensive y'know.

So I have this huge backlog of thoughts and instead of going into massive detail like I usually do, I'm going to attempt to get through all of them as rapid-fire as possible. Ready? Go.

I don't get the whole Miley Cyrus controversy thing. I mean, the photo isn't that offensive to begin with. In fact my big issue is that I don't even really consider her jailbait...she's just not good looking enough. I mean I could wait for Hilary Duff to turn 18...ditto Hermione from the Harry Potter movies. But Hannah Montana? Eh, she just doesn't do it for me.

Oh yeah, Clay Aiken is totally straight. No doubt about this one. I'm wholly convinced.

I was driving to work the other day, a trip that takes me something like 1.8 kilometers (or 2.88 miles). Along the way I spotted FIVE police cruisers waiting to nab people speeding. Fucking horseshit. I mean, I have lots of respect for the law and really appreciate the job these brave men and women do, but this always fucking burns me up (especially since a couple of speeding tickets almost ruined my life). They devote all these resources to nailing moms who are late picking their kids up at school or people who have had long days at work and briefly neglected to check the speedometer. Yet pretty much every night I hear punks racing down my quiet residential street going 100 and nothing is ever done about it. Take care of the real problem instead of this bullshit cash-grab.

Check out the results to IMDB's poll question for April 28, 2008. Most people answered "I am not familiar with most/any of these films"??? Holy fuck. That and the fact that The Shawshank Redemption is apparently the second best film of all-time is why my list (upcoming) is going to be much better than that on IMDB (or the AFI list for that matter).

I can't believe that the Milwaukee Brewers not only signed once effective closer Eric Gagne to a $10 Million contract, but that they continue to stick with this guy. He's a shell of his former self. As our good pal Beer once said to me, no one has gone from 'Hall of Fame' to 'Liability' to 'Grandma' in such a short span of time.

William Baldwin is the epitome of a liberal jerk. Not only is he attempting to push his politics on his brother Stephen, he actually refers to the bible as "that crap". What an asshole.

Lastly, why do I never get a text message like this? $110 for an eight ball? I mean, shit that's a good price. Granted I'd pay double that if I even had any hook ups whatsoever (which I don't), but dang. At prices like those how could one afford NOT to be doing coke? That's what I though.

I'll try and be back with more insanity tomorrow perhaps.


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